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Who Is Sy Kravitz, Lenny Kravitz’s Father?

The late Sy Kravitz served in the United States Army and then worked as a producer for NBC. Sy kravitz’s father was the famous American musician, songwriter, and actor Lenny Kravitz. He helped push Sy kravitz fame farther than his career ever could (aka Leonard Albert Kravitz).

Lenny is a multi-instrumentalist, record producer, and winner of four Grammy Awards for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance.

Kravitz’s wasn’t only a famous dad but also a famous exe. After she passed away, he wed the late actress Roxie Roker. The couple married for many years before eventually divorcing. Kravitz’s untimely death occurred in his early 80s. To what end, therefore, did he fall victim?

Today, we’ll discuss the life and career of Lenny Kravitz’s late father, Sy Kravitz. Join us to learn more about him, such as his family, children, and more!

Who Is Sy Kravitz?

Who Is Sy Kravitz
Sy Kravitz

Sy Kravitz, whose real name was Seymour Kravitz, is one of the most recognizable celebrities of the ’50s. Mr. Kravitz’s professional life got off to a great start after his birth on December 10, 1924.

In his twenties, he had already established himself as a successful producer and was familiar to many. Leonard Kravitz, his brother, was killed in action for the United States in the Korean War.

He came from a long line of actors, but he had no interest in following in their shoes. He pursued his dream career as a television producer and became quite successful. Yet, in terms of his private life, he rode a roller coaster.

Sy Kravitz’s Age And Early Life:

Sy Kravitz's Age And Early Life
Sy Kravitz

Seymour Kravitz, better known as Sy Kravitz, was born on December 10, 1924, in Brooklyn, New York, to parents of Ukrainian and Jewish descent. In 2022, he would have been 97 years old, but he died in 2005 when he was just 80. Joseph Kravitz and Jean Kaufman raised him with his younger brother Leonard Kravitz.

Like many others of their day, Sy Kravitz’s parents followed distinct professional tracks. While his mother was a stay-at-home mom, his father worked for a telecom business. She focused all of her energy on caring for Sy and his sibling.

While Sy’s alma mater details remain unknown, he did say that he was involved in the school’s theatrical club and sports teams. He graduated from a nearby high school and received a Bachelor of Arts in 1946.

Sy Kravitz and his younger brother had so much mutual regard and admiration for one another that they decided to join the military. While serving his nation, the younger Kravitz tragically paid the ultimate price.

Sy Kravitz has the guilt of having urged Leonard to join despite his death in the Korean War. Nonetheless, the Distinguished Service Cross and the Congressional Medal of Honor were awarded to his family after his death in 2014.

Sy Kravitz’s Career:

Sy Kravitz's Career
Sy Kravitz

Sy Kravitz chose to join the armed forces after completing his education. From Green Beret to Sergeant, he advanced through the ranks. He was a hero of both the Korean War and World War II, and Sy Kravitz was a journalist who covered the conflict in Vietnam.

Sy Kravitz later life was the beginning of his profession as a television producer and director. During his time at The NBC News Channel, he created and supervised the channel’s video content.

Given that he has spent almost his entire adult life working in the entertainment business, it is surprising that he has just one film credit, the 2010 documentary Sid Bernstein Presents. On the other hand, his wife was an actress, and his son a renowned musician, so his family could speak on his behalf in the entertainment world.

Sy Kravitz’s Wife And Children:

Sy Kravitz's Wife And Children
Sy Kravitz

Sy Kravitz was a military guy with discipline, but his personal life was volatile. He wanted a family, but things never worked out for the best. He wed Erika in 1948, his first and only marriage.

Laurie Kravitz and Tedi Kravitz are the names of the couple’s two kids. After the couple (Lenny Kravitz parents) divorced in 1955, Erika gained legal custody of their two children.

Sy Kravitz gave love another go after he had been unmarried for almost seven years. In 1962, he married actress, Roxie Roker. On May 26, 1964, they had a son, Leonard (Lenny) Albert Kravitz. As Sy Kravitz’s youngest and last kid, he was given the name of Sy’s late brother.

While the marriage with Roxie was considerably more solid than the previous one, it still had issues that weighed heavily on it. Lenny’s connection with his father appeared to deteriorate as he got older. Intense fear of his father resulted from the latter’s unreasonably harsh nature.

Because of a dispute with his father, 16-year-old Lenny ran away from home. Separated for a while, they eventually mended fences and became closer than ever.

Sy Kravitz’s Death:

Sy Kravitz's Death
Sy Kravitz

In his early 80s, a former NBC producer was diagnosed with leukaemia. The day before his son Lenny’s US tour was set to begin in New York County, Manhattan, he was admitted to New York City Hospital for treatment, but he passed away there.

His body was laid to rest when he passed away at the Mount Carmel Cemetery in Glendale, Queens County. At the Mohegan Sun Casino Arena, his son Lenny paid homage to him afterward.

However, on December 2, 1995, in Los Angeles, California, his renowned actress wife died from breast cancer.

The second marriage of Sy Kravitz lasted longer than the first, but it, too, failed. After 23 years of marriage, adultery charges shook the foundation of Seymour and Roxie’s relationship. The couple (Lenny Kravitz parents) split up in 1985.

Sy Kravitz’s Net Worth:

Sy Kravitz's Net Worth
Sy Kravitz

Sy Kravitz had a net worth of roughly $1 million at his death. His primary source of revenue was his salary as a television producer. His ex-wife, Roxie Roker, had a net worth of almost $6 million, making her much wealthier. Lenny Kravitz, his son, has an astounding net worth of over $90 million, making him the wealthiest family member.

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