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Today’s 12 June Wordle answer and hints — solution #358

Online games are on its hype. If the game is fun, it won’t take a day, but be viral everywhere. Wordle was the same. I remember it was the time of my vacation and my feed was floating with posts. Although it was a word-related play, people loved it so much. And why is that, we are going to find out today. And also we are going to reveal to you clues of Wordle today. So let’s dive in.

What is Wordle?

If you are a ’90s kid you remember the word puzzle from the newspaper, you will also get the Wordle. It is a game of guessing. Guessing a six-letter word and one will have five attempts. The program will instantly review the attempt for you and that will be counted as a score. It is a web-based jest, launched by a software engineer, Josh Wardle. The play has a new problem each day and a solution every day. And people are getting crazy over the clues for Wordle today. 

What makes it so popular?

Previously I said it is just like the word puzzle in the newspaper. Let me remind you of the days when we used to be so obsessed with the word puzzle on paper. And that is the same reason this game is so interesting. There is every day and a new puzzle and that is quite interesting. You will get just five attempts and that is it. And this is the thing that makes it so much more interesting. Also, this one can be played by anyone. Whether they are a teenager or a senior citizen. That can be also a reason that made this web jest so much popular. And that is why we are writing about Wordle today’s answer blog.

How to play it and what are the rules:

The best way to play it is by going to the website directly and playing. And now we are going to breakdown the rules for you:

  • The process starts when you make your first guess. It is said that the first guess is the crucial part and you have to have one vowel in the first word. That is the rule. But try to think of something that has multiple vowels. That will help you so much in the process.
  • As soon as you make the guess, you will see the background of the letters is changed. Some are green; some are yellow, or gray. If the letter is green then congrats!  you have guessed it right. If the letter is yellow, then you have guessed the right letter but in the wrong place. If the background is gray, then it was not the guess.
  • And this is the way you have to guess the whole thing and you will have five turns and then the process will be over.

Wordle #358 answer and hint:

  • The word is with 2 vowels
  • No  duplicate letter 
  • It’s both noun and verb 
  • The vowels are at positions 2 and 3
  • The letter ends with ‘T’

We will highly encourage you that you try the thing for yourself and then see the answer.

It is the time to reveal Wordle today’s answer. The answer is ‘FLOAT’. Float means to stay at the surface and not sink. Or an idea that may or may not is considered. And if we talk about nouns then it means, that a vehicle that is large and flat by the surface and that is decorated and used in the festivals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What makes Wordle so popular?

The waiting and the instant gratification of the game make the game very interesting and that is why it has become so much popular.

Why was it sold for millions?

The program started with 100 players to a million players over some months. It is massively popular and that is why it could be sold for millions.

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