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The Best Tom Hardy Haircut Of 2023

Since his blockbuster roles in Black Hawk Down, The Dark Knight Rises, and Mad Max: Fury Road, London-born actor Tom Hardy has donned a variety of haircuts and beards. Many guys have tried copying Tom Hardy Haircut to get the same bad-boy look.

Tom Hardy’s hairstyle frequently combines a taper fade on the sides with long, slicked-back hair on top to draw attention to his facial features. The actor, noted for his rugged good looks, is also known to mix in different male haircuts depending on his current film role.

There are various styles to pick from if you wish to have this popular British Tom Hardy haircut. We’ve put together a list of Tom Hardy haircuts and instructions on creating each look.

Beautifully Bald Tom Hardy Haircut:

The Best Tom Hardy Haircut Of 2022
Tom Hardy Haircut

Tom Hardy is the one who shaved his head and made it fashionable. Fans reacted well to it. Since then, many people have adopted this style as a famous appearance.

It is an excellent look for those with a round or oval face shape. A bald head looks lovely with an oval face shape, which Tom Hardy possesses.

The Sleek, Slicked Back Style Tom Hardy Haircut:

Tom Hardy Haircut
Tom Hardy Haircut

The smooth, slicked-back hair looks good on almost everybody. It is done by brushing your hair straight back and adding hair gel. You may also use hair gel first, then comb your hair back.

This hairstyle also offers a more official appearance.

That is why this hairstyle is used for formal parties and events. It is also used by many actors, including Tom Hardy, and is a simple Tom Hardy haircut to achieve.

Steamy Side Parting Tom Hardy Haircut :

Tom Hardy Haircut

It is also known as The Standard Haircut or The Business Haircut. The steamy side part is a popular hairstyle among male celebrities. This hairstyle is simple to achieve since it does not need much work; all you need to do is part your hair to one side and comb it well.

Short Tom Hardy Haircut:

Tom Hardy Haircut
Tom Hardy Haircut

For years, the spiky haircut has been a fashionable hairstyle, acting as a lifesaver for people who want an excellent appearance without putting in too much work. Most young people choose this hairstyle because they want their hair to seem wild yet correctly in place.

It is when your hair is fashioned on top of your head to give you a new and trendy appearance. Tom Hardy shows how this hairstyle never goes out of style and can be used by people of all ages.

Fabulously Finger-Combed:

Tom Hardy Haircut
Tom Hardy Haircut

Finger combing is a simple and gentle way to give your hair a relaxed look, and it is when you style your hair using your fingertips more of a brush or combs.

With this simple, finger-combed appearance, he nearly seems like he just rolled out of bed while yet appearing put together. Not to add, this style is swoon-worthy.

Hot And Messy Like A Gangsta:

Tom hardy gangster look
Tom Hardy Haircut

It is a classic, go-to hairstyle you can always rely on for a relaxed, hassle-free look. Anyone, from children to teenagers to adults, can pull off this hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for any season for a woke up look.

This hairstyle is perfect for those with thicker hair who want to appear sexier. There is no question that Tom Hardy looks great with this haircut.

A Casual Cut For A Bad Boy Look:

Tom Hardy Haircut
Tom Hardy Haircut

Because of how simple it is to style, the bad boy haircut has become a popular hairstyle. This hairstyle fashion itself is one of Tom Hardy’s most popular haircuts.

The Venom star is known for his relaxed, smooth, mystery-man look, and this haircut fits that.

Shaved Sides Tom Hardy Haircut:

Shave side tom hardy haircut

When Tom Hardy first appeared in public with this hairstyle, he blew his followers away. This hairstyle is the perfect combination of neat and bold, with a hint of punk thrown in for good measure.

He soon sports the popular shaved sides with long hair slicked back atop his head.

The Subtle Stubble:

Tom Hardy Haircut

The tiny beard cannot be overlooked in men’s most popular and simple haircuts. While Tom Hardy is known for rocking almost any hairstyle, this buzz cut is one of his better options.

The best part about this Tom Hardy haircut is that you can handle styling it differently for every occasion.

Tom Hardy Curly Hairstyle:

Tom Hardy Haircut

This hairstyle is what its name implies. Whether you have thin or thick hair, you can always go for this haircut to make styling your hair manageable and carefree. It is one of Hardy’s most popular haircuts among his followers.

This style brings out the fun in most of the actors’ characters. Thus it suits him well, and his carefree manner further highlights his curls. If you have curly hair, this Tom Hardy haircut might be perfect for you.

Brushed Back Wet Look:

Tom Hardy Haircut

The actor grew out his hair a few inches and brushed it back with some pomade to produce an overnight wet appearance for this sleek look. He paired the hairstyle with a messy facial beard for a rough look. 

Classic Comb Over:

Tom Hardy Haircut

A style that will make any man appear Smart. The sides are well faded, while the top is longer and combed over for a clean look. This style is finished with a medium beard, adding to this famous hero’s macho allure.


Tom Hardy is well-known for his amazing haircuts, in addition to his outstanding performances. So, if you want to try any of the hairstyles suggested above, consider this guide. Try on Tom Hardy’s several haircuts to see which one suits you best.

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