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The Best Smartwatches

Choosing the best smartwatch for oneself in 2022 is a great challenge. There are loads of options and reviews available online regarding smartwatches; which are good enough to confuse you rather than help you choose the best for yourself. Therefore, experts at SocialTomatoes.com have glued together their heads to bring you the best smartwatches of 2022 available in the market. From their discreteness and customization to have a professional screen in the office and fun themed one out of work; smartwatches are great devices that can do a variety of things smartphones can’t. Therefore, here are some of the most recommended best smartwatches you may want to consider in 2022!

best smartwatches 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Compared to its predecessor, there are extra fitness features. A built-in ECG (for checking electrical signals for heartbeats), the choice of two sizes, and a rotating bezel done through software rather than a physical dial. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 can track a variety of workout and exercise types, 39 to be exact! With that, it can even auto-detect exercises such as swimming, running, and cycling.

With LTE, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 costs $419 for its 44mm model and $399 for its 40mm version. Without LTE it’s $269 for the 44mm size, and at its lowest price, $249 for the 40mm size without LTE. Active 2 has many advantages over the Samsung Galaxy Watch for placing in Best Smartwatches of 2022. Active’s more plastic feel makes it overall one of the most recommended smartwatches available.

best smartwatches 2020

The Apple Watch Series 5

Coming in two new case materials, ceramic and titanium; this watch has an incredible battery life with its S5 system which allows it to stay on all day. Its display being able to stay on at all times makes it easy to check at a glance while exercising or jogging. When it comes to its functions, this watch streams music better than any other watch and has more compatibility with more streaming services.

The Apple Watch Series 5 with cellular and GPS can be found for $499. It goes as low as $399 though for its aluminum case base model. While its titanium case puts it up to $799 and the stainless steel case puts it at $699. Apple has set high standards for smartwatches, and the Apple Watch Series 5 is no exception. Its competition is far behind in almost every way so this was an easy pick for the list of Best Smartwatches in 2022.

best smartwatches 2020

The Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

The Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch has top and bottom buttons that can access its apps and functions. In between those is a middle button. It allows access to the clock itself and navigation of the menus when rotated. Though, Fossil’s watches in the past have lacked some standard features, the Gen 5 has made up for that with apps that can be installed for a variety of purposes like step counting.

This watch goes for as low as $170 and as high as $295. When considering the Wear OS landscape right now, the Fossil Gen 5 is among the best options. Overall, with 8 gigs of storage and 1 gig of RAM; Fossil has stepped up its game as the brand to go with in the list of Best Smartwatches on 2022; if what you want is a sleek and reliable smartwatch outside of what Apple has to offer.

best smartwatches 2020

The Garmin Fenix 5 Smartwatch

The Garmin Fenix 5 has everything you can imagine in a sports watch. From its pleasantly small and light design you could easily wear all day, to the functions loved by athletes. Fenix 5 has features that include a barometric altimeter, advanced navigation attributes, step counting, sleep tracking, a built-in optical heart rate monitor, a thermometer, and more.

Praised by athletes and anyone with a love for sports and outdoors, this watch gets a steady five stars by the vast majority who have tried it. Although this watch isn’t cheap with prices starting at over $300. It is absolutely worth its price if its functions are the kind of functions you’re looking for.

With excellent battery life and its ease of use; it can’t be overstated how great this watch is for sports enthusiasts and the likes. When it comes to sports and outdoors, this watch is nearly unmatched and was another easy pick for Best Smartwatches on 2022 list.

best smartwatches 2020

The Fitbit Versa 2

One of the first and most prominent things you’ll notice about Fitbit Versa 2 is how comfortable it can be to wear; despite its appearance being somewhat bulky. Weighing only about 20 grams, it feels great. Along with it being easy to wear all day with its comfort, having Alexa on your wrist is a game-changer. The always-on display is great for checking at glances while jogging; and there’s an easy to understand breakdown of all your fitness and sleep metrics in the Fitbit app.

Its price has dropped multiple times significantly and can be found for lower than $149 with the right discounts. Its special edition, however, can go for up to $229 which is still a good deal for what you’re getting. All in all, for a hybrid between smartwatch and fitness tracker, the Fitbit Versa 2 does a great job with a battery life among the best. It lacks built-in GPS which may be a deal breaker for some; but it’s still outstanding for what it can do at under $200


best smartwatches 2020


This was our handpicked list of Best Smartwatches of 2022. The best thing about these watches is that they contains the variants in best smartwatches for men; best smartwatches for women and best smartwatches for kids. Hence, choose the best smartwatch for yourself and make 2022 great for yourself. If you have another watch on your mind, please leave details about it in the comments below. Till then, See Ya.

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