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The craziest and funniest movie characters of all time

Making people laugh is the most difficult thing that you can do. But when it comes to actors, it is not so undone part of their life. Some actors are known forever for their funny characters in movies. But yes still, it is not everyone’s cup of tea and we are not mad about this. We just want to appreciate the wonderful creation of these actors. As we have a huge list we don’t want to waste more time on this and let’s get started with the funny movie characters of all time.

Derek Zoolander, Zoolander series (Ben Stiller):

The man is not only good-looking but also very funny. He gave legendary performances regularly and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. He did it all. From falling for a journalist to take down an insidious fashion maven, he smashed it all. He was definitely a legend in the comic industry and he played one of the funniest characters in movies of all time, and we all intoxicatingly enjoyed it.

Elle Woods, Legally Blonde series (Resse Witherspoon):

If you know about the sitcom of 90’s you have met Elle Woods. She is a phenomenal actor and was featured in The Legally Blond series. In that series, we saw, how fashionistas learned to stand for their rights. And the way she did that wasn’t humorless. She stand out as an actor, extremely funny in that series. She was the life of that show and she will be forever.

Dr. Rumack, Airplane (Leslie Nielsen):

The man was a serious actor and he was doing awesome. But something changed when Airplane was released. We saw him playing a funny movie character of a doctor and we can’t deny that it was not awesome. He played a role of a doctor who misinterprets all the things he hears and acts funny. He was always a remarkable actor and he proved this once again in this movie with a different perspective.

Oda Mae Brown, Ghost (Whoopi Goldberg):

If we talk about weird, The Ghost can be the one. But this was not only an extraordinary thing. The performance of Oda Mae Brown was stunning in this movie. She played a funny movie character in this movie and she killed it.

If you don’t believe us, just look at the award she was given for her role. She won an Oscar for this role in the best supporting actor category. She is indeed a brilliant actress and she proved it real well.

Deadpool/Wade Wilson, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds):

Rayan Renold has a chunky persona of his own in real life. And he put that energy into his character in Deadpool. No matter what he is becoming the bad guy here; he did not leave his breezy character at all. Instead, he did put that character off. He enlightened the mood every time he was on the screen and he was one of the funny characters in movies. 

Regina George, Mean Girls (Rachel McAdams):

If sassy is a word, then the creator of the word is Regena Georgy. Not only she is a blessing to the eye, but her character in Mean Girls is also a forever staple in a funny movie character. She was one of the mean girls but she did the character with a lot of fun.

And we had all the fun watching her perform so brilliant. The movie was so dope that, people still talk about it and especially she was the queen of the movie. 

Donkey, Shrek series (Eddie Murphy):

We all love animation but the Shrek series is not animation, it is an emotion for us ’90s kids. Therefore I cannot say that one character is better than the other in this movie but I can say the funny movie’s character was played by the donkey. When everyone was going through some serious problem in the movies, his funny moment kept us all sane. The voice-over was done by Eddie Murphy and he did a marvelous job. And let me tell you this series has not only been emotion for our generation but also new generation kid loves the movie.

Emily Charlton, The Devil Wears Prada (Emily Blunt):

The movie was about the life-changing revolution in the main character’s life. But the screen was stolen by Emily Blunt. She performed a character that has a great experience in fashion and fashion is her life. And that character she played in a very funky way.

The way she expressed her feelings on screen left us all choked up and he was one of the funniest movie characters of all time. 

Shannon Mullins, The Heat (Melissa McCarthy):

She is the queen and we all have to admit that. She is a country treasure for sure. Although she is known for her rugged roles, we just going to appreciate the role she played in The Heat. She played a funny detector, who can do anything to find out anything. She played the character with the most fun that she could and we all loved her for that.


Cher Horowitz, Clueless (Alicia Silverstone):

Another pretty woman, who is wealthy, is also mean by the way. Alicia Silverstone played an iconic role in the movie named Clueless and if anyone has not seen it already they are missing on life. In the moves, she played a spoiled rich kid and she was genuinely the funniest movie character of all time. She put her effort like nothing else. And it showed on the screen well.


There were a lot of movie characters that were so memorable. Some for the love connection, some for the action. But one thing will always be the same, some funny movie characters are the best. They remain always safe in our memory. And we have tried to list out some of those and let you know. So even if you don’t know about that character, you can find out the blessing of your own.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the funniest film character of all time?

There is not the funniest movie character of all time. There may be some of them. But if you want some of the names you can look up Ben Stiller, Emily Blunt, and Melissa McCarthy’s work on some movies. 

What are some of the funniest cartoon characters?

Cartoon characters are made for fun. So it will be really difficult for us to make you a list but still, if there are some queries then look up the SpongeBob SquarePants, Mr. Bean, Stewie Griffin, Bart Simpson, Popeye, Tom, and Jerry, Donald Duck, CatDog, and so much more.

Is Derek Zoolander the funniest character of all time?

Honestly, films are a kind of art. And you cannot put art in a category.  But Mr. Zoolander is another kind of character. Ben Stiller is a phenomenal actor and delivered his best performance in comedy and yes you can say that he is one of the funniest characters of all time.

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