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Why Buying A Mattress Is Investing In Your Health?

Along with proper diet and exercise, sleep recognizes increasingly as a key factor in overall health. Sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality lead to depression, poor focus, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

The American economy loses $5 billion a year due to mental illness, traffic deaths, and diminished productivity. Almost one in every three Americans suffers from poor quality sleep, and one crucial aspect that leads to a good night’s sleep is the correct mattress. 

The ideal mattress should be comfortable yet being firm enough to enable proper postural alignment. It must be at least 15cm longer than the tallest individual usage of the bed.

It means you should try the mattress on in-store, and both you and your spouse must be satisfied that the mattress offers comfort and support. It may be a concern for such couples whose weights differ greatly.

Some mattress types include different comfort layers on each side of the bed, which might be a good alternative for such couples.

Quality Always Matters:

Aside from a sore back the following morning, a person might sleep on genuine rocks under extreme situations without any detrimental consequences. If our existence is at risk, we can adjust to anything and overcome any difficulties.

In contrast, working in an office is not a survival scenario, and no one has ever claimed that sleeping on a bad surface consistently is advantageous to your health.

• A defective mattress will disintegrate your spinal cord over time

• A defective mattress will impact your natural sleep position and screw up your hips and shoulders

• A defective mattress will tangle up your spine and other body systems; 

By a terrible mattress, we mean anything that was once a nice mattress but has since been distorted or is just not designed to be a suitable sleeping surface. Yes, sleeping on the sofa is also a poor choice for your health.

Mattress Help To Improve Your Life:

Aside from the fact that you will sleep in luxury, there is a slew of other advantages that you may not realize at first.

Alleviate Pain:

Have you ever noticed how one terrible night of sleeping on a mattress may spoil the rest of your nights? You may have slept in an awkward posture all night, resulting in neck discomfort and headaches.

Or you had an outdated or inadequately supported mattress, which caused back discomfort. Or maybe you awoke in the morning with a hurting back, not realizing it was due to the mattress. 

Improve Posture:

If you sleep on a defective mattress, your spine will be bent, stooped, and twisted, causing pain and discomfort. Your mattress may influence your posture in a variety of ways. There’s no need to dive into the details right now, but this isn’t something to overlook lightly.

Improve Bones:

Bad quality mattresses may increase the number of back issues. In the absence of adequate support, your body weight may be uneven, with one side tending toward slenderness and the other toward obesity.

It may have several harmful impacts on your body, including altering the center of gravity in your spine and interfering with the appropriate alignment of all other bones and joints.

Stress Relief:

If you wake up with a hurting back and a fatigued sensation, it’s most likely because you slept on top of a distorted mattress. The terrible mattress may have exhausted you and made you feel uneasy all night.

Furthermore, even if you slept well, you may wake up irritated and fatigued due to the feel of the mattress.

Sleep Quality:

A defective mattress is most likely to blame for your inability to get a good night’s sleep. To feel comfortable when sleeping, your body needs sufficient support, but some mattresses are not intended for this purpose.

It may result in a lot of muscular strain, restless nights, and weariness, all of which can harm your quality of life. Being weary and stressed out is a stressful environment in and of itself, and this stress may play a significant part in the development of any medical problems.

Importance Of Good Mattress:

 The primary reason for insufficient sleep is discomfort, and the primary source of pain is, of course, the mattress.

If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, it might be because your mattress isn’t comfy enough or isn’t offering enough support to ease your body and mind into slumber. 

Purchasing a comfy mattress set is not difficult, but buying the finest on the market may be difficult at times. Whatever bed frame you choose, it is critical that you do not overlook the necessity of selecting a quality bed mattress.

Resting is not only a vital element of our health in terms of regenerating our bodies, but sleeping on the correct mattress size is also a crucial component of getting a good night’s rest. 

Choose The Best Quality Mattress:

Nowadays, it is complex to obtain a low-quality mattress. Good mattress businesses, such as Queensway, give high-quality alternatives at reasonable rates, and the market is harsh on those that cannot deliver the same quality grade or choose to sell pricey mattresses. 

The following are some of the factors that go into making a good mattress. If you come upon a mattress sale, don’t simply pick the most appealingly low-priced alternative. Make your decision by these rules.

The Material:

For mattress materials, search for certification for that specific material. It is critical to avoid mattresses that contain soft memory foam or any of the other infamous materials that might cause back pains. Innerspring, Foam, Latex, and Hybrid mattresses are available.

And a slew of other, more or less high-tech possibilities. The mattress material has a major impact on your sleep quality, so it’s crucial to check out all of your alternatives and find which one works best for you.

The Thickness:

Choose a mattress that is firm and thick enough to support your body weight if you want a high-quality one. Using a scale may assist you in making a decision.

  • Extra soft
  • Soft
  • Medium soft
  • Medium
  • Medium-firm
  • Firm
  • Extra-firm

Choosing the proper one will undoubtedly provide you with good value for your money.

The Certification Of The Mattress Foundation

Several certification organizations certify mattresses depending on their features and durability.

If you have already purchased a mattress, check that it comes with certification to confirm that it is what it claims to be: A high-quality, long-lasting mattress made of the finest materials for your bodyweight.

The Price:

It might get hard since you must consider two contradictory facts:

First: Don’t compromise the quality of your sleep for a lower price.

Second: The most costly mattress is not always the best.

You may buy a cheap yet high-quality mattress for a low price and still be comfortable after sleeping on it for years.

The Warranty:

Purchasing a mattress with a longer warranty will spare you the misery of buying a new mattress soon. It will save you from buying a low-quality mattress again in a few years. You do not intend to purchase a mattress every year or two; they’re all designed to last for years.


To summarise, the major reason you want to acquire a decent mattress is to increase the quality of your sleep.

Remember that sleep deprivation has been related to several physical and mental illnesses. It’s no secret that those who sleep well have a higher overall quality of life than those who don’t.

Investing in a well-chosen premium mattress could help you sleep better at night and live a better life in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs:)

What Are The Most Common Types Of Mattresses?

The most well-known is innerspring, which has long been the backbone of American homes. But alternative mattress types have become more popular in the last several years. These other mattress kinds have grown in popularity mostly by providing a more dynamic performance.

How Much Does A Mattress’s Height Impact Its Comfort?

Depending on the material used within the bed, a few inches might make a significant impact in this height category.

For example, when comparing a 10-inch memory foam mattress to a 12-inch memory foam mattress, the extra 2 inches of thick memory foam might significantly increase the degree of comfort you enjoy.

Is Your Mattress Causing You Health Problems?

An outdated mattress, or one that isn’t a suitable fit for your requirements, might do more harm than good. A bad mattress may cause anything from persistent back pain to allergies and weight gain. 

Is The Quality Of Your Sleep Affected By The Mattress?

Mattresses have a significant impact on how well you sleep, something most people are aware of, yet few take action to improve their mattresses. Most individuals know that their bed has a direct impact on the amount and quality of time they spend sleeping.

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