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The best diet for your body type

You will notice not one diet works for everyone. Every once in a while there is a new fad diet, that everyone goes crazy over. But after a sudden time, we hear a lot of negative about that.  

People will face many health issues. And some will not sustain on that. That is because we are extremely different from each other. And we have different needs and different excepting capacity power. That depends on our body, our metabolism, and our food habits.

The best diet

What is body type? :

Everybody is different. The way we metabolize food is different, the way our body stores fat is different. But in a broad situation, we can categorize into some narrow categories that are called the body type.

There is some character that is similar to a lot of people.  And we can predict that, if that person lives like that or does that, he will get this kind of result. And the basis of this there are body types in three categories.

3 major body types:

Based on some theories, our bodies can be categorized. Because on a broader scale, we can be counted into three different categories.

  • Ectomorph :

You are generally a thin person. You have not too many curves and generally a flat figure. Your shoulder is really broad and your figure can be called a square-shaped figure. You have generally a faster metabolism. You struggle to gain weight all of your life you have also lower muscle density. The models can be said ectomorphs.

  • Mesomorph :

Mesomorph can be said a perfect-shaped person. They have an hourglass figure and have enough muscle density. You have the perfect metabolism rate and almost perfect fat percentage. You tend to have normal weight all of your life. Mesomorph can be called a perfect body shape from all aspects.

The best diet
  • Endomorph :

Endomorphs struggled with their weight all of their life. They have lower muscle density and have a very slow metabolism. So they tend to store fat more than metabolize it.

They tend to store fat around the belly and hip zone. Endomorphs have more appetite for food than any other body type. And they tend to appear more asymmetrical when it comes to looks.

What is eating for your body type:

As we discussed how different body type reacts differently of food. Some can metabolize more than some. Suppose an endomorph is following a diet that has high carbs and fat. That is going to spike their insulin even more and make them even more insulin resistant. On the other hand, if an ectomorph follows a diet with higher protein and fiber, that will make them even thinner to an abnormal level.

According to typing, food reacts differently to our system. Also if a person is trying to meet a specific help getting to know his type and acting according to that is important. Because without that any food habits will not be enough for him. That is what is called eating according to body type; this way, not only you are meeting the actual need of your body but also controlling yourself in the right way.

Diet according to body type :

  • Ectomorph:

As an ectomorph is naturally thin and struggles to gain weight so the primary goal of an ectomorph has to be to put on some healthy weight. And put on some muscle also. To do that, they have o follow a diet that is rich in complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Also has to balance that out with proper protein and fiber. An ectomorph has to be away from a diet that is rich in too much protein and fiber only. That will make to lose weight even more. Also for everyone following a nutrient-dense food habit is really important. That will meet their vitamin and mineral needs.

  • Mesomorph:

Mesomorphs, tend to be very in shape, all the time. They generally don’t have any weight-related problems. But they can be up and down on the scale. To balance that, they have to live on balanced eating habits.

They can eat all the macros and don’t have to be so calculative. But, they have to think that, they are not doing anything over the top, or excessive. That can cause problems for them.

The best diet
  • Endomorph:

Endomorphs are people with a lot of health issues. They tend to put on weight a lot easier and keep them off. Also, they have issues like insulin resistance. They tend to get a disease like diabetes more than any other type. So they have to be very choosey about food. Endomorphs have to be very dependent on protein fiber and fat.

As they cannot metabolize the carbs well, they have to avoid that. Also, endomorph reacts worse to carbohydrates in terms of health issues. The best thing they can do is, to cut off the carbohydrate as much as they can. They can do a diet like a keto or paleo. A diet like veganism will do more harm than good to them.

Final Thoughts:

Food is love, life, and everything. If we put too many boundaries on our food intake it can backfire in the worst conditions. The problems like eating disorders and mental health issues are peaked problems right now. That is because we have been controlled by the diet culture so much that it is really hard to cope. The best solution can be to know yourself and eat according to that.

That way you don’t have to leave any specific food group and also have to act as a specific food group all the time. That is the healthiest way to eat. So the final thoughts are a species diet is not for everyone. And every person has different needs and issues. So knowing yourself first and thus following a plan that will work only for you is the best way to live your life now.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Which diet is best for your personality?

Different types have different needs when it comes to food. Also, our body image depends a lot on our personality. Some of us like to eat a lot, some do not. And that is a very big impact on our weight and health. So that is why knowing your personality and body and then customizing a proper eating habit is the best way to eat for your personality.

What are the best possible foods you can eat for bodybuilding?

The best possible food for bodybuilding is protein. A protein of all kinds will do enough to build more muscle than anything.

What is the best diet to lose body fat?

That solely depends on your body type. Not a specific diet will work for everyone. To lose fat you have to be on a calorie deficit. And you can be a deficit in a lot of ways.

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