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Queen Elizabeth- The Daily Routine of Queen Elizabeth ii

Queen Elizabeth is the word with so much royalty and sophistication. Being a royal person is different from what we called living. It is not because they are famous, because they have all the fortune in the world.

And they can afford a lot more than we can think of. There is where the curiosity of people arises if they live a simple life like us or they do lavish gestures to themselves every day. If we are talking about royalty we have to mention the ruler of England and her daily routine to see what our highness does during the day.  So let’s dive in.

Who is Queen Elizabeth ii?:

We all know that the crown goes to her. But the thing is, she has some history and some other facts that we need to appreciate. She is the queen of the UK and 14 other commonwealth realms. She was born in Mayfair, London.

She was brought up and was educated in a home, away from the public eye. She made her appearance as royalty at the time of World War II. After the father’s death, she handled her duty as queen. And now she is the longest-lived and longest-serving British monarch. She has four children of her own. 

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Queen Elizabeth’s daily routine:

As she is the ruler of the United Kingdom and she has a lot of duties of her own. And also as she is a very important persona, she has to take care of herself. That is why we decided to dig into our highness’s daily routine to have an insider on what she does to cope with work and as well as her wellbeing.

  • Morning with royalty:

Our majesty is not so early bird. She wakes up at 8:30 every day and that is not in the usual manner. Her Majesty is greeted by the sounds of the bagpipes each morning at nine, as a piper plays on the terrace beneath her apartment at Buckingham Palace. And after that, it is her time to take a bath. Now, it is the time for the most important meal of the day.

You will be shocked to know that her majesty likes to take cereal as her breakfast like normal people. But at the time of Christmas, her breakfast is a little bit different. She likes to have scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and truffle was the festive love. 

After this morning ritual our majesty heads up to take care of the world, this time she reads up the newspaper and monitors what is going on in this world and also looks up some of her work as well.


When she is done with her maintenance work of the day, she gets busy replying to her fan mail. She can get up to 300 fan emails every day. And it is not humanly possible to go through all of those, which is why Queen Elizabeth put her energy into some randomly chosen ones. 

But this queen Elizabeth’s daily routine in the morning is not always the same. There are times she spends her morning out of the country and then her routine looks a little bit different than usual.

  • Mid Mornings:

After a hectic morning, our highness signs up for also a hectic mid-morning and noon. In the mid-morning, she likes to take care of all her meetings and meet with international guests and ambassadors as well. After the meeting with are crown holder is pretty much tired, and then she likes to have her lunch. Which is super basic, to be honest. She likes to fish with vegetables and she likes to avoid carbohydrates at lunch.

Whenever she is done with the lunch it is her time to go outside. She usually has a lot of invitations for a lot of events. As attending them all is not possible, her majesty picks up one place and tries to attend there. 

  • Evening:

Every British person wants to start their evening with a cup of tea and our queen also likes that way. She likes her tea with sandwiches and many other kinds of biscuits.

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She is not into any kind of dieting when it comes to her tea time. And there have to have jam pennies – her favorite. And now this is the part of Queen Elizabeth’s daily routine where she takes rests after a busy day. But this does not last for long and she has to get to work once again very soon.

After her break, she likes to spend some quality time with her dogs as she was known as an animal lover. She took them for a walk. Our highness also loves her horses and from time to time she spends time with them to get away from the stress. 

  • Nights:

At 7:30 pm, The Queen will take the time to read the report of the day’s parliamentary proceedings, written by one of the government whips. Perhaps it is now that she indulges in her favorite drink – gin and dubonnet, measured in the ratio of 1:2. About her dinner, that is so simple and from royal stock. It is usually like her lunch which is carb-free and very simple.


After this simple dinner, she spends some time with family members and that is party time. At the party there can be also people from a distance and guests. After that she watches TV as she is the biggest fan of TV series and then after that, she likes to go to bed for another hectic plus lively day. And with this our highness’s daily routine is over.


At the end of the day, we are also human beings and we all have our natural body clock and that is how our daily routine is set. And the ruler of England is not a different one.

Despite having so much fortune she has a pretty normal and simple lifestyle and that is what makes her down to earth and most loved. And we can see the ruler of England’s daily routine is full of simplicity and family and work and we have to say, it is a balanced one.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

What does Queen Elizabeth do after her morning routine?

Usually, it is about meeting in the morning. She likes to catch up on people and after that, she heads up to lunch.

What does the Queen of England do all day?

She is the majesty of England. We have some idea how much responsibility she takes in a day. She coves up all the paperwork and all the national responsibility and also she likes to give time to her family and pet and also guests. And the things are handled by her in a day.

What does the Queen of England eat in a day?

 Her daily eating habit is very simple and usual. She likes cereal for breakfast and meat and vegetable for lunch and dinner. But in the evening she likes to enjoy tea and munchies.

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