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The Best Met Gala looks of all time

The Met Gala is a yearly fashion event. And the fashion event is done to raise funds. It is arranged by Vogue’s editor-in-chief, in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This in short is referred to as MET. They even hold a theme every year, and our beloved celebrities elevate the event with their looks. Every year the fashion night happens, our celebrities shook us all with their wonderful representation of their great look. But some are extraordinary, some are cute, and some are something special. But we are not going to debate on that. We are picking out some best-met gala looks of all time here. So brace yourself to see some unforgettable looks of you our adored celebrities.

Blake Lively: 2022

The Best Met Gala looks of all time
The Best Met Gala looks of all time

We don’t have to look back that much. A few days back Blake Lively stunned us with her jaw-dropping gown. And guess what, her husband dropped his jaw seeing her. She was looking like a sea-green goddess in that. She was spotted wearing the Versace gown that is inspired by the Architecture of the statue of liberty. At first, she arrives in a dress that looked like a decent gown but then we saw her transforming into the red carpet. The big bow on the gown transformed into a sea-green gown and that touched our hearts. Her outfit was the most talked-about dress of that night and we have to say that we all loved it very much.

Blake Lively: 2018:

That year the theme was heavenly bodies and we all saw how heavily Miss Waldorf was looking. She was wearing a maroon Versace gown with a gorgeous hairdo. The gown was designed with a corset and some elevating gold jewelry. The dress truly made her look like a Venetian queen. Back to back miss lively stunned us with the best look of the evening.

Cher: 1974

We are talking about 1974 and the look that we see reminds me of my time. The outfit was so ahead of time and studded everyone on the red carpet. That year the theme was romantic and glamorous Hollywood design. The outfit is said as the Naked Dress. It was made out of transparent French fabric and the fabric was wet to make the dress fit onto her body. She finished the look very simple and glowing. Overall the look was giving a young and beautiful vibe throughout.

Zendaya: 2018

Again the theme was heavenly bodies and our girl stepped on the red carpet with her chain link, medieval knight look. She was one of the met gala best dressed that night. The outfit was inspired by Joan of arc and the dress was put together with metallic jewelry and high heel. With funky hair, Zendaya won everyone’s heart and set the vibe of jaw dropping met gala looks that night.

Rihanna: 2015

Rihanna is always in the spotlight for her style statement and looks all the time. But is the fashion evening, which she always comes to slay. In 2015 she wore the Guo Pei gown and believe it or not the gown took two years to make.

The outfit came with a yellow embroidered fur trim and the headpiece was made with embroidery. All together the look made Rihanna look fears.

The Best Met Gala looks of all time
The Best Met Gala looks of all time

Princess Diana: 1996

Princess was always known for her elegance and sophistication. But that time she became all sexy and was wearing a blue Dior gown and looking stunning. The gown was top up with black lace and she finished her look with a diamond necklace and which remind us of the entire time that she was the princess.

Kendall Jenner: 2021

At the very first glance, the dress will give you a very lavish young lady vibe which is the purpose of the dress. The dress was inspired by Audrey Hepburn. The dress was made out of sheer cloth and diamonds all over it.

The look was elevated with a signature diamond necklace. And of course, Miss Jenner dressed in the best-met gala look of that time.

Gisele Bündchen: 1999

The theme was rock and our girl rocked it. She was one of the best-dressed celebrities of that year. It was a Zigzag patterned Versace gown. And Miss Bündchen keeps it simple on the accessories. It may sound simple to you now, but when you see the whole presentation, it is breathtaking. It was one of the best-met gala looks.

Lady Gaga: 2019

The 2019 gala was heated with all hot celebrities and their presentation for fashion. One f the stunner was Lady Gaga. Her dress was very much creative and very on theme. She changed her dress four times that night. It was a total presentation situation. Her fluffy, hot pink Brandon Maxwell dress is still in people’s minds.

Jackie Onassis: 1979

Black is always in the style. And the biggest fashionable evening did not miss the magic of black. But their black dress of Jackie was something else. The dress was fluffy yet sophisticated.

She matched in the outfit with a matching purse and bold hair. She went slowly on the jewel and altogether she looked like America’s official queen. It was the best-met gala look of that season and we all agree with the statement.

The Best Met Gala looks of all time
The Best Met Gala looks of all time


 This arrangement is the perfect opportunity to set the mood for fashion for the whole year. Celebrities work hard and soul to amuse us with their wonderful creations. All the performances we see at the event are super special and there is no way we can say one is better than the other.

But we have hand-collected some looks that hast taken over everyone’s heart and we are calling those the best moments of the night. The event is all about love for fashion and we are all here for it. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the Met Gala, and who gets to go?

It is a fashion event that is done for fundraising purposes by vogue. Celebrities from all over the world are getting invited to this event and play their precious role.

What happens inside the gala?

The night is divided into three parts.  One is the theme showcasing of the night. One is a cocktail hour and finishing the night with dinner. And during the dinner guest are entertained by the organizers.

Where is Met Gala held?

The event I held every year at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In short, it is said as met. And thus the event is named as per the short form of the museum.

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