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The best colors for your skin tone: Amplify your look

Who doesn’t want to look their best? The thing that is looking good is very technical and pure science. The very dominant science in creating good looks in color science. Our skin tone has a very big impact on the shades that suit us. Once in a while, we all noticed that some colors make us look vibrant on another side, some colors make us look dull. That is because of our skin tone. We are going to break that topic today so that, you can design your wardrobe with your best colors.

Type of undertone:

The best colors for us depend on our undertone. There are three types of undertone

  • Cool undertone.

People with cool undertones have relatively fair skin in general. They have for blue o pink hue on their tone.

  • Warm undertone:

People with warm undertones have relatively darker skin tones. They have more yellow, peach, golden hue on their skin.

  • Neutral undertone:

This type is more neutral in color not do fair or dark. But it is more of on the cool side. Your skin has a more yellow hue.

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Ways to determine your tone:

  • Wear a white t-shirt:

Wear a white t-shirt and observe. If your skin appears rosy and pink you have a cool undertone.

If the t-shirt makes you yellowish that means you are warm undertone. If you cannot figure out in what shade you look better, in cream or white then you are also warm. If you feel good both in white and cream then you are neutral.

  • Watch your skin reaction in sun:

Sun can easily tell about your skin type. If you notice that you burn easily then you’re cool tone. If you get tan then you are warm. If you first burn and then get tan you are neutral in color.

  • Jewelry:

Whether you appear dazzling in gold jewelry or silver jewelry tells a lot about your tone. If you appear best in gold you are might be a warm type. Another hand, silver seems to be the best on the cool type. If can’t tell whether you feel best in gold or silver you might be neutral.

  • The color of your vain.

It is the most common way to determine your undertone. Observe you’re vain. What shade is it? If it’s blue then you are a cool undertone, if it is green then you are a warm undertone. If it is in between green and blue then it is a neutral undertone.

Best colors for each skin undertone:

  • Cool :

If you are a cool undertone person then cool colors in the color wheel will look best on you. Sky-blue, green, purple. Any high gloss tones are the perfect choice for you. Anything in pastel will look great on you.

  • Warm:

Warm colors in the color wheel are your best friend. Red, yellow, orange, burgundy will suit the best on you. A warmer version of the cool tones will suit you also.

  • Neutral:

Neutrals are the winners. They can experiment a lot. Booth warm and cool shade suits them. Just avoid anything with neon. That will flash you out.

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Why we need to color analyze our skin:

The thing that makes up our style is our clothes, jewelry, makeup, etc. In every step of the dressing up, we need the color theory to complete our looks. You want to experiment that is fine. But to experiment also you need a proper guideline. Like in;

  • Hair :

No one likes the same hair for several years. Every once in a while, we want to change our hair color. What color will suit your very much depending on your tone? A warm and cool undertone will be best in their hue and also the same for neutral.

  • Clothing:

The most important part. What we wear has a great significance in our overall style. If we wear the thing that doesn’t flatter us, ultimately all the effort will go in vain. That is why knowing your color palate will save you a lot of time and you will be the start of the show every time.

  • Makeup:

Makeup makes us more confident and beautiful. But strong makeup will make us tacky. We all how important are the right tone of foundation for the right skin. Too light or too dark foundation for us will make us look funny. That is why knowing your shade is so important.

  • Jewelry:

The best thing you can use to amplify your style statement. Complimentary jewelry will make u feel more elegant and will create a perfect statement that you know fashion. The right kind of jewels for the right person will make the person stand out in every room.


There are so many small little things, that we don’t put so much effort into. These things can change your style game up to the next level. Wearing your color is one of them. This is a small little step. And if we can figure out this we can stand out every time we are in a room.

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This is a part that you can experiment a lot with. Color science will help you to make up so many looks for yourself. When you are in hurry or have that important meeting. You can just open your closet put on the best dress of yours and then go.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

What color is best for your skin tone?

First, you have to determine what type of undertone you have. Then according to that, you will get a palette that is the best for you and what are the best shades for you.

Why does it matter what color of your skin is?

In everyday dressing up, you need to use some stuff that will complement your skin. If the things that you are wearing are not of your shade, it will make you look dull and tacky. That is why to be the best version of yourself and feel gorgeous you have to know that.

How do you choose the right shade of skin?

There is so many places that you can take inspiration and information from. When you know the details about your type you just have to search for the shades for you. You can take the help of Pinterest or Google for that. After a while, you will have some ideas about the shades that are suitable for you and that is how you will choose the best shades for yourself.

Does color affect the skin?

Yes, it does. Some shades bring the best hue to our skin and some shades cannot do that. Some hide actually can complement our natural tone. If you know the right shade for your skin it will change your look in a minute. Also different color light makes us look different. That is why light and right angle in the photograph is so much more important than the actual setting.

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