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Skincare routine: Build a perfect regimen

Skin is our biggest organ. But we always take it for granted. And after a sudden age, it gives upon us. Also, our exterior is the mirror of our body. Whatever goes wrong with our body and mind is shown on our faces.


But all we care about is the outer appearance and covering ourselves with tons of makeup. Another hand, a good regime goes a long way. It helps to keep our skin gorgeous and uplift our overall looks.

Importance of a skincare routine:

Skincare is very technical stuff. It is not something like; you see a product that will work on yours. There are so many things that you have to put in mind. Like your type, your issues, and so on. Sometimes some ingredients act strange on you.

That is why a proper skin regimen is so crucial. Random stuff will do more harm than good. That is why proper guideline is so important. Putting random stuff on your face makes so much damage that will be with you for so many years. A proper skin regimen will help you to retain the natural glow.

Steps to establishing a skin regimen:

Some crucial technical steps can help to figure out our skin.

  • Know your skin type:

4 basic types are oily, dry, normal, and sensitive. And you have to know the things for details to design your regimen. The process is to wash your face with your usual face wash and after a while, you have to observe your face.

If it is too oily then you have an oily type, if it is dry then you have dry skin. If you notice no big difference then you have a normal type. And for the sensitive type, you have to observe yourself more. If you react to things easily then you have a sensitive type.

  • Figure out the problems:

There are so many misconceptions about dermatological problems. That one kind of skin type can have one type of problem. This is a myth. You can have many dermatological issues and also you can have none. That is dependable. That is why you have to point out your issues and needs as well.

  • Design a skin regimen:


Now that you know your type and your issues, this is the time you build up a regimen. For that first of all, you have to have some knowledge about the ingredients of the product. Because that is the zest point of the whole regimen. When you have enough knowledge about ingredients and their work, take a deep dig into the brands that are performing well now. And also the brands that are easily available to you. Next, you have to set a budget according to your goals.

Then you can design a guideline. You can go with the five-step skincare routine that is, cleansing, toning, correcting, hydrating and moisturizing. If you have these steps is in control then there is no need to do more. But obviously, after a while when you get used to that stuff you can change it up to see some more results. But for that, you have to be very research-oriented.

  • Test it out:

At the very beginning, you will face so many problems. The products won’t do anything, or you have a bad reaction, and so on. But you have to be patient and figure out what works for you. To know what suit you the best, you have to test out some product for yourself. 

  • Be consistent:

If you have to make anything work out, you have to be consistent. Consistency will bring you some results. So follow what you have to build religiously and after a sudden period that will give you a permanent improvement in your skin.

  • Mix and match more:

After you know a lot about skin regimens and stuff, this is the time you experiment. You can buy serums and different types of moisturizers and build some sub-skincare routine within your primary one. In this way, you can target more problems and needs.

  • Know the limit:

You can experiment that is for sure, but everything has a limit. Within your limit, you can experiment, but when it goes out of hand, it can cause more damage than help. That is why do everything in moderation and give your skin a break every once in a while.

Skincare is self-care:


Skincare time is the ultimate me-time. That is the moment; you not only relax your body but your soul. There is the thing that is followed by the young monks. That after a long day, they take the moment to bathe and enjoy it to the fullest. And that recharges them for new possibilities.

The skin regimen is just like that. You take the moment and you enjoy it to the fullness. That is why it’s a part of self-care. And we all know how important self-care is for well-being in today’s life.


The final thought is that whatever makes you look good and feel your best is the right thing to do. Skincare is a thing that is personal and special. That will make you feel loved and taken care of.

Although a lot of things are technical and might confuse you. But the best thing you have to do is enjoy the process. And ultimately you will find the happiness of self-love.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How to create a perfect skincare routine?

A perfect one is a very personalized thing. To build one you have to know your type and issues first. And then according to it that you have to design a regimen for yourself.

How to build a personalized skincare routine?

For a personalized one, there are some steps. Know about yourself first and then design one regimen according to your need and problems.

What is the most effective skincare routine?

The most effective one is the one which has been designed for you. And the one you have tested out for a significant amount of time.

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