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Sprizzy is True. Not a Spam Review!

By IT Expert

I am a regular music YouTuber since 2009 and just like all other channels, I love to have more views and subscribers. When I started, the responses I had were good as in 2009, my competitors were less. But with the passage of time, there were soo many other music channels that even my good videos had very limited responses. The number of new subscribers per day also went low. This made me worried. Previously, I had never tried some YouTube video promoting services, but now I was kind of forced to it. So I wanted to choose the best in both worlds; Service and Economics. And thanks to Aunt Google, I hooked up with Sprizzy.

Here let me mention that I am a very safe Spender. I always make sure that I don’t drain my hard earned money in a hole and later call that company “You know what” hole. So I was very careful while selecting Sprizzy. I counter checked from multiple resources and found that Sprizzy is NOT a scam. Its areal deal and the right hole.

How to Promote Youtube video?

So starting a Sprizzy YouTube campaign was very simple. I created an account on Sprizzy, added details of URL to my YouTube video that I wanted to promote, choose the locations etc. of the audience I intended to target, and selected my budget for it. A YouTube campaign with Sprizzy is pretty cheap actually; with $30 starting price and views around 1200 and more. This way, I was able to increase not only my video’s views but also grew awareness for my channel.

I simply added some keywords that suited the content of my video. Moreover,  I also added the names of competing YouTube channels whose subscribers I also wanted to target. Thus, my videos started appearing right on top of YouTube searches. Even when I tried searching from other computers for similar type of music videos, my videos were missionary, right on top. To further spice it up, Sprizzy gave My videos new positions, they were promoted as a commercial before.

Similar videos (“in-stream”) like starter to turn you on, as a “recommended” video alongside similar videos and as a “featured” search result making your Video like a Hot Chick, no matter how much you try, its hard to miss. This way, I got real Human views, and not a bot or some guy from India who is being paid to view my video. My viewers were real, and naturally liked my videos and some subscribed and commented.

Keywords combination Tip!

The way I tagged or keyworded my videos was also important. I tried to be specific and not use generic or common words like Music or Texas but more specific words like Jazz and Houston etc. And then also tag respective famous artists like Kamasi Washington, Wayne Shorter etc.


In my 10 years experience, I have always believed in generating organic viewers, real people who like the music or content that I had to offer. Sprizzy did that for me for a very economical price and very very fast. Therefore, if you want to give your video best probability to be famous or go viral, if you want your channel to become famous and give a twin good thing to the social world, choose the right hole. Choose Sprizzy!

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