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Who Is Tess Curtis White, Betty White’s Mother?

Betty White’s career on television spanned over seven decades, making her a true innovator in the industry. Tess Curtis White and Horace Logan had just one child, a daughter. Tess was a housewife then, so she was less vocal than her daughter.

In 1985, at the age of 86, Tess Curtis White also died away. Naturally, though, she became famous along with her favorite daughter. She has been gone for many years, yet her life and legacy continue to captivate readers. Who was Betty White’s mom, and what was she like?

She gave birth to one of the biggest stars in the history of Hollywood. One of the best things about Betty White’s life is that her mother saw her become a renowned actress. But alas, neither survives; the whole thing is now a distant memory.

Even though Tess White is most recognized for being a mother rather than for her accomplishments, she is not forgotten. It indicates her story must be fascinating. Could I play it for you if you’re interested?

Who Was Tess Curtis White?

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Sadly, Tess Curtis White, Betty White’s mother, passed away in December 2021. Sadly, both mother and kid have passed away, but at least they had a long life. The legendary Betty White died at the age of 99.

Betty White’s mom entered the world on July 25, 1899, in Chicago, Illinois. It makes her age of death 86, and she lived to see her daughter’s career peak. But Betty was far from finished; she exerted influence until her death in late 2021.

Maggie Curtis-Cachikis (Hobbs) and Nickolas Cachakis had Tess. Her mother was a homemaker, while her father was an executive at a lighting company. The mother of Betty was a person of mixed Welsh and English ancestry.

What about Tess’s surname—did she get it from her mother, Christine, or her father, Thomas? The full name of Betty’s mother is Tess Christine Cachakis. Since marrying Horace Logan, she has been taken by the surname White.

She was the older of her two sisters, Christine Tess White. Thomas Richard Cachakis was her younger brother (Tom R. Curtis). Thomas and his sister Tess were both born in the same part of the country in 1907. Unfortunately, he passed away in May of 1966 at 69.

Tess White and Horace Logan tied the knot on February 17, 1921, as shown by their official marriage certificate from Cook County, Illinois. Their only child, actress Betty White, was born in 1922, and they were enumerated as residents of Oak Park, Illinois.

After relocating to California in 1938, Betty White’s family settled in Beverly Hills. The family was reportedly living in Los Angeles during the 1940 census. Betty’s dad earned over $5,000 yearly as a salesperson in the electric sector.

Tess Curtis White Childhood & Family:

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Having married in 1920, Tess Curtis White and Horace Logan White had a daughter in 1922. Tess Christine stayed at home to raise their children, while Horace Logan White worked as an electrician.

Nicholas Cachikis, the father, and Margaret Curtis Hobbs, the mother, were of English and Welsh descent. Tess and Tomas were their two offspring. There was an older sibling, and her name was Tess.

Ten-year-old Tess’s family included Margaret Hobbs, her grandmother, Thomas, her brother, and her parents. Her dad was a wagon driver back in the day.

Tess Curtis White Marriage & Daughter:

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After marrying Horace Logan White in 1921, Tess Curtis White gave birth to their only child, Betty White, in Illinois. Tess had the baby when the couple was still residing in Oak Park. They were in California in 1925, but by 1938 they were residents in Beverly Hills. Tess Curtis and her daughter moved to Los Angeles when she was 40.

Horace, the only one in the group without a bachelor’s degree, was making $20,000 a year as a sales representative in the electric business. In contrast, the others had all completed high school. Her daughter’s career and schooling were hardly touched upon in the document.

Betty White:

Betty White
Tess Curtis White

Betty White, Tess Curtis’s daughter, became one of the most famous actresses in history. After beginning her career in radio by reading advertising, she went on to make crowd sounds and play significant roles.

At first, Betty was paid just $5 for each performance and appeared on shows for which she received no compensation. She has a guest starring roles on series including Blondie, The Great Gildersleeve, and This Is Your FBI. Her long-awaited talk show, The Betty White Show, premiered at last.

It was in 1949 when Betty White and Al Jarvis presented the Make Believe Ballroom show on KFWB and KLAC-TV. She kept influencing the business and eventually became a household name due to her appearances on talk shows.

Betty White was popular on television talk shows and game shows during the 1960s. The Tonight Show with Jack Paar and Johnny Carson was a genre staple. The Password show she hosted from 1961 until 1975 brought her further success. She was there as a special guest star, and her talents wowed the audience.

Tess Curtis White Limelight At Old Age:

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Betty White was showered with success up to the end of her life, and she kept impressing people even then. When the Snickers commercial went viral in 2010, a Facebook campaign called “Betty White to Host SNL (Please)” was launched. In January, they first contacted NBC about doing this. The speculation that Betty will host SNL on May 8 was finally verified.

Betty White, at age 88, had a level of fame that many younger stars can only dream of. She surpassed Miskel Spillman, who hosted a show at the age of 80, as the oldest person to do so. After Miskel Spillman won SNL’s “Anybody Can Host Contest,” the oldest host up to Betty White’s hosting at age 88 was 84.

Tess Curtis White’s Death:

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On December 31, 2021, Betty White peacefully passed away. She had a stroke at the age of 99 and passed away. She had a stroke on Christmas Day, which ultimately proved deadly, taking her life six days later.

Before her untimely demise in December 2021, it was reported that a documentary-style film titled Betty White: A Celebration would be made in her honor. On her 100th birthday, it had to open in theatres throughout the United States. Betty White’s ashes are now in the care of Glenn Kaplan.

Tess Curtis White’s Net Worth:

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Tess was a lonely individual who happened to reside at a time when digital media was less than ideal. However, the media was relentless, and something was always written about her. But many aspects of her life, including her wealth, remained unknown at the time of her death.

Her only kid, though, was said to be worth $75 million at the time of her death. So, naturally, she could provide a decent living for her mother using her different sources of money. Throughout her lengthy career in Hollywood, she averaged almost $3 million a year in salary.

In 1985, at the age of 86, Tess Curtis White passed away. Betty White, a legendary figure in the film business and an early innovator in television, is her daughter, which helped her rise to prominence.


Before her death, Curtis kept to herself. The famous mom seems to have led a lavish lifestyle, thanks to her daughter’s popularity and business accomplishments.

Betty White, her only child, was worth $75 million at the time of her death. She had a long and successful career, earning $3 million annually.

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