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Top 7 Best Laptops with Ethernet Port in 2022

The laptop is the most necessary gadget that we have these days. In every stage of life, we need one. That can be for your studies to your gaming. Another hand laptop is a very big fascination and we are not complaining about that. What we are complaining about is the reliability, security, and speed of the Wi-Fi. And all those problems can be solved by Ethernet. So why not we look for a laptop with an Ethernet port. If you are thinking the same, you have come to the right place.

Because we have listed out some of the latest models of the laptop with Ethernet port. And I think I don’t have to elaborate the part, the benefit of RJ45 port, you know the amazing features. Here is the list of 7 devices that have the RJ45 port.

  • Acer Aspire 5 Slim (A515-43-R19L):

If you are looking for something on the budget but don’t want to compromise on the quality and the look then Aspire 5 is the right choice for you. The metal finish of the exterior of the gadget says it all. Stylish look and also lightweight, two in one feature. And about the feature, we haven’t even started yet. It is a laptop with a gigabit RJ45 port. 4 GB DDR4 SD RAM, and 1×128 GB SSD storage.

And also there are some in build devices like microphones, speakers, and an HD webcam. And if we look at the review of this device we came to the realization that is, this device is pretty well functioned and amazing.

  • HP 17-BY3000:

It is one of the HP laptops with an Ethernet port. The device is known to be a best friend for students. Because it is very light on the wallet but comes with some great features like an Intel 10th Gen chip, 8GB DDR4 of RAM, and a 1TB HDD. This device is relatively very cheap than any other device with this kind of feature. It is also a laptop with a gigabit RJ45 port. 

The gadget has 17.3 inches HD Display and Integrated Intel UHD Graphics. I think this one is perfect for those who have to spend a long screen time daily. If we analyze the review, we will see that they are saying that the device is a multi as it has that huge memory. The laptop is also can be connected to your television for a great screen time. So far, all these will give you the push to buy this extraordinary gadget for yourself.


  • 2021 HP Pavilion 15.6″ HD (15-DW1083WM):

It is also one of the HP laptops with an Ethernet port. It is a classic and decent device for school and college purposes. Also, it is very light on the budget. It has a red exterior and is made of plastic. Let us talk about the features. The HP 15-DW1083WM is run by an Intel Pentium Gold 6405U processor. The laptop cannot multitask because of the low memory system.

It has a storage capacity of 128 GB. This can look a little less. The battery life is very efficient though. It can go up to 10 hours at medium change. So al all we can conclude in one sentence is that, the device is budget-friendly for a reason and if you are someone who is looking for a laptop that is going to provide a good study experience, then go for this one.


  • HP 14-FQ0032MS:

Another one from the HP laptops with an Ethernet port. The look of the device is like any other classic HP laptop. It has a metallic silver color exterior, which is very stylish for laptops. This gadget is also perfect for school purposes or work from home purposes. This device is also not heavy on fortune but still comes with some great features.

So now let us focus on that. The CPU is equivalent to an Intel i3-8th Gen chipset. It has 8 GB of RAM, which is quite decent. But we can conclude in a point that, it is not going to be super fast but you can easily do all the routine tasks in it. The laptop comes up with 128 GB of memory. This is a laptop with a gigabit RJ45 port. The in-built microphone and speaker are also there as always. It is a pretty decent and budget-friendly gadget that can cover all the multitasking you have to do during the day.

  • Acer Aspire 1 A114-32-C1YA:

The aspire 1 is also among the cheap laptops. The exterior of the laptop is black all over and a bit bulky in terms of construction. The resolution for the Aspire 1’s display is up to 1080, something that is uncommon for laptops in this range. It has a 4 GB ram and 1×64 GB eMMC of storage.  It has an LED Backlight 14 inches HD Display.

It has a pretty good battery life as an entry-level laptop in this range. If you are on a tight budget but want to spend the money on a decent then go for this one. This will not disappoint you. 

  • Acer Aspire 3 (A315-56-594):

The Aspire 3 from Acer is one of the cheapest units that offer an Intel 10th Gen i5 quad-core processor in its arsenal. Is also on the cheaper side of the budget. But it comes with surprisingly high RAM and storage. The Ram is 8 GB and also the storage is 256 GB. Sounds amazing, isn’t it? You can already say that this laptop is going to be a multi-tasker.

It can handle light gaming and as well as some programming also. The exterior of this laptop is a classic silver exterior. And like other laptops of the Aspire, it is a little on the heavier side. And it is a laptop with an Ethernet port. So, you can also get high-quality internet services. Overall the device seems to be a real gem.

  • Lenovo ThinkPad E14 Business :

The most expensive one on the list so far. The nut also can be considered a budget laptop, when it comes to the feature of this device. It has 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage.  The RAM can be upgraded up to 32 GB.

This laptop can handle some gaming and also some programming load as well. It uses a full HD IPS display on its screen with anti-glare technology, meaning it is perfect for streaming as it can project colors better than the non-IPS ones. So we can also say that it can be somewhat really good if anyone wants to stream. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What do you think about laptops with RJ45 ports?

These are great for a speedy internet connection and also the security and feasibility. All and all, having an Ethernet connection benefits us in many ways.

Should I buy a device with Ethernet or Wi-Fi?

If you use Wi-Fi on your device, you want to experiment with a speedy internet connection, as well as the security as a person, you can go for this without any doubt.

What is the most powerful gaming gadget you can buy?

The Asus ROG Strix SCAR 17 G733 is the most powerful gaming gadget that you can buy.

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