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HOW TO GROW A BEARD: Tips and Essential Guidelines

The thought is that the beauty of a man is relay on his beard. For me, the man looks most handsome with a full face. But it is not that easy to achieve. Some males are born to have a full face of it and don’t have to struggle a lot about it. Others don’t see growth and they have to keep them in constant care. As beard growth has become a very potent trend, every guy wants to have a full face of it. That is why we are here today to break through all the details about growing a beaver.

How much time does it take for growing a beard? :

Okay, so beaver is just hair. It will take the same amount of time to grow as hair. It is said that an average man can have a beard growth of half an inch a month. So if we do an eyeballing of the timeline, it will take up to 3-4 months to have a full face of it. But obviously, every person is different. And the speed of hair growth is also different. 

Some myths about beard growth:

Why we are here to tell the myths? Because myths are believed in the society as truth. But in reality, these things are only misleading. So we are here to save you from that unnecessary hassle. The myths are:

  • Shaving makes your beaver grow faster and thicker. This is not the truth.
  • The oils and products that are made for growing beards will help in the process. Also not true. Because it is a natural process and nothing external can interrupt the process positively.
  • Facial hair will be hot in the summer. But what happens is the opposite of it. It protects the skin from UV rays and also tanning the face.

Factors affecting beard growth: 

The growing bead is a natural process. Just like our hair. We can try to nourish it to the point that it is healthier. But we don’t have much say on the speed of the process. Also, some think that if we care about the beaver it will become thicker. But really, that is not the case. Now we are going to have a clear view of what factors are affecting the whole process.

  • Genetics:

Well, anything going with our body is run by our genetics. Also, genetics is the main culprit behind facial hair. So it is mostly driven by this factor. So, if you have a family history of immense beard growth, you are likely to have the chance of getting the same. But if not, then you have a chance to happen the same to you.

  • Age:

As age goes by, our function of the body slows down. Also, the speed of growing a beard slows down. If you are a teenager and you want to have a full face of beaver it is possible. But if you are an aged man, who wants to have that, you might face some difficulties.

  • Testosterone:

A high level of testosterone in the body is likely to promote more hair than a lower level. Growing a beard is also a part of hair rejuvenation. But also a great level of testosterone becomes a culprit for baldness. So we got to maintain that to have balance in between two of these.

  • Lifestyle:

The most influential factor. Your diet, excessive and sleep play a vital role in your overall health of ours. And that is why maintaining a healthy lifestyle ultimately helps you in more facial hair development. 

  • Stress:

It is the most vital one, for now, a day. Because stress has become our best friend. And the more we want a lavish life we are more likely to be stressed. But we have to know how to manage that stress. That will ultimately give you a balanced life. And balanced life means a balanced body. And a balanced body will grow bread-like crazy.

How to grow a beard:

  • Just don’t think about it:

To gain something you have to be patient. Because that will ultimately pay you off. Because time is the best healer and also builder. If you take care of your health well and live a balanced lifestyle. Then just focus on that. Because, after some time you will notice the difference. You don’t have to be so obsessed. That is not a big deal. And obviously, with time you will see the development of beaver growth.

  • Have a balanced lifestyle:

Beauty is actually and mostly depends on our health. If we are healthy we will look healthy. And that is what matters. Just like that, healthy food, proper sleep, mild working out every day, and also proper stress management will altogether make the whole process speedy. You will see you are growing a beaver-like crazy. But easier said than done. Creating a balanced lifestyle is super hard and can have multiple failures. But ultimately this is the most vital key.

  • Take care of the skin:

Your beaver grows from the skin of your face. And healthy skin can only be growing healthy facial hair. So you have to focus on the quality of the skin underneath the facial hair.

  • Grow a beard in style:

You cannot be growing your facial hair as it is. It will ultimately become very sloppy and unorganized. So choose a style that will go with your facial structure and complement your hairstyle also. And that development of facial will make you the stylish person in every room.

  • Use the right product:

Very crucial step. If you use the right product the development process of facial hair will be very much faster than it is. But don’t go for the products that claim the wrong things go for something high-end and good in quality.


Growing a beard is one of the most natural processes of the body. You cannot change genetics or any other factors that control it. Only you can give an environment to yourself. In that environment, your body is most comfortable. And that relaxation will balance your body and soul and ultimately the beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the stages of growing a beard?

There are three stages. And they are Anagen, Catagen and Telogen phases.

What can be expected when growing your first beard?

If you are developing it in the developing stages of it, it will be growing fast. Otherwise, you can see in 3-4 months,  there will be a full face of beaver.

How to grow facial hair naturally at home?

 You have to take care of yourself first. Good diet, regular working out, and stress relief. All those things will make your facial hair grow crazy.

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