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A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine; From the Experts

Suddenly makeup has become very significant in women’s life. Now putting makeup on is not a luxury, it is necessary. But we think it is an art that makes our women feel their best. So that, they can be their best.

Makeup makes us feel beautiful and confident. And we want to have that feeling every time we step out of the house. And that is why we have just the right look for your everyday need. We have a simple everyday makeup routine for you. The look will boost up the inner goddess in you and people will not be able to recognize it as well. So stay tuned with us for an exciting regimen.


You may be wondering why is skin care important for makeup. Let me tell you, the base of a good makeup face is good skin. If you have discoloration and uneven texture on your skin, no matter how much foundation you use, that will look unnatural.

Here we are talking about a simple routine. And that is why having good skin is very important. But don’t feel pressurized, no skin is perfect. And we all have our journey toward great skin. You just have to know about your skin and then run activities like that. To build a potent skin care regimen and follow that religiously before applying any product.


If you are a fan of simple makeup every day, you will be a fan of primer. Now, what is his product? Primer is a skin preparatory product that creates an even layer over the epidermis surface. And over that, we have to apply foundation.

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What it does is, make the foundation very smooth and even. So even if you are not using a lot of products, the primer will make look like it is. But it will give you a natural look also. But there are some consequences. If you have oily skin, then go for a gel-based primer. And if you are on the dryer side then use an oil-based primer. And this step will change the way you use to think of glow-up.


It is an optional step. Because not everyone needs extra coverage under the eye and other parts of the face. If you have redness or any kind of scars on your face, you can make the best use of it. Otherwise, this product will not do anything for your simple everyday makeup routine. As you have guessed, this part is not for everyone, so you have to analyze your face. If you think you need coverage then don’t hesitate to use it. If you think you don’t need coverage then set your skin free.


Till now, the most important part. This is the part where you will see the difference. But the foundation is a tricky part. You have to match your skin color to the foundation that you are going to put on your face. As we are talking about simple makeup every day, you don’t need to put on much. Just target the areas that you need to focus on the most.

And then gently blend the foundation on your face with a brush or a beauty blender. Don’t press the product in, that way you will use a lot of product. You need to cover the area that you want to highlight the most. So use foundation mindfully.

If you want a more everyday makeup routine, you can use any BB cream instead of foundation in this step. That will give you a natural and effortless look

Eye makeup:

You can do a lot for the eyes although it is a simple everyday makeup routine. Stat with a contoured color and gently contour your eye leads. It will create very sharp contouring on your eyes. Use pretty eyeliner to follow the natural shape of your eyes.

Then you can use some mascara to make your lashes fuller and thicker. Now, the part that will change the whole look! Make your eyebrows. You can use powder or gel, anything that works for you.

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Not everybody likes to contour, and not everybody needs to also. Again analyze your face shape, if you think you need a little bit of contouring then go for it. But if you think, that you don’t need it then use some blush instead. That will make you look natural and blowy. Choosing contour is also very tricky; you have to analyze your skin color before going for it. It is the technical part of the makeup. So if you are not so much confident about this step, take the help of experts. They will decide for you what you should do for a simple makeup every day.

Highlight the cheeks:

Blush and highlighter are so much on-trend right now. A simple blush can make you look so much fresh and rosy. Another hand the highlighter will make you look very sexy. But what you are going to use, really depends on your taste, or the look you are going to create.

If you want to look cute and pretty use some blush and a very subtle highlighter. If you want to look snatched, go high on highlighter. If you are in a hurry, just use some lips tint on your cheek, which will also do a great job.


Lips are something that finishes the look. It will pull everything together. You can play so much with your lips. There is lipstick, there is lip gloss, and there is lip tint. And every little step has its benefits. If you are feeling very sexy go for a loud lipstick. And if you want to go a little causal then use a lips gloss or a tint. End of the day it is all about comfort. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is your daily makeup routine?

Well, my daily makeup routine starts with good skin care. Then I apply an oil-based primer and follow up with a foundation. I complete my look with some mascara, blush, and lipstick. And that is the simple makeup for me.

How do simple and Easy everyday touch up?

The formula of a simple routine is to use the very minimal product with the right application. Just use a bit of covering product and play around with the eye, lips, and cheeks.

What happens if you do touch up every day?

You can face some skin issues if you are not maintaining your hygiene properly. Otherwise, if you have a normal skin type, it will not cause any damage to your skin.

How to look good every day without makeup?

The magic ingredient is a great skincare routine. We do touch up to even out our skin and that can be achieved by a great regimen with great products.

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