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5 essential marketing tools to make your life easier

It is an era of business. Every household has a business mind. And what comes along with business is an advertisement. If you want to stand out in the business game you have to have some advertising strategies. But today’s marketing is different from what we used to see in the previous years. Now you have to use a high-quality image, creative graphics, and also engaging writing to stand out. 

Also, you need to express yourself as the company to people. And today’s business is based on marketing. The more you know how to present yourself, the more you are going to sell. But the perk is that you need a lot of expertise to do all those things. But we have good news for you, we have listed out some marketing tools that are amazing and can help you to achieve an attractive online image.


Image is the first thing in an ad that class people’s minds the most. But the quality of the image and the uniqueness are very hard to accomplish. But there is a great marketing tool for you. And the website is Unsplash.

It has a giant library of great and unique photos. And the best part is the photos are royalty-free. Most of the images are free but there are also exceptions. It is a kind of online marketing tool that has a product for every person, whether they have a big budget or a short one. But yeah, if want to save something from the budget you have to consider the quality. If you are someone who is looking for a great gallery of photos for advertisement digitally, you can look out for this amazing technology. 


Social media is now the spot for drawing people’s attention to your business. Even the home business has its page and group. But we have to admit that social media is the most potent digital marketing place. One Facebook post can chase so many people that you can change the face of the company in one day.  But yeah, there are so many things to manage. But the most important thing is the timetable when you should post and when you should not. If you are struggling with these issues, we have a great solution for you. That is Buffer. A buffer is a tool for marketing that deals with time schedules.

All in all, your social media manager is this marketing tool. If you are doing this for a while, you will know about this kind of tool. But let me tell you why Buffer. Buffer comes with paid and unpaid versions.

But unlike other tools, Buffer is very much efficient with its free plan. And when you need the paid version you can go for that. But overall it will help you as first times to manage your feed for the best use.


Email marketing has been there for a while. But that is not as easy as social media advertisement. First of all, you have to have that target audience in your hand. Secondly, there is an issue with email writing and engagement. To solve all of those we have already a lot of tools but we have an even better option. Introducing, Klaviyo.

It is a very potent email marketing tool. It not only covers the mood of the email but also follows a strategy of separating the target audience. It helps to send emails to those people who will be interested, rather than sending them in a generalized way. You may have to use other tools, but this is an online marketing tool that will make the quality of your email unavoidable and also make you up a segmented target audience to increase efficiency.


If you’re a graphic designer, who is looking for a simple solution to some complicated design. Then you should search the name Canva. Because that can change the way you used to work.  Canva is a graphic designing tool that can be used as an online marketing tool as well. And how is that? Canva can create designs like social media posts, and high-quality graphics that you can use for your advertisement. It has a really big library of different types of fun elements.

It is a combination of graphic designing and writing tools like Microsoft Word. Canva has so much versatility that you won’t even realize before using it. You can download the application on your laptop and even on your phone to make the best use of it. 


If you want to get inspired you can get on Pinterest and the rest will be history. If you want to consume some healthy content, Pinterest is the place. If you want to market your brand digitally, Pinterest can be the best solution.

I think we don’t need to introduce  Pinterest that much. It is a very wholesome social media site and you can achieve so much from this thing. Not only does it help to introduce your brand socially but you can get inspired so much by this social media site.

It can be used as a great online marketing tool. A lot of people use Pinterest and they can set the things that inspire themselves as per their needs. Thus you can use that thing to your advantage. Also, you can use social media influences to market your product for you on this wonderful site. Now, this is all up to your choice.


For any kind of trading, marketing is the most valuable asset. It can make you in one day and also it can ruin your effort in one day if not done in the right way. But you don’t have to worry that much because there are a lot of ways now, that can ease your work in half. We have talked about those things today. But the best judge is you. You have to decide what the best marketing tool is for you and what will help you and what not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the marketing tools for beginners?

There is a lot of advertisement material available online. But all are not feasible for all types of people. Some are highly paid and some are not. But the tools that can be used as a beginner is;

  • Canva
  • Unsplash
  • Buffer
  • Pinterest
  • Klaviyo

What are the marketing tools for small businesses?

Small businesses are different from other types of trading. Because you don’t have so much money to pay a lot of people. So you kind of have to make everything on your own. The best tools are that can be used for small businesses are;

  • Canva
  • Pinterest
  • Google analytics
  • Google webmaster tool
  • Hootsuite

What are the essential marketing strategies?

The essential advertising strategies are:

  • Focus so much on SEO
  • Using social media content
  • Great graphics
  • High-quality photos
  • Engaging videos
  • Giveaways 
  • Discounts

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