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Why Did Former Baseball Player Richard Giannotti Part Ways With Joy Taylor?

American television personality Joy Taylor is divorced from baseball star Richard Giannotti, best known as her ex-husband. Richard’s marriage to the newscaster propelled him to prominence rather than his skills on the baseball field. However, they are no longer together and have both gone on independently.

Taylor and Giannotti were married for little about a year. However, they were only friends for a while before getting married. A son was born to the couple during their brief time together.

Richard Giannotti’s Age?

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On August 9, 1983, Richard Giannotti entered the world. The legendary baseball star will be 37 years old in 2022. Similarly, he was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in the United States.

Richard, essentially, is an American citizen. Right from a young age, he knew he wanted to make a living in athletics in some capacity. He became involved in school athletics to go where he wanted to go. He became well-known as a talented baseball player. At the University of Miami, he was well-recognized as a baseball star.

Richard Giannotti’s Parents:

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His parents, Susan and Richard J. Giannotti raised him. Richard lost his dad while still a kid, which affected him. The father of the baseball player was an FBI agent. Richard and his step-sister Leslie Rennie were raised together. The baseball star has never stopped praising his mum for all her help.

Richard Giannotti’s Education:

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St. Thomas Aquinas High School is where Richard graduated and received his diploma. His professional baseball career got its start in this league. He played so well that the University of Miami offered him a scholarship to play sports there.

Later, he played baseball at the University of Miami, where he was recognized as the best outfielder in the state. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from the school.

In particular, he started playing baseball as a St. Thomas High School student. In addition, the highly regarded University of Miami awarded him a sports scholarship due to his remarkable performance and service to the institution.

Richard Giannotti’s Early Life:

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As a kid, Richard was active in sports he liked. He got his start in sports as a baseball player and has used his education and natural ability on the field. At some point in his career, Richard worked as a financial counsellor for professional athletes. He has a General Degree and a Business Administration in Finance.

Giannotti is now out of the game. Before that, he had a nine-year professional baseball career with the Miami Hurricanes, Anaheim Angels, and Los Angeles Angels.

He was picked by the Anaheim Angels in the 2004 MLB Draft, played for them until January 2005, then moved to Los Angeles and finished his career with the Miami Hurricanes in 2012. He was a model of consistency in the outfield for the Miami Hurricanes.

Richard Giannotti’s Careers:

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As early as 2004, Giannotti was playing at the major league level of baseball. He joined the then-Anaheim Angels, now the Los Angeles Angels, and played for them for a season. After that, he stayed with the Cedar Rapids Kernels for a full year.

As of 2006, he has played for the Cedar Rapids Kernels, the Reno Silver Sox, and the Swing of the Quad Cities. Later, in 2007, he became a part of Nashua Pride until finally calling it quits in 2008.

In 2009, he joined the Maryland Blue Crabs, which lasted until 2012.

Formerly, the baseball star ran a clothing label with a business partner. In addition to his roles as President, Financial Advisor, and Owner of Athlete Asset Management at Global Wealth Management, Richard has been actively running his own clothing company, Bubucheek Clothing, for the past six years.

He is the current president of the Athlete Asset Management Division at Global Asset Management, where he helps professional athletes with their financial planning and wealth preservation. He has written for Kiplinger on athlete money and asset management.

Richard Giannotti’s Marriage:

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Although Richard played baseball professionally, he never became famous. On the contrary, his marriage to radio and TV star Joy Taylor propelled him into the public eye. Besides that, he’s an athlete’s financial counsellor.

There’s a news update show on radio and TV called The Herd with Colin Cowherd, and Joy Taylor is the anchor. 

The exes started dating shortly after meeting each other at a 2014 conference. Joy and Richard were married on February 13, 2016, exactly one year after their first encounter. They had a boy, whom they named Beau, in 2016.

Richard Giannotti’s Divorce:

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Richard Giannotti and Joy Taylor announced their engagement in 2015. They became prominent figures because of Joy’s fame, and this happy couple tied the knot in 2016. Tragically, they were no longer together by 2017 and had finalised their divorce.

Presently, Joy is happily single and has no plans to start a relationship. However, she started dating Earl Watson, a former NBA player and coach, shortly after her divorce. They broke up in 2019 after being engaged in 2018.

On the other hand, Richard has made no secret that he is now married, and he tied the knot with the stunning Kristen Simigran.

Their reason for breaking up is unknown, but we suspect distance. Taylor worked at 790 AM The Ticket in Miami for three fruitful years before being transferred to Los Angeles. It might have led to a slowdown in their relationship.

Richard has recently married Kristen Simigran. On July 28 in the year 2020, the pair tied the knot. It wasn’t long after they tied the knot that they had their second son, Banks Domenico Giannotti. All four members of the family are presently living under the same roof.

Richard Giannotti’s Kids:

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Beau Giannotti and Banks Domenico Giannotti are Richard’s two amazing sons. He is devoted to his family, which consists of a beautiful wife and two adorable sons. The audience gets the impression that Richard is a wonderful partner to Kristen and a doting father to Beau and Banks.

Richard Giannotti Net Worth:

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At this moment, Giannotti’s wealth remains a mystery. However, he is said to be valued at about $20 million. His success in baseball and the financial industry suggests he has acquired a substantial fortune. In addition, Richard is wealthy, and he and his family enjoy a lavish lifestyle.

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