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Female Celebrities With Big Noses:

Being a celebrity seems to be a wild ride, but it’s easy to overlook the public criticism that comes with fame. The more renowned you are, the more you are pursued and examined. Everything especially looks, is criticized excessively.

The celebrity body fixation seems to extend to even the most insignificant traits, such as the nose. A large nose does not necessarily seem attractive; instead, it makes the face appear odd. Sure, but Hollywood has some stunning actresses with big noses. Those who seem gorgeous and large have not made them feel uneasy.

It’s incredible to watch Actresses With Big Noses since it’s often assumed that no female looks nice with a big nose. So, if you’re curious about them, here’s a list of attractive individuals with huge noses you should check out:

Uma Thurman:

She is an excellent example of proving that having a big nose does not make you feel strange or uncomfortable. She has a large nose, which complements her large eyes. A thick brow enhances her beauty, and a warm lip lends an incredible appeal to her appearance. She may show off her attractiveness as much as she wants.

She was born on April 29, 1970, and is a well-known model with a large nose who has appeared in films ranging from romantic comedies to science fiction thrillers. She won the Golden Globe Award for best miniseries hysterical blindness. Her huge nose was making her appear boring, but she didn’t back down and became popular among admirers since skill doesn’t care how you look.

Lea Michele:

Lea Michele is a well-known actress best recognized for her portrayal of Rachel Berry in the Golden Globe, Grammy, and SAG award-winning television series. She is a dynamic young girl who has played a variety of roles. Her followers often compliment her on her acting, singing, or composing new material.

Among actresses with huge noses, she is gorgeous. In an interview, she confessed that several of her acquaintances with large noses had surgery to make them smaller and more flawless. She wanted to get surgery, but her mother wouldn’t let her. When you view her lovely images on the internet, you will charm by her attractiveness.

Nia Vardalos:

She is a well-known Greek Canadian actress, screenwriter, director, and producer. She is noted for many romantic comedy films for which she received Academy Award nominations for best original script and Golden Globe awards for best actress.

People still admire her beauty, despite having a large nose. Nia Vardalos does not believe in cosmetic surgery to be beautiful. There is no need for surgery to fix and change the original skin.

Meryl Streep:

Meryl Streep has been nominated for three Academy Awards. She is regarded as one of the greatest actors and is well-known for her versatility. She also has a large nose, but she is not embarrassed by it since she is here via hard effort, which is why her followers like her. Meryl Streep is a well-known Hollywood actress who is constantly reinventing herself.

She has shown not just expertise, but also skill. “I was an unattractive kid with a wide mouth and a long nose,” she said in an interview. Self-doubt paved the route for her academic and emotional development. Acting helped her conquer her worries and discover her strongest self.

Cate Blanchett:

Cate is a well-known Australian celebrity with a large nose and blue eyes. Due to her big mouth, one of her classmates labeled her ugly and a frog. She used to believe her large ears made her seem unattractive. Her eyes seemed to be small slits, and she had a long nose.

Despite these characteristics, she seems attractive in magazine photographs. In her 50s, she is less concerned with her looks and has never dealt with any of these issues. She was so successful because of her skill that she is now fully avoiding these complexes.

Lady Gaga:

Lady Gaga is well-known for her confidence in her appearance and willingness to experiment with new styles. She regularly shows her admirers various forms of cosmetics. Lady Gaga is renowned for her scandalous appearance, and she has been seen wearing bizarre headpieces and clothes that cover her whole body. She was one of those famous people with long noses.

We can see how ambitious Lady Gaga is to seem fantastic, and most of these things may drive her insane and make her appear daring. She has had rhinoplasty, as seen by the most recent photos since she is concerned about her appearance. The most current pictures clearly show this.

Rossy De Palma:

Rossy has experienced a great deal of ridicule because of her looks and, yes, her prominent nose, but her charisma, uniqueness, and talent have made her a favorite among the men in the group. Pedro Almodovar, the director, was the one who introduced her to the business. She was seen once working at a café in Madrid as a singer on the side.

Her passion was unrivaled, which is why the director chose to take a risk on her despite her out-of-the-ordinary look. She is presently 57 years old and does not pay heed to any of her controversies-related appearances.

Sofia Coppola:

She is a talented director, producer, and artist with a big nose. She appeared in many films, and her large nose never bothered anybody. She is usually pleased with her natural appearance, and when you look at her photos, you will see that she is always smiling for various reasons.

Lizzy Caplan:

This stunning woman demonstrates that having a big nose does not always make you feel or seem odd. If you have a big nose, it might be difficult to distinguish from the rest of your face. She has a big eggplant-colored nose that complements her large eyes. Her thick brow makes her appear the greatest, and her warm lips merely add to the beauty. Overall, she oozes attractiveness.


Penelope Cruz:

This hottie is powerful, and her strength is shown in her personality, and she has always felt that her mindset, appearance, and personality are more significant than her huge nose, and she also believes the same, and her looks are evidence of her assertion, and she always stuns all the viewers with her hypnotic looks. Her confidence and a good attitude are responsible for her incredible appearance, and we adore her.

Barbara Streisand:

We are amazed by her power, and there is no question that she is strong from the inside, as when she tried her luck in Hollywood, she arrived without any preparation and thought that her skill was more important than her look, thus she entirely believed in her abilities at the time.

Besides her large nose and capped teeth, she was also self-conscious about her appearance at the time and didn’t do anything about it.

Gisele Bundchen:

This woman also has a large nose, and you’d be surprised to learn that she is proud of it. We should all be proud of our characteristics since they were given to us by God.

According to her, it is our defects that distinguish us from one another, but it is also our flaws that allow us to shine brilliantly. She also feels that being perfect is boring and that it is better to be unique with a fault, and even though her huge nose is her weakness, she wears it proudly.

Claire Danes:

This stunning woman not only has a large nose, but it is also a little spread, making her face look gigantic, yet she made every appearance attractive and our eyes have seen her beauty, at least in her images.

She always acknowledges that she is not flawless, and the best part is that she doesn’t care how she appears on television, but we are grateful that she always looks stunning both on and off the screen.

Rosemarie Dewitt:

She would blow anyone’s mind with her incredible looks, and sure, she has a huge nose, but who cares? Her beauty extends beyond her big nose, and her big nose compliments her other facial characteristics, and she always manages to appear lovely without fail. She believes in both natural and inner beauty, which is why she has never had cosmetic surgery.

Rachel Weisz:

Her enormous nose fits perfectly in her petite face, and her nose is constantly reflected or highlighted in front of the camera, which she doesn’t mind.

She goes on to say that when individuals first start in Hollywood, they have imperfections and that no one is flawless at the start of their career, yet they still shine because their flaws make them seem seductive. She feels that defects are not negative, but rather a means to look up and shine, which is why she has never had a nose operation.

Nicki Minaj:

To her fans, she showed that she likes to be real rather than cover up her imperfections with heavy makeup or corrective procedures, which they all respect about her. Unlike other celebrities, she didn’t have any type of nose contour to hide behind.

Julia Roberts:

She is a risk-taker because when she first arrived in Hollywood, she did not have any face surgeries and even though she needed a facelift, she chose not to have one. She also stated that she was in the industry as an aging model and that she will be in the modeling industry until she is 50 years old. In any case, even without any cosmetic surgery, she never fails to amuse people.

Raven Symoné:

Who cares if this black lady has a large eggplant nose? At least, we don’t since her nose doesn’t make her seem odd; rather, her broad smile compliments her huge nose best, and her whole appearance is always embraced in front of the camera.

Even with her dark complexion, she never got the desire to undergo a skin-lightening procedure. She also did not have any cosmetic surgery, which seems to be a good thing.

Scarlett Johansson:

Scarlett Johansson is another stunning and accomplished Hollywood actress. Her beautifully carved nose has long been the buzz of the town. It complements her lovely face and provides for the perfect shadowing of her eyes. Because of her well-shaped nose, her lips and cheeks stand out and are appealing.

Scarlett Ingrid Johansson is one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses. Her films have made over $14 billion worldwide, and she has garnered several honors for her outstanding performance. Scarlet Johansson’s finest films include North, Manny & Lo, Ghost World, and The Horse Whisperer, among others.

Blake Lively:

Celebrities such as Blake Lively have earned the hearts of many people worldwide. She is naturally beautiful, talented, and endearing. She has a well-defined and thin dorsum with points that have been rotated but not too much. In other words, the transition from the tip of her nose to the tip is of ideal artistic proportion.

Blake Ellender Lively rose to prominence with the popularity of Gossip Girl from 2007 to 2012. She has also appeared in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, The Town, Green Lantern, A Simple Favor, Savages, The Age of Adaline, and The Shallows.


After seeing this for so long, celebrities and other women are resorting to rhinoplasty to fix the issue. Do you know that ladies with large noses might be attractive? It does not imply that women with large noses are less beautiful. There are so many models in different fashion ads, from Dior and Proenza Schouler to Yves Saint Laurent and Kate Spade.

In the Hollywood business, it is evident that appearances do not matter but skill does. Various celebrities are constantly trolled by fans for their many looks, and some celebrities have had mental health issues as a result of trolling.

It’s obvious on numerous social media sites that followers always prefer skill and labor above noses and other physical features. It was all about inspiring others to follow in these women’s footsteps and reach their professional goals. These are the celebrities with huge noses that have maintained their confidence throughout their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Do You Think You Look Well With A Big Nose?

Not every time the big nose aspect makes you feel or appear strange. A large nose may sometimes blend in with other aspects of your face.

Which Hollywood Actress Was Bullied Because Of Her Large Nose?

Meryl Steep is a great actress who was tormented in Hollywood for having a large nose. Someone even advised her to go under the knife to correct her nose.

Who Is The Wealthiest Lady With A Large Nose?

Oprah Winfrey is one of the world’s wealthiest women, yet she has a large African American nose. Her success is primarily due to the overwhelming support her talk program The Oprah Winfrey Show received before its conclusion.
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