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Where to Buy PS5?

where to buy ps5:

PS5 arrived in the UK on November 19 but the console, available in standard and digital editions, sold out on day one due to rather limited stocks. Today, finding the new console has become a titanic undertaking (unless you spend perhaps excessive amounts). And most likely the situation will not be resolved before the December holidays. As there was no console available anywhere. So, Experts searched around and have found where to buy PS5, the offers available, and the comparison that how much the two versions of the console cost.

A little about PS5 first. After a very long wait, Sony has finally officially launched the PlayStation 5 on the market, or the console that marks a new dividing line between the generations of these devices. PS5 is available in a standard version with a disc player and a fully digital version. To purchase and download games, you need to log into the PlayStation Store with your PlayStation Network credentials.

where to buy ps5

Where to buy PS5? Offers & Costs

PS5 can be purchased both online at one of the main e-commerce sites such as Amazon and by turning to large electronics chains such as Walmart, Target, and GameStop. The standard version of PlayStation 5 costs $ 499 while the Digital edition is available for $ 399. However, both consoles at the time of publication of this article are unavailable for all sales channels. And it will likely be the same for the next few weeks unless you want to spend very high amounts by buying them from private individuals who have been lucky enough to get involved on day one. As soon as there are updates, I will provide you with timely information on the matter.

Here is the list of places where to buy PS5 (Bold links still have PS5 available).

  1. GameStop – WITH Bluray player | $ 499.99
  2. GameStop – Digital Edition  | $ 399.99
  3. Amazon – WITH Bluray player | $ 499.99
  4. Amazon – Digital Edition | $ 399.99
  5. Walmart – WITH Bluray player | $ 499.99
  6. Walmart – Digital Edition  | $ 399.99
  7. Target – WITH Bluray player | $ 499.99
  8. Target – Digital Edition  | $ 399.99
  9. Newegg – WITH Bluray player | $ 699
  10. Newegg – Digital Edition  | $ 599.99
  11. Best Buy – WITH Bluray player | $ 499.99
  12. Best Buy – Digital Edition  | $ 399.99
  13. Adorama – WITH Bluray player | $ 499.99
  14. Adorama – Digital Edition  | $ 399.99

About PS5

The new PS5 Console came out in two versions, but with its own concept. Sony divided the product according to the principle of compatibility with physical discs: the cheaper Digital Edition comes without a drive and only supports digital versions of games. Otherwise, there are no differences.


  • CPU: Dedicated 8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2 @ 3.5GHz
  • GPU: Dedicated GPU with 36 compute units based on AMD RDNA 2 technology with a performance of 10.3 teraflops with support for ray tracing
  • Memory: 16GB GDDR6 with 256-bit bus and 448 Gbps bandwidth
  • Storage device Dedicated 825GB SSD
  • The actual amount of storage available to the user: Officially declared 667 GB, but the “clean” console at my disposal after the initial settings already offered less – 551 GB
  • Optical drive: 4K UHD Blu-ray / not available in digital version
  • Sound: Tempest 3D AudioTech
  • Dimensions (width × depth × height): 260 × 110 × 390 mm
  • Weight (actual, measured): 4.5 kg

On November 19, 2020, the PlayStation 5 was released – without a doubt, the main game console of the first half of the 20s. Sony consoles are thrilled, Xbox fans are defending their toy, and PC gamers continue to save up for a new graphics card from NVIDIA. The rest are just wondering what the video game industry has prepared for them.

where to buy ps5

PlayStation 5 around the World

Sony extended the plan for an entire year and before the presentation of the Xbox Series X announced their event. On September 16, the gaming division of the Japanese corporation announced both the release date and the price of the console live on YouTube and Twitch. On November 12, the long-awaited release of the console took place in the USA.

The first PlayStation 5 was received by gamers in Japan, Australia, South Korea, Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA. This happened already on November 12. On Thursday, November 19, sales started in the rest of the world. Many have been waiting for the new product since September when Amazon ps5 pre-order became available.

The new console was released in two versions. The basic one, without an optical drive, will cost $ 399 in the United States. The older console is offered for $ 499. If you are confused, Where to buy ps5 console? Just visit amazon to pre-order ps5 console.

where to buy ps5


The PlayStation 5 has become the largest game console in history. The dimensions of the console, even without the stand, are 390 x 104 x 260 mm. Even the version without a floppy drive provides savings of only 12 mm. The weight of the consoles has also grown – 4.5 and 3.9 kg, depending on the version. Interestingly, the PS4 barely weighed just over 2kg.


Although the design of the PlayStation 5 is very different from the new Xbox, the specifications of the consoles are closer than ever. The PS5 has an eight-core AMD Zen 2 processor clocked at 3.5GHz. The GPU is also based on AMD’s design – RDNA 2 up to 2.23 GHz and 10.3 teraflops of performance. The fast GDDR6 RAM is 16 GB.

Regardless of the version, the volume of the SSD is 825 GB. It is made using the fastest NVMe technology (I wonder how the cooling problem is solved). Thanks to this, you can download 2 GB of data in 0.27 seconds, i.e. game worlds will not switch quickly, but very quickly.

As mentioned above, Sony will release two versions of the box. The main variant will receive 4K UHD Blu-ray Drive, while the Digital Edition will be without it. Note that it is technically completely identical to the older version, which means that there will be no cutbacks, which is in the Xbox Series S.

If you look at the console in analysis, you will notice a unique cooling system. The device has a small heatsink and two fans on either side of the board.

The next-generation console topic shows a disassembled PS5, where the device is equipped with a small heatsink and two fans on either side of the board. The visible part seems fragile, but the one on the other side of the board is sure to provide the necessary power. The developers describe the new cooling system as “thermal conduction loops through the printed circuit board.” They also promise silence in the work of the console.

where to buy ps5

PS5 Package

By the way, Jim Ryan says that the PlayStation 5 will support 99% of the previous generation games.

The fragile box, made in classic Sony colors, contains a standard set of components:

  • PlayStation 5 console
  • wireless gamepad DualSense;
  • HDMI 2.1 cable;
  • power cable;
  • USB cable;
  • safety guide;
  • quick reference;
  • Astro’s Playroom game (pre-installed on the console itself);
  • Stand for installing the ps5 console.

There is no headset in the box, as you may have noticed. Now, the speaker and microphone built into DualSense are responsible for the input and output audio signal at a basic level. The new gamepad, by the way, is heavier than the DualShock 4 – 280 g versus 218. The console is also heavier (the PS5 weighs 4.5 kg) and, of course, has grown considerably in size compared to any other console.

where to buy ps5

PS5 Console Games

After knowing about where to buy PS5, lets get to know about the first list of games released for PS5:

  1. Spider-Man: Miles Morales
  2. Horizon: Forbidden West
  3. Grand Theft Auto 5 Enhanced
  4. Stray
  5. NBA 2K21
  6. Resident Evil: Village
  7. Godfall
  8. Deathloop
  9. Oddworld: Soulstorm
  10. Gran Turismo 7
  11. Astro Bot
  12. GhostWire Tokyo
  13. Bugsnax
  14. Little devil inside
  15. Solar ash
  16. Returnal
  17. Hitman iii
  18. Pragmata
  19. Sackboy: A Big Adventure
  20. Kena: Bridge of Spirits
  21. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
where to buy ps5

The following games will be available immediately after release in November:

  1. Astro’s Playroom (pre-installed)
  2. Sackboy A Big Adventure.
  3. Destruction Allstars.
  4. Demon’s Souls 3.
  5. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.
where to buy ps5

Also, God of War, Final Fantasy XVI and a new game based on the Harry Potter universe are on the list of upcoming titles in 2021.

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