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The 5 Best Places For Lobster Nachos In Chicago

Chicago is a foodie’s dream, with a diversified culinary scene. Lobster nachos stand out among its tasty offerings and are a wonderful fusion meal. It’s a delicious combination of lobster’s rich taste with the crispy deliciousness of nachos. This article’ll walk you through Chicago’s best places to eat this delicious tenderness. Whether you’re a seafood fan or just curious, prepare for a savory tour through Chicago’s best lobster nachos spots. 

What Is Lobster Nachos?

Lobster nachos is an appealing dish that blends the savory richness of nachos with the rich flavor of lobster. What distinguishes them is the lavish taste and texture that lobster brings to the typical nacho meal, taking it to a whole new level of pleasure. 

While the precise origins of lobster nachos are unknown, they have become popular in recent years as a creative and luxurious appetizer or snack. Crispy tortilla chips, soft bits of lobster flesh, creamy cheese sauce, tasty toppings like avocado or red onion, and a dash of heat for the ideal balance of tastes are all essential components of a fantastic lobster nacho. 

Best Places for Lobsters Nachos in Chicago


Website: gretelchicago.com

Call: (773) 770-3427

Address: 2833 W Armitage Ave Chicago, IL 60647


Gretel, a charming restaurant in Logan Square, brings fairy tale feelings to life with its warm cuisine and welcoming atmosphere. Gretel is a go-to destination for people looking for great but easy-to-eat meals, with its yummy burgers, sandwiches, and a diverse drink menu. Their takeaway window assures that it tastes great even when you take their cuisine home.

But let’s speak about their signature dish: Lobster Nachos. Consider this: a big portion of tortilla chips and beans topped with red onion, peppers, avocado, sour cream, BBQ sauce, and melted cheese. It’s delicious, whether shared with friends or eaten alone.

Don’t forget to try Gretel’s other tasty creations, such as the Shaved Prime Rib French Dip and the famous Phil’s Last Dog. And if you’re feeling daring, why not try their “Go Shuck Yourself” option, which allows you to shuck your own oysters at home?

Gretel has an outstanding drink variety to go with these delightful meals, including wines, beers, and unique cocktails such as The Monarch and Rubies and Dust. Don’t forget to purchase a To-Go-Nut, their house-made sea salt glazed donut, to finish your meal with a sweet touch. With its great cuisine and pleasant environment, Gretel is a must-see in Chicago’s culinary scene. 

GroundLevel 105

Website: groundlevel105.com

Call: (630) 376-4105

Address: 105 W St Charles Rd Lombard, IL 60148

GroundLevel 105, located in Lilacia Park, is more than simply a bar; it’s a paradise for foodies seeking delectable treats. While the restaurant is well-known for its tasty ribs, salmon, and pork chops, the lobster nachos are the standout dish. Imagine lobster on crunchy nacho chips, creamy cheese, and fiery salsa—a taste explosion that will leave you wanting more.

But the goodness does not end there. Guests gush about the yummy sweets, which include mouthwatering chocolate chip cookies, creamy cheesecakes, and tempting chocolate biscuits. Enjoy a chocolate frappe for dessert or a mimosa, daiquiri, or beer to wash it all down.

A special kids’ menu features items that will satisfy even the pickiest eaters. And it’s not only the cuisine that keeps people returning—the pleasant staff goes above and beyond to make every visit a pleasure, with their upbeat attitude and attentive service.

Despite its culinary expertise, GroundLevel 105 maintains reasonable costs, receiving praise from customers for its excellent value. Stepping inside, you’ll be met by a lovely environment and magnificent design that enhances the whole eating experience. GroundLevel 105 has received a 4.5-star rating from Google users, making it a must-see place for anybody looking for great cuisine and a warm ambiance.

Girl & The Goat

Website: girlandthegoat.com

Call: (312) 492-6262

Address: 809 W Randolph Chicago, IL 60607

Girl & The Goat is a busy Chicago attraction that never seems to calm down. Even on a Monday night, visitors hang out to enjoy the lively environment. The rustic design adds to the appeal, with wooden pillars and beams providing comfy sitting throughout the restaurant.

Now, let us discuss the meal. Girl & The Goat provides a unique eating experience in which you may create your own protein journey. The menu is structured by ingredients, with a particular area for goat dishes. Begin your lunch with their freshly baked ham bread, topped with savory, smoky Swiss cheese butter and olive tapenade. Don’t forget to reserve space for dessert! Your sweet palate will love their “all leches” cake with strawberry-rhubarb sorbet, which tastes like pudding.

Girl & The Goat’s thoughtful details, like delivering single customers small menu entries, set them distinct. These tiny details make eating here absolutely unique. So, whether you want a fun night out or a fantastic supper with your pals, Girl & The Goat is the place to go. 

Velvet Taco

Website: velvettaco.com

Call: (312) 763-2654

Address: 1110 N State St Chicago, IL 60610

Velvet Taco isn’t your typical taco setup. Nestled in the lively Gold Coast district, this Texas-based restaurant adds a global touch to classic Mexican cuisine. Tacos with chicken, veggies, pork, seafood, and beef are available in various flavor combinations, including buffalo chicken and Mediterranean calamari. But the culinary journey doesn’t end there; Velvet Taco also serves exquisite margaritas and juicy rotisserie chickens.

Velvet Taco’s pleasant and experienced crew ensures that each visitor has a good eating experience. With low costs and a comfortable setting, it’s no surprise that guests speak about this place. Whether you’re wanting savory tacos or scrumptious sweets like waffles and red velvet cakes, Velvet Taco is the spot to satiate your desire. 

The Gage

Website: thegagechicago.com

Call: (312) 372-4243

Address: 24 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60603

For more than a decade, The Gage has been a popular destination near Millennium Park, attracting customers with its big and eclectic gastropub atmosphere. The interior has modern banquettes and columns covered with celadon tiles, providing a refined but welcoming atmosphere. Despite its busy setting, the restaurant keeps a warm and calm atmosphere, with a vibrant bar and quieter dining rooms in the rear.

The cuisine at The Gage consists of pub classics with a twist. Their malt-battered cod, coupled with creamy tartar sauce and thick-cut fries, is a delicious variation on fish and chips. Consider the crisp watercress and sugar snap pea salad topped with homemade burrata for a lighter option. If you’re feeling lavish, don’t miss their chocolate-toffee cream puffs topped with cocoa-dusted marshmallows—a delectable delicacy to round off your dinner.

For a casual dinner or a spot to relax after touring the city, The Gage has wonderful cuisine and a warm ambiance suitable for families and friends on a night out. 


Chicago has five of the best lobster nachos places, each with a distinct and delicious variation of this famous delicacy. From crunchy tortilla chips to delicious lobster flesh, these culinary treats will entice your taste senses. We invite people to visit these places and enjoy the delicious tastes and inventiveness they have to offer. Lobster nachos are a classic and flexible Chicago dish that can fulfill any seafood desire with a twist.

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