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Step by step curly hair care routine

Curly girls are the cutest we all have to agree. But yeah they had to go through so much bulling for the best feature of theirs. Because wavy locks can be tricky to control and if someone is unable to care for them accordingly, it can look crazy from time to time. But if you know the secret of a great curly hair regimen, your hair will be the best feature of yourself. And then you can embrace the real beauty of waviness. 

Another hand, wavy locks are very prone to damage. They have to be treated very gently otherwise if any chance of kinky locks gets damaged,  it is near impossible to heal. But don’t you worry, if you are a curly girl, we have the best solution here for you. So brace yourself for some life-changing technicians that will transform your waves dramatically.

Why curly hair regimen should be different:

First of all, curls are much different than straight locks in the structure. The cuticle of curls is naturally a little bit open than the straight ones. That is why curls are generally drier than straight ones. Also as the cuticle is generally wider, it is easier for waviness to get very damaged with minimal exposure to any damaging habit. That is why caring for wavy locks is very important and very strategic. Because other products will not suit curls instead it can create more damage.

Crucial steps for curly hair care routine:

We are looking at this in a very strategic way because small strategic approaches work significantly well. A curl care routine is very much sense as it can make your kinky curl lashes also if you do it wrong it can damage your locks severely. 

  • Right shampoo and conditioner:

The most crucial point of a wavy locks wash routine is the selecting right shampoo and conditioner. Because these are some products you have to use very often on your locks. You have to choose products that have no sulfates and no silicone. But the silicone part may be a little relative to some people. Some people need some extra moisture from silicone, but in general, silicone does not work well with curls. Also, you can look for some more ingredients in shampoo and conditioner. They are keratin protein or any kind of protein and any kind of oils. These ingredients help to keep your coil structure secure.

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  • Kinky hair washes day:

Curly hair wash days are different than any other type. Because that is a ritual to follow. First of all, the wash days have to have a decent amount of gap. The most common is a week but you have to decide for your scalp. Your scalp can be oilier so usually, you have to wash it more than once a week. 

Let us come to the washing part. For a curls wash routine, you have to follow a specific synchronization. The sync is

  • First, you have to wash your locks only to the roots with your desired shampoo
  • Then you have to rinse it well and apply conditioner in a handful amount. The conditioner will be applied only on the mid to end section of the curls
  • Then you have to detangle your locks and this is the only time you can comb your curls so do it well
  • The next step is rinsing and letting the locks dry
  • You have to use tools that have color settings for drying hair with a leave-in conditioner
  • After drying you can enjoy the beauty of your locks
  • Heat application:

The most critical point. Heat can damage curls like nothing else. A kinky-haired girl always has to avoid heat on her barnet. Or if she wants to use it once in a while she can,  but always use a heat-protecting product to save her locks from severe damage.

  • Hair treatments:

To see growth in curly locks, one has to treat their Barnet weekly basis. The very important part of the curly barnet wash routine is to do the weekly treatment. And that can be from strength to hydration whatever your curls needs. This part alone makes a huge difference in the quality of curls.

  • Regular trim:

Regular trims are crucial for healthier ends. And also if you grow your curls,  that have split ends they cannot grow that well. Regular trims will help your locks to appear more thick and healthy so do those.

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  • Right styling product:

Styling products are tricky because to make your barnet look good they use some ingredients that can be damaging as well. So you have to be very careful what you are choosing at the end of the day. Scrutinize every single detail when it comes to the styling product, but prefer you to use less and less product so your coils can tribe like a queen.

  • Refreshing routine:

As we are promoting less hair wash does that automatically make sense that you need to have refreshing days more often. Do the refreshing curl routine by using a product that is curls-friendly.

Things that will ruin your curls:

There are some ingredients in a curly hair regimen, and they are no-no-fact if you want to revive your curls. So listen so carefully and follow these tips:

  • Minimal usage of heat.
  • Less and less exposure to water and when the water is hard take extra care on curly hair wash routine.
  • Never use silicone and sulfate.
  • Never comb your hair when it is dry.
  • Treat your hair like a separate entity.


Curls are a different definition of beauty in my sense. One person can stand out so much in one room by this extraordinary feature. But the fact is you have to take major care of them because they are too sensitive. The curly hair regime that we shared with you will bring you more good hair days.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How to start a curls care routine?

Starting a curly hair regimen is very simple. Simply buy some sulfate and silicone-free shampoo and conditioner from your next buy and start using these on daily basis. And then slowly incorporate more things into your regimen.

How to make your wavy locks care routine budget-friendly?

You have to be very research-oriented about that. Because not every high-end product seems to be very good quality. So know the basics and look out for the options in the budget-friendly area.

How do I curl my natural locks?

For that, you have to be very focused on your wavy locks wash routine. You have to use some kind of product that will automatically make your locks more defined and that is how you will get curly hair naturally.

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