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How To Teach A Kid To Shave?

One of the few things every male on the earth does is shave. It’s a rite of passage that every man must learn to keep a clean and elegant look.

Your grandfather taught your father, who led his father, who taught him, and so on, ever since the razor was invented.

What about the young males in your life, though? Whether he is your son, nephew, or younger sibling, he will want your assistance learning how to shave. So you must know how to instruct him properly.

When Should You Teach A Kid To Shave?

How To Teach A Kid To Shave?
How To Teach A Kid To Shave?

Most dads teach their kids how to shave at some point in their lives, but there is no fixed age. Most dads teach their kids to shave at some point in their lives, but there is no specific age or time frame for this. Some children are ready to begin shaving as early as ten, while others may need to wait until they are a little older, perhaps 12 or 13.

The essential thing is to wait till your youngster is ready to start shaving. It’s better to wait a bit longer if he’s not interested or comfortable with the notion of shaving yet.

On the other hand, if he’s been asking for a long and is anxious to learn, go ahead and educate him! If he’s passionate about learning how to do things, he’ll likely learn quicker and with fewer bumps and cuts.

When is the best time to teach a child to shave? Some dads may wait until their child is a teenager, while others may begin sooner. It all depends on the child you’re educating; everyone must start shaving at various points.

What Is The Average Age A Boy Learns To Shave?

How To Teach A Kid To Shave?
How To Teach A Kid To Shave?

Boys often begin to shave at 12 or 13, depending on when a male enters puberty. Some guys start shaving as young as ten, while others wait until they are a bit older.

There is no specific age at which a guy should begin shaving. Listening to your youngster and obeying his signals is more critical. If he expresses an interest in shaving or if hair begins to grow on his face, it may be time to start teaching him how to shave.

Of course, every guy is unique. Some guys may take to shaving immediately, while others may need more practice. Be patient with your kid and guide him through the process. He’ll be a shaving expert in no time, just like you!

How To Teach A Kid To Shave For The First Time? 

Do It At The Right Time:

You know it’s time to start educating your youngster when you observe some hair developing on his chin or upper lip. Remind him when it’s OK to shave during the early stages, and then tell him how regularly he should shave.

It varies from man to guy, with some doing it two or three times a week and others just once. You’ll know when it’s right as a parent. You may train him by enabling him to see your shaving technique.

 Choose A Quality Razor:

When young men begin shaving for the first time, they will most likely choose their dad’s products. There are two types of razors: blade razors and electric razors. If you use an electric razor, they will most likely want to learn how to use one.

Electric razors are more convenient since they do not need the use of shaving cream or the preparation of the face for shaving. Electric razors are also better for delicate or acne-prone skin. The disadvantage of utilizing it is that it may be costly and does not always provide the closest shave.

Blade razors may give a closer shave, but they must be used carefully to avoid injuring the face. Blade razors are also less expensive and more widely available. But, regardless of what your kid chooses or what you believe is ideal for him, the essential thing is to show him how to use it and assist them through their first shaving experience.

Teach Him Proper Face Preparation Techniques:

Suppose your kid prefers to use a blade razor; show him how to prepare his face before shaving. He may become too eager to remove all of his facial hair, which may cause skin discomfort. Shaving cream or gel, whatever your son prefers, will need to be used after thoroughly cleansing the face, so show him how to do that.

It’s simpler to let him use your shaving cream, but if he has a skin issue, make sure it’s appropriate for his skin type. You may need to experiment with a few alternatives before discovering one that works well for your son’s skin type. Remember that cleaning your face is a must, no matter what razor you use.

Teach Him Shaving Techniques:

After cleaning his face, the following step is to teach him how to shave correctly. The razor should be used softly on the skin. To avoid cuts and nicks, encourage him to shave in the direction of hair development.

You may educate him to shave against the hair growth for a closer shave after he’s become accustomed to using the razor. To avoid nicks, make sure he rinses the razor after each stroke.

Regularly rinsing the blade will keep it sharp, allowing it to glide effortlessly over the skin and prevent cuts and nicks. Teach him to shave gently and carefully, moving the blade from the top of his face to the bottom.

Encourage Him To Take Aftershave Care Techniques:

After you’ve taught your kid how to shave, you should educate him about aftershave care. Remind him not to massage his face and to pat his skin dry with a clean towel. Then instruct him to use aftershave or moisturizer to soothe his skin.

No matter what razor you use, a decent aftershave is essential. If your boy has sensitive skin, look for an alcohol-free aftershave designed for delicate skin. A highly perfumed aftershave may not be suitable for soft skin.

Teach Him Everything About Clean-Up And Razor Care:

Razor Care
How To Teach A Kid To Shave?

Remind him to wipe the blade and the sink or counter immediately after shaving since these may collect some of the shaving cream and hair. If your son uses an electric razor, ensure he understands that it must be oiled and whiskers removed to stay sharp.

Meanwhile, if he uses a blade razor, ensure he rinses it and pats it dry with a clean towel after each use. He should be aware that keeping it moist may cause the blades to rust, resulting in skin irritation when utilized. Also, advise him not to share razors with anybody, including you, since sharing razors may cause various skin issues, including infection.


One of the best aspects of teaching a child to shave is the chance to connect with him. It is an opportunity for you to share some of your wisdom and expertise with them and assist them in navigating this new period of their lives.

It may be difficult for children since they are growing up quickly and becoming more autonomous. Teaching children how to shave is simply one way you can demonstrate your concern.

It may also be a joyful experience; father used to make shaving a game when we were little. He’d dare us to see how many strokes we’d need to achieve a tight shave or who could do it the quickest. Those are memories we’ll never forget.

So, if you want to connect with your son, nephew, or younger sibling, teaching him to shave is a terrific alternative. It’s something he’ll remember for the rest of his life, and it could even help him become a better man in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does Every Teen Require Assistance Shaving?

Yes, We believe they do. Even if they’ve watched you do it a thousand times, putting a blade to your face for the first time might be terrifying. Even if it’s only a short helping hand, most young guys will appreciate the assistance while shaving their faces for the first time.

What Is The Best Razor For First-Time Shavers?

We’d go with a cartridge razor. While a safety razor provides a closer shave, a cartridge razor is significantly more convenient. Consider it the training wheels of the shaving industry.

Do I Need To Be A Dad To Assist A Boy In Shaving?

Not. As a responsible adult, you must take charge when your younger brother or nephew, whom he looks up to as a role model, first starts shaving. Just be careful not to tread on their father’s toes! If their father is not present, please assist them. If he’s around, maybe talk to him first.

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