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Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path?

When it comes to career, a lot of things fascinate us. One of them is a manufactory. But you will notice some people say it’s so much fun and some have a hard time sustaining on that. That is why we thought that we need a groundbreaking discussion about this.

If you are a graduate of engineering, finance, or even chemistry, there are some positions for you in the enterprises. But the thing is, is it a thing for everyone, or we are living in a bubble. So let’s break down this here today, is basic industries are good career path or not, what are the jobs available in basic industries, and what do basic industry job pay.

Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path
Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path

What is the basic industry?

They are those manufactories, which provide raw material to the other factory. The main criteria of these enterprises are, that they deal with the productivity, health, and availability of raw materials like in agricultural one there are rice companies.

Those companies take care of those rice productions from the ground level to when they are handed over to the food chains.  In this very ordinary conversation, one can decide if the basic industries are a good career path for them or not.

Categories of basis industries:

To know the answer if the basic industries are a good career path or any job available in the basic industry,  we have to know about their function first. Then we can compare our knowledge and what they are offering. After that, we can get a conclusion if it is the way to go or not.

  • Agriculture:

Food is only the survival need in people’s lives and that is what makes agricultural companies the most dominant companies right now. In undeveloped and developing countries agriculture is a vital part of the economy to date.

Also, developed counties rely on these enterprises from time to time. The subjects which are related to food science are related to these enterprises.

  • Chemical:

I am going to say the most demanding and available enterprises of all time. The main function of these manufactories is to produce different ages and chemicals out of raw chemicals that can be used by other manufactories. And these companies have different subcategories also. Like poly chemicals, polymers, inorganic, etc.

  • Metal mining:

Metal corporations have played a very important role in developing the world. From house heat to high-rise buildings to bridges, everywhere we need metal. And that is why the value of these companies is at pick now. And every year there is more research done on these types of topics and corporations are running like crazy. These companies are the best choice for people who have an engineering background in materials.

Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path
Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path
  • Utility provider:

These things are the most needed in this digital time. Electricity, water and many utilities like these are everyday needed stuff. We cannot think of a modern-day without these things and that is why these providers have high value in the market. Engineers to a technician can have a great deal in these companies.

  • Oil & gas:

Oil and gas companies are the richest companies I have to say. The countries that rely on these for their economy are kind to very well-off companies. And there are a lot of workers and employees needed in these companies. One can have a great deal in terms of jobs in these corporations.

Jobs are available in the basic industry:

Now that we know about the functions of different companies we can tell what companies go with our major. But still, one corporation has different sections and thus different positions and we are going to know about that,  so that we have a clear vision that what are the jobs available in the basic industry.

  • Agriculture:

We are going to know about how many jobs are available in the general corporations of agriculture.

  • Animal scientist Agronomist
  • Scientist of food
  • Mining expert in plants
  • Officer of Purchase
  • Mining Engineer Geotechnical Engineer
  • Oil and gas corporation :

Now comes to richest of all oil and gas enterprises. These have surely a vast number of options for our passionate people.

  • Geoscientist
  • Worker on an oil rig
  • Oilfield laborer
  • Engineer in petroleum geology
  • An employee who works offshore
  • Chemical enterprises:

The jobs are available in the general corporations of chemical are:

  • Chemist
  • Technician in chemistry
  • The operator of a plant
  • Scientist of materials
  • Chemist
  • Stainless steel and metal
Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path
Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path

Steel and metal manufactories:

  • Metallurgist
  • Machinist
  • Fabricator of metals
  • Technician for tools and dies
  • Worker in sheet metal
  • Utilities


  • Installers on the job
  • Operators of plants
  • Engineer
  • Inspector of utilities
  • Technician in wastewater treatment

The future of the basic industry:

As the fundamental of general enterprises is to supply and provide the pure or raw materials to the other companies, the demand for these will always be the same. Imagine, there will be no shortage in the need for electricity. Instead, there will be more need for electricity nest as our world is growing enormously. But there is one thing.

Very soon all the industries will be run by robots as the technology take off. So there will be some jobs that will be filled by that automated system and fewer men will be hired for that. So you have to have some extraordinary quality. After that, you can decide if the basic industries are a good career path or not.

What do basic industry jobs pay? 

Usually, basic industries pay well. But how much you are expecting depends on the position you have and your progress. If you have a higher position your salary will be more it is a usual thing.

But if you pay attention to your job and impress your bosses your salary will be a high rocket. Again if your position is lower in the industry the salary will depend on that.

Is it a better choice for Basic Industries as a Career Path? 

Now that depends on your skill and passion. If you are someone who loves to work in the field and have proper knowledge about corporation stuff you can do well in the corporations. And exponentially you will grow. But if you are an introvert then the industry is not for you. And if we come to the part that if the basic industries pay well or if any job is available in the basic industries then it is something we already cleared.  They have a vast amount of jobs and salary is pretty good also. So now the decision is yours. But the thing is if you are passionate about anything it will eventually pay off.

Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path
Is Basic Industries a Good Career Path

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What do basic industry jobs pay?

They pay decently. Although people are not that much into these jobs,  for some other issues. People get paid 45$ to 70$ per house in these companies.

What do basic industries do?

They supply raw materials to other industries. The source, take care of and supply the raw material elsewhere.

What is the non-basic industry?

They sell to local customers on a small scale. These are the companies that are called small businesses.

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