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The too Fast & too Furious of the Video Editor in Online World – FlexClip

By IT Expert:

Video editor online: When it comes to speed, there are very few who don’t get thrilled by it. Whether it is a fast motorbike, roller coaster, car, jet fighter, or rocket, it is sure to give one an exclusive feeling of excitement. However, high speed comes with a high degree of accuracy, as without it, there will be no speed. It is just like an F-1 car crashing in the first lap, even though it was first in the first lap, it does not count.

This need for speed is driving everything nowadays. Whether it is the need to prepare a file on time or complete a project or proposal, the speed requirement of completing it before time has quadrupled. Probably for the first time in human history, people want to do things, even faster than time itself. Therefore, in this competitive world, there is a hypercritical requirement of doing everything fast.

Being a small business owner, that too in a world affected by the pandemic, has made it the hardest job ever. Now, we have to do all in our abilities (even those that we do not have) to make our business work. There is no better way to sell your product than by promoting it in the right market and in the world of Social Media, there is no better tool than videos to promote a product, service, or business.

When it comes to video editing, there are so many options available with competitive prices so much so that one is surely destined to either lose his way or choose something which is not right for that business or overpriced as per their requirements. Hence, to address this issue, we did all the searching to find out the best available tool online for both small and medium-sized businesses at the best price. And in our research, we found that Flex Clip is the overall winner when it comes to the comparative analysis of Price vs Performance vs Options vs Speed. Here I will cover some of the key aspects considered while reaching this decision.

Man using camera - video editor online


Like many other video editing tools, FlexClip is equipped with all basic and moderate video editing tools salient’s of which we will cover one by one.


Logging in

This is probably the fastest I have logged in to any other video editing tool. All you need is a valid email address and bingo, you are at the dashboard ready to make your first clip.

flexclip templates

User-Friendly Experience

FlexClip has really, easy to use tools even for beginners. The videos are very easy to compose and one can choose images, videos from its ever-expanding library. It is probably more suited for small to medium-sized videos of 15 seconds to 5 minutes while choosing from its existing library. However, you can also upload a video or image from your computer and use it there. It will work exactly in the same way for your uploaded data as well.

flexclip adjustment

Video Editing Tools

These are very basic tools of video editing like crop, time adjustment, text animation, transition effects, and voice over; all tools work really, fast. Normally, in my experience with other video editing software, even the minor corrections take some time to implement. However, at FlexClip, all happens almost in real-time. The cloud servers of FlexClip have enabled this high-speed performance irrespective of the type of laptop/ computer you have. The highlight of this feature is the voice-over function as well as dynamic transition viewer in storyboard which you can see with just hovering of the cursor.

flexclip output

Video Size & Quality

With so many social media platforms, one cannot stick to just one-dimensional form of videos. The same has also been catered for in FlexClip where you can size your video in multiple ways i.e for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. with just a click. Moreover, it also offers three qualities for exporting your videos i.e 480p, HD 720, and Full-HD 1080p; depending upon your plan. Although the rendering time is almost standard as compared to other video editing software, nevertheless, the speed with which you can compose your whole video puts FlexClip a yard or two ahead of its competitors.

flexclip storyboard

Customer Service

The FlexClip customer service team has been really impressive in resolving arising issues. Their response was found to be swift via email even on weekends which was actually, surprising. The Customer service of FlexClip deserves a high 5 for this which is actually, making life easier for all its users.

flexclip price


This is probably the most critically analyzed part of any video editing portal. Although there are many varieties of pricing among all available options, therefore, we have assessed it with-respect to the features and quality of output being offered by FlexClip. Which resulted in triumph of FlexClip by some margin.

To shed more light on it, lets look at the three basic plans that FlexClip has.

  • The Free version comes with one stock video (1 min 480p along with watermark) per 12 projects per month.

Recommended for checking out FlexClip only.

  • The Basic version comes with five stock videos (3 min HD 720p) per 50 projects per month while costing only $4.99/month.

Recommended for small business owners.

  • The Plus version comes with unlimited stock videos (5 min Full-HD 1080p) per 200 projects per month while costing only $7.99/month.

Recommended for medium-sized business owners.

Note: It is highlighted that video length at FlexClip is going to be increased to 15-30 mins very soon with no additional cost.


With our comparison algorithm of Price vs Performance vs Options vs Speed, to be fair and square, FlexClip is probably the most user-friendly video editing tool presently available online for this price. And to add to it, it is the fastest video maker for 15 seconds to 5 min videos which I have encountered so far. That is being said after having tried the big guns of this arena like Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, TinyTake, WeVideo, etc. Considering all of the above, I have, no doubt in my mind to Crown FlexClip in the lead role of Too Fast Too Furious in the World of Video Editing. Hence, to all small and medium-sized business owners out there, I recommend using FlexClip for the upcoming year, where it can be your go-to option for video editing with assurance to saving you tons of time and making you lots of money.

Click below to checkout FlexClip.


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By IT Expert: Video editor online: When it comes to speed, there are very few who don’t get thrilled by it. Whether it is a fast motorbike, roller coaster, car, jet fighter, or rocket, it is sure to give one an exclusive feeling of excitement....The too Fast & too Furious of the Video Editor in Online World – FlexClip