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Home Depot Health Check “Everything you need to know

What a pandemic can do we all have witnessed so far. No one is ready for this kind of disaster to happen and now it is sound like a usual activity in our life. Although the pandemic has spared us some time, actually I would like to say that. But it seems that it has changed so many stuff in our life. There are different regulatory systems everywhere.

Being a very influential company The Home Depot has done the same. Thinking about the safety of their associates and also the non-associates. So let’s take a dip dive into the procedure and the benefits coming with it.

It is the largest home improvement retailer company. They offer a lot of stuff to spice up your home. From construction products to appliances and services, they have it all. They are a United States-based company and holding their stand in people’s hearts for a long time. They started their journey in 1978 and still running their business like a pro. They have other branches in the different states also. 

What is an HD Health Check?

The pandemic has shown us a terrible time for the longest period. With it, it has also changed our lives in so many ways. Wherever we go, we can see some sort of safety measure has been added. It is the same for The Home Depot.

To progress with their business they had to ensure the safety of the people who are associated with them in any way. So they developed an app that comes with some questions. The workers and the non- associates had to fill the question and would show their health conditions.

And according to that info they were allowed to work or had to take a leave. That is obligatory for all the associates not associated in the US.  It is called the HD Health Check and it was a genius idea to tackle the situation in my opinion. But the system can be used by anyone to track their wellness condition.

The Health Depot Heath Check App:

The procedure:

From downloading the app to using it the best way, we will break down everything here. 

  • Download the app:

  • Enroll in the app:

After downloading and installing the app securely on your device, move on to the next step. Now you have to be logged in to the app. First of all, when you have reached the login section, it will ask if you are an associate or not. If you are then the application will not ask for any additional requirement, it will fill up its own.

If you’re not then you have to provide some details like Name, Phone quantity, Badge ID, and Company Name. That is how you enroll in the HD wellness check application.

  • Associates login process:

If you are in retail and you are an employee or worker then you have a different login procedure and it is so easy. You just need the store location and the user ID. And that is it. The account will be secured with a password. And if you forget that you can change it with the help of the ‘Forget Password’ section. 

  •  SSC Non-associates login process:

This non-associate login choice is for distributors, contractors, and guests who’re on the Atlanta SSC. For that, you will need some more things like:

  • First and Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • If one has The Home Depot Contact Name (This choice is optionally available)
  • Badge ID
  • Company Name

After assuring this thing now you can operate in the HD wellness test application

Exciting features of an HD Health Check:

There are so many fun elements that come with this technical step. One can check their conditions very easily every day and the HD wellness Check application provides them the result right away. 

It not only addresses the problem but also solves its possible remedies. For health depot associates it is a necessary step but for others, it can be used as a health tool a. The tool also tells what job will be suitable for our health condition. Overall it is an ingenious idea to help people to care for their fitness and issues.

 Benefits of an HD Health Check:

This procedure is a gem for the workers and the employees of the company. They can have a vacation when they are sick. Also, it ensures the overall safety of every procedure of the company. Other hand anyone can take care of themselves without putting much effort. So it is a great deal for everyone.


After researching all the way through, we can say that it was a phenomenal step to ensure the health of the employee of the Home Depot and also the shoppers. Also, it became handy for all of us. More of the bright side is that the company is working on the thing even more so that they can add more value to the project. And can secure so much more than what they are doing now.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

What is the Home Depot Health Check app?

It is an application that is developed for the betterment of the employee and also the related people in the time of the pandemic. But the application is not limited to them. It can be used by the shoppers also. It gives an overall image of your conditions and helps to track it for you.

What is a Home Depot?

It is a home improvement company. It is a retail-based one. And supplies the home improvement product. Mostly the company is a US-based company.

What is asked in the Home Depot health check questions?

It will ask about the condition of your health. It will ask some fundamental questions like your weight and if you have a medical history or not.
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