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Male celebrities with big noses

The nose is a very crucial part of our looks. It can change our appearance from crappy to fab. Another side, celebrities are always under focus and they are judged because of every single detail of theirs. Also, male celebrities are not out of the equation. A smaller sharper snoot has always been a beauty standard for many decades and in many countries.  And still, now everyone’s desire for a smaller nozzle is unavoidable. That is why a single issue with a nozzle will make a bigger issue to poke at. This is what leads us to know about male celebrities with big noses.

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Male actors with big noses:

One thing we will all agree, celebrities are our standards to match with. The features of their amusingness are what we all dream of. Also, the life of glamour is public life and anyone has the license to talk about them. The nasal area has been an obsession for people for decades and that is why our role models are often judged by this single point of theirs. Females are always been in the frontier of this but also males are also talked about this a lot. Now we will know about some male actors with big noses.

  • Tom Cruise:

He started his prestigious career at the age of 19. He was too young but very much in for the acting thing. And we all know about that. But this famous actor has one thing to back him out. That is his large snoot. But that really could not do anything wrong with his handsome face. Although he had plastic surgery, and that is his satisfaction, we have to say.

Actor with big nose
Male celebrities with big noses
  • Adam Hann-Byrd:

He is an actor and writer with a pretty face. He has worked for films like ‘Jumanji’, ‘The ice storms’, etc. But this is not it, he has worked for so many more movies and can be said that he is truly an adventurous man. But this has also a point in common with our topic for the day. It is his dominant nozzle.  He was enormously loved by his fans.

  • Adrien Brody:

Adrian Brody is an American actor and producer. He won the academy award at the age of 29 and makes the record of winning the award as the youngest one. But when it comes to his nozzle it is not the most iconic one. He is an actor with a big nose. But that was not a barrier in his successful career.

Actor with big nose
Male celebrities with big noses

· Owen Wilson:

He is the legend of comic films. He is often remembered for his films like ‘Zoolander’ and ‘Night in the museum’. But there is something unusual with his face and that is his huge snoot. But that is not the issue for his fans because they take it as an astonishing feature of his facial structure.

·  Ben Stiller:

Ben Stiller is one of the most talented actors in comic movies. The iconic actor is known for his roles in the movies like ‘Zoolander’ and so on. But there is also a thing that makes him more appealing to his fans which is his large nozzle. Yes, he is an actor with a big nose and he is loved for it.

Actor with big nose
Male celebrities with big noses
  • Stephen Fry:

Stephen fry is a person who has so much to offer to this world. Acting, comedy, broadcasting, directing and so much more. He is also a social worker. But one feature that makes him more uplifted is his predominant nozzle. He is enormously loved by his fans for that unique feature of his.

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  • Tim Roth:

He is an English actor known for acting in movies and TV series. He has done films like ‘The Cook’, ‘The Thief’ and so much more. But time is also an actor with a big nose and that is the most eminent feature of his.

  • Robert Pattinson:

This handsome hunk stole all the hearts of young girls with an appearance in the iconic movie series Harry Potter. After that, he has worked for so many more opportunities and we are all aware of that. Although all the girls are hypnotized by his dashing face, it is his nose that was not doing justice. He was an actor with big nose. So he decided to change his. Although that won’t be the matter for his fans though.

Actor with big nose
Male celebrities with big noses

Other personalities with big noses:

  • Micheal Jackson:

If there is a definition of good music, that must be his. Solid talent and is a one-of-a-kind guy who changed our thought process for music. But he has lived with so many issues in his life. Some are huge some are not. He is a celebrity with a huge nozzle, that is what is not the matter for us. Although he was not okay with lot of things about his looks and we have seen the changes that he has made in him. And one of them was his nose job. Anyway, it is his life his choice, and his happiness.

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  • Bruce Jenner:

The Father of Kylie and Kendall Jenner is also a renowned media persona. Also a retired Olympics gold medal winner. But we can see him now in a whole new different personality. With a changed image, he changed his nozzle also. But before he had a pretty bad deal with his nasal area. He is one of the celebs with a big nose.

  • Rayan Seacrest:

What a handsome-looking man. A television host, a producer, a radio persona. Beauty with brain truly. But every beautiful thing has to have a flaw, or it is very good to be true. Rayan is also that kind of guy. He is also a persona with a large nose.

Actor with big nose
Male celebrities with big noses


At the end of the day, nothing matters more than our personality. If there are celebs, there will be gossip. But it is not always a bad thing. Because we talk about those whom we truly admire. But body image is a very sensitive topic and technically speaking our flaws make us more attractive. Whether these celebs are with large noses or not they will be our role models and our inspiration always and forever.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why large nose is such an issue?

The different facial structures have been different beauty standards since we can remember. Once smaller lips were a big deal for people but now plumped lips are more attractive. Just like that, it is the same for the nozzle. A larger or wider nose is appeared to be unattractive to people and it is a part of the beauty standard.

Are big noses unattractive?

Not at all. We are all different and these differences make us more wanted. But yes, this society tells us that smaller noses are preferable but that does not mean that large ones aren’t attractive or unwanted. Every types of features are equally beautiful.

What is a big nose?

 If a nose is wider or taller on the outside it is said to be a lagre nose. A large one can take the area of our checks more or it can take more in the outward. There are lots of shapes and sizes for a large one.
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