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Grasshopper is one of the world’s most popular business tools, especially for small businesses. The virtual phone system tool has pushed itself into being one of the industry leaders. For example, the tool allows you to capture local toll-free numbers and national numbers, and there is no hardware required. However, popular doesn’t mean useful for small businesses.

And, there is one significant downfall to Grasshopper:


We found that Grasshopper is one of the most expensive business communications tools available for small businesses. The lowest plan starts at $29 per month for only three lines, so the more your business grows, the higher the cost. We don’t need to do the math, but you can see that over time, your costs will climb much quicker in comparison with other solutions.

Top 5 VoIP services for Small Business

Grasshopper Alternatives

Nevertheless, don’t think this is your only option. There are plenty of excellent Grasshopper alternatives on the market, many with similar products and services. Several of which are significantly lower priced and have also added premium advanced features that you would otherwise pay extra for.

Below is the list of top 5 Grasshopper alternatives for small businesses.

We’ll go through all of these alternatives, detail their features and prices so that at the end, you are well conversant with what business communication tools you can use to build and expand your business.

Top 5 VoIP services for Small Business is the most cost-effective small business phone line on the market in 2020. With your business phone service does not break the bank, and it gives you the core features you need to run your business successfully. There is no hardware required, and you can make a call using your desk phone, PC, or smartphone. Easy to integrate, the progressive technology, and a simple interface is what makes banter stand apart from the rest. banter offers a sophisticated VoIP system that is simple to operate.

Users can track all their call and text data in 1000+ apps like Google Sheets, Dropbox, Slack, Cognito Form, Trello, Gmail, and many others that are connected through Zapier. The data helps you get a complete idea of how every minute is used.


  • 7-day Free Trial

  • No Contracts

  • Simple Pricing

  • No hardware

  • Best For SMBs & Start-ups
Top 5 VoIP services for Small Business


A reliable player in the business VoIP system, Ringcentral is mainly focused and intended for medium to large businesses. Its core focus is around its all-in-one cloud communication and call management. Some of its features include screen sharing, virtual video conference calls, and messaging in one easy-to-use product. With integrations like Zappier, Salesforce, MailChimp, and Asana, Ringcentral is easy to use and easy to install. Price can get as low as $19.00/month per user only if you have more than 1,000 users. However, if you’re a 1 man shop or your company isn’t big enough, then it can get quite pricy. Prices can go up to $69.00/month if you’re a single user.

As pricy as it is, it does have one feature that can justify the cost, that is International coverage. If you’re a small business or large enterprise and find your bill quite high due to international calls, then Ringcentral may be the answer for you. Again, it depends on your user base that would either justify the price for you.


  • 15-day Free Trial

  • Month & Annual Plans

  • Variable Pricing (Contact sales)

  • Hardware Available

  • Best for international calling
Top 5 VoIP services for Small Business


Overall, the Vonage business phone system is a healthy alternative for any medium or large businesses that are looking for a customized VoIP solution. While offering a flexible & reliable cloud-based VoIP solution, Vonage does not break the bank, it’s tailor solutions and competitive pricing allows Vonage to stand as an industry VoIP service leader.

If your business revolves around a large number of your employees making calls and staying on the phone, then Vonage could be the solution for your business. Their unlimited calling and SMS feature could be the differentiator since they only charge per user, not usage.

Vonage features vary depending on plans, but the majority of their plans come with a mobile app for you to keep track of calls & SMS, call time analytics & reporting, 24/7 customer support, CRM integration, Slack integration, and more.


  • 14-day Free Trial

  • Month-2-Month Plans Variable pricing ($14.99 – $39.99) or contact sales

  • Hardware Available Overall great software for established medium size business
Top 5 VoIP services for Small Business


Dialpad brands itself as a full-fledged cloud-based suite. Integrations capabilities with apps like Google G-suite, Office 365, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Slack, Zappier, and many more.

With the likes of Wework, Uber, Asana, Reddit, and TED as their customers, there is no question Dialpad business VoIP service is useful for any company. Dialpad helps to improve team collaboration with advanced business messaging features, including SMS, call center productivity analytics, large scale call routing, mobile app, and more.

Whether if its a full pledge sales team, or support team, Dialpad customization capabilities can meet your needs.

Our Recommendation

Dialpad is a great tool for large businesses with large internal & external teams.


  • 14-Day Free Trial

  • $20.00/ Month/ User Or Contact sales for Enterprises Great for large scale enterprises
Top 5 VoIP services for Small Business


With enterprise and small business suite options, the customization of Nextivia is next to none. If you need a simple communication tool for a small team or sizeable complex call routing layout, Nextivia can meet your needs.

One of the main features that make Nextivia stand out from the rest is their call automation capabilities. The auto-attend feature allows teams to help customers with difficult issues enabling your team to focus on what matters most. Keeping customers happy.

Like others on this list, Nextivia offers its CRM integrations, call recordings, mobile phone apps, and desktop app, calls queuing, SMS services, analytics, reporting, and more. The cost can vary for enterprise levels businesses (Not surprising); for small businesses, the cost per user is $20.00/ month.

Our Recommendation

Nextivia like Dialpad is excellent software for small businesses; it boils down to price, scale, usage, and complexity.


  • Contact Sales for Trials or Demo

  • $20.00/ Month/ User Or Contact sales for Enterprises Great for large scale enterprises


As you can see, there are a ton of excellent grasshopper alternatives on the market. Each of these different software applications has its own unique sets of features, price points, and pros and cons.

Make sure to evaluate the current and future state of your small business when choosing a VoIP business system to purchase. This will save you troubles in the future and ensure you have the best possible experience. Till then, take care of your self and your loved ones around.

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