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Who Is Archie Heaton, Charlie Heaton’s Son?

Archie Heaton, the child star who rose to fame thanks to his famous father, had a significant part as Jonathan in the Netflix original series Stranger Things.

It was via the series that Archie Heaton was able to attain fame. Archie Heaton is the son of Charlie Heaton and Akiko Matsuura, two well-known names in show business itself.

Who Is Archie Heaton?

Who Is Archie Heaton

A renowned family has made Archie Heaton a famous child. Archie’s father, Charley Heaton, is largely responsible for charlie Heaton son’s meteoric rise to fame at the tender age of 8. People are curious about him even though he has accomplished nothing of note.

Early Life of Archie Heaton:

Archie Heaton Career

As of 2022, Archie Heaton, born on May 19, will be eight years old. By zodiac sign, he’s a Gemini. He’s only a kid, but thanks to his parents—especially his dad—become he’s rather well-known.

In terms of his ancestry, Archie Heaton is a British-Japanese hybrid. Consequently, he is of more than one ethnic background.

Charlie, his father, is the main character in the hit Netflix show Stranger Things. His dad was in the acting business, and his mom was a musician who amazed audiences with her singing and drumming.

Archie Heaton was born in the United Kingdom and entered the public eye because of his parents’ high profile. His mother, Akiko Matsuura, whom Charlie dated as a teenager, and he presently makes their home in London.

For those curious, Archie Heaton is a British citizen. His family is also comprised of dedicated Christians, both his parents and himself. It has been claimed that Archie, the student he now is, is one of the best-behaved students in his class.

Archie Heaton Career:

Archie Heaton Personal Life

Little Archie Heaton, age 8, is wrapping off his schooling. He’s just in the third grade and eager to stop learning and start living in his youth.

Nonetheless, he reportedly does well in class and has a natural athletic talent. He follows the example set by his parents and works diligently.

To yet, he has been silent on the topic of his long-term plans, leading to speculation regarding whether or not he would follow in his father’s career footsteps.

His parents have dismissed the speculations that he will become a child actor, despite the widespread belief that he would join the industry. He needs to put his head down and finish college, they say.

Archie Heaton Personal Life:

Archie Heaton Personal Life

Again, Archie Heaton is just 8, so any details about his life would need his permission before they could be revealed.

Archie adores his parents and still lives with them. They seem like a content group of people who have chosen to spend their lives together. Archie’s parents tease him about how much he wants a brother, but he doesn’t have any.

Archie Heaton Net Worth:

Archie Heaton Net Worth

When it comes to personal wealth, Archie Heaton is completely broke. On the other hand, Charlie Heaton Sr. has a net worth of more than $4 million. At the same time, his mother, Akiko Matsuura, is worth roughly 1 million dollars.

Consequently, he can claim responsibility for his parents’ over $5 million in assets. Similarly, Archie Heaton does not have a profile on any social media platform. He is too young to have his own social media profiles.

Heaton has no official social media presence since his parents have not set up an account in his name.

Archie Heaton Physical Appearance:

Archie Heaton Physical Appearance

Archie Heaton, who stands at a dashing 124 cm (3 feet 2 inches), is a very endearing little lad. He weighs around 28 kilos (almost 98 pounds), which is a good weight for his height. His eyes are a deep chocolate, and his hair is bright blonde.

Visitors will see a polite and well-mannered young man whenever Archie and his parents go out in public. His parents have chosen to keep much of charlie Heaton son’s personal life private. Hence there is little known about him.

Interesting Facts About Charlie Heaton’s Son:

Famous child actor Archie Heaton. His mother is a famous Japanese musician, while his father is a famous English actor. Archie’s life is fascinating to many because of his extraordinary parents.

1. Archie Heaton A Celebrity Child:

Interesting Facts About Charlie Heaton's Son
Charlie Heaton

With whom did Charlie Heaton have a child? He is the son of Charlie Heaton, a notable English actor, and Akiko Matsuura, a Japanese musician, and singer. The kid is notable for being born to celebrity parents. However, his parents are presently not together but continue to be engaged in Archie’s life.

2. Archie Heaton Was Born In May 2014:

Archie Heaton A Celebrity Child

Find out how old Archie Heaton is. The famous kid will be eight years old by 2022. He was born in England on May 19, 2014, and the Bull is his astrological sign.

 3. Archie Heaton Is Of Mixed Ethnicity:

Archie Heaton Was Born In May 2014

Charlie Heaton’s kid is of mixed ethnicity; his mom is Asian, and his dad is English. In addition, he was born and raised in Britain. Therefore he has British citizenship.

4. His Father Is A Renowned Actor:

Archie Heaton Is Of Mixed Ethnicity

Archie’s father is a well-known performer who has acted in films including Casualty, Life Needs Courage, Stranger Things, and DCI Banks. As of 2022, he will have been 28 years old since his birth on February 6, 1994, in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

5. Archie Heaton Mother Is A Rock Star:

Archie Heaton Mother Is A Rock Star

Exactly who is Archie Heaton’s mom? Akiko Keex Matsuura is a singer and musician residing in the United Kingdom. In 2022, Archie Heaton’s mother will be 42 years old, born on November 2, 1980, in Osaka, Japan. Born in Japan, Akiko spent her formative years in London, where she now resides.

The Big Pink, Comanechi, and Pre are just a few of the rock bands in which she has participated. The music of Archie Heaton’s mother falls between noise rock and experimental punk.

 6. Archie Heaton Father Has An Impressive Net Worth:

Archie Heaton Father Has An Impressive Net Worth

Archie’s dad made it big in the entertainment business. His projected net worth as of 2022 is $4 million, with a $250,000 per episode income.

How did Archie’s father acquire his wealth? Charlie started his career in London at 16 years as a drummer. He later moved into acting, where he performed several parts. In 2016, his big part occurred when he was hired in Netflix’s Stranger Things as Jonathan Byers, a disturbed adolescent.

7. Archie Heaton Parents Are No Longer Together:

Archie Heaton Parents Are No Longer Together

Is Charlie Heaton still with Akiko Matsuura? There is no happy ending here. Archie Heaton’s parents reportedly divorced in 2014, per Romper. However, despite the split, they continue to share joint custody of their child.

8. Archie Heaton Lives With His Mother:

Just where does Charlie Heaton’s child call home? The kid now lives in London with his mother, and ABTC claims that Archie stayed with his mother in England and was raised there.

But his dad lives on the California Border. He’s filming an episode of Stranger Things on Netflix right now.

9. Archie Heaton Father Is In A Relationship With A Famous Actress:

Archie Heaton Parents Are No Longer Together

Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton’s co-star on “Stranger Things,” is reportedly the woman he’s seeing. Dating rumors first surfaced in September 2016 and were verified in October 2017 when the pair was sighted in New York City.

10. Archie Heaton Is The Only Child Of His Celebrity Parent:

Does Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton have a kid together? No. Currently, the only kid that Charlie has is Archie. As a result, anyone who believed the rumors that Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton were expecting a child will be dismayed to learn that they are unfounded.

Archie Heaton is the famous offspring of two well-known entertainers. Both of his parents have achieved legendary status in their respective areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What Is Archie Heaton’s Height And Weight?

Archie is around 27 kg in weight and 4 feet tall. He is tall and lean with dark brown eyes and black hair, and his complexion is as white as paper. He is enthusiastic and active, with a love of music and athletics.

Who Has Custody Of Charlie Heaton’s Son?

Archie’s home in London is with his mom. Charlie, at 28, spends around half his time in the United States, where his work is centered, and the other half in London, where his kid resides.

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