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Simple Sourcing: 10 Best Chrome Extensions For Recruiters

We all know that sourcing and recruiting may take a lot of time, particularly if you have to reply promptly to many applicants. To make sourcing and recruitment more efficient and effective, you must think strategically and employ technologies to assist you.

Using specialized browser extensions might be a viable option. Chrome extensions may assist you in many ways, including locating social media accounts, websites, and contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

They provide you with a wide range of choices for connecting with and interacting with potential employees.

Is Boolean Search something you’d want to try? You may automate this process using Chrome add-ons. Do you want to use Gmail to assist you with recruitment or screening? There are add-ons for it.

We compiled a list of the most popular and effective Chrome extensions for sourcing and recruiting that may be beneficial to IT recruiters. 

10 Best Chrome Extensions For Recruiters:

Accompany For Gmail:

Accompany for Gmail is a free Google extension that we strongly recommend for its simplicity of use. It’s a brilliant piece of software that collects data from contacts in your Gmail inbox and then builds valuable candidate profiles based on that data.

Hover your mouse over a candidate’s name to discover their career history, present job, and relevant connections to their social media sites.

Accompany for Gmail also gives reminders for any upcoming meetings with a candidate, organizes any past communication with the prospect, and includes a notepad where you can write any pertinent facts that may be helpful in the future.


Discover.ly is one of the best Chrome extensions for recruiters since it assists recruiters in sourcing candidates via recommendations. Referrals are still the finest and most dependable way to find new employees.

This add-on assists you in making the most of this referral opportunity by creating a point of contact between the recruiter and the most likely prospect. It makes reaching out to and interacting with the applicant much simpler.


Buffer allows you to tap into a previously untapped resource: social media. Nowadays, every person with an active internet connection has some kind of social media profile. Anyone with an internet connection would struggle to avoid social media for an extended period.

Furthermore, there is a wealth of talent hiding behind those indirect and direct social media relationships. Buffer is one of those chrome extensions that can manage all of the company’s social media accounts from a single location.

Furthermore, it enables the recruiter to favorably communicate with potential applicants and promote the employer’s brand at various phases of the recruiting process.

Mighty Source:

As a free Chrome extension, Mighty Sourcer may use by recruiters to find and distinguish their most qualified prospects on various social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. It can also use to gather basic information about them such as academic accomplishments and skillsets.

This information may subsequently be used by recruiting managers to engage potential prospects directly through customized communications, saving time and increasing efficiency. Mighty Sourcer is one of the top Chrome extensions because of its capability.


Wisestep Chrome Extension is a popular chrome extension in the recruiting sector, created by Wisestep.com. The Wisestep Chrome add-on efficiently streamlines the recruiting process.

The Wisestep Chrome add-on includes AI capabilities that import resumes from numerous job boards into the recruiter’s database.

Recruiters may add prospects (along with data) from different job boards and social networking sites with a single click, which helps them establish a talent pool in less time.

Recruiters may then use a single click to search for these candidate resumes, make comments, and keep track of their talks with the applicants.

Recruiters all over the world are making their recruitment process more organized by incorporating the Wisestep browser extension into their daily routine.

They are also saving time for revenue-generating tasks such as speaking with clients and candidates and leaving the candidate data capture to the Wisestep browser extension.


For recruiters, the DNNae Chrome add-on provides Automation on LinkedIn. The AI program will search for resumes on LinkedIn using keywords such as job title, business name, industry, experience, education, and technical skills from the job description given by recruiters.

Each of these resumes is evaluated and graded with the keywords. Recruiters may connect with the top-scoring resumes on LinkedIn and send customized connect messages.

Recruiters may utilize the AI tool to send up to 500 messages to the top-ranked profiles while using no InMail Credits.

Future versions of the Chrome extension will include auto replying capabilities, in which the AI will automatically react to applicants if the recruiters have not answered, as well as meeting schedules on the recruiter’s calendar.


The Lusha Chrome Extension was created by Lusha Systems inc and gives candidates information such as business name, email address, and phone number. Recruiters that use the Chrome extension may find applicants with a single click.

When recruiters explore any candidate site, the Chrome extension will automatically scan the candidate profile and acquire the most up-to-date contact information while adhering to all data standards.

LinkedIn and Salesforce now support the Lusha plugin. Lusha operates on the Freemium model, with free accounts providing five credits each month. The paid services range in price from $39 to $69 per month.


You undoubtedly spend a significant amount of your day as a recruiter delivering emails and other types of written contact.

When you are multitasking or in a hurry, it’s easy to commit spelling or grammatical errors. If they are prevalent in your correspondence, it may raise a red signal for job prospects, not to mention that it seems unprofessional.

Grammarly is a Chrome plugin that helps you spot errors before you send a message. Before you click send, the proofreading tool checks your email messages, documents, and social network postings for any problems.

Grammarly has a free version that detects big errors and blunders. However, a Premium edition is available if you want more extensive proofreading tools.


Trying to discover an email address for someone you want to hire may rapidly become complex. If it’s not easily accessible, you may spend hours looking for it.

Here’s when the Hunter Chrome add-on comes in handy. Hunter locates emails fast, retrieving information about specified websites or persons.

If you want to connect with someone at a particular organization, browse the company’s website and click the Hunter symbol. Hunter will then get all of the email addresses associated with that domain that are publicly accessible.

When Hunter cannot locate a particular email address, it will provide recommendations based on the most common structure associated with that firm. Using this information, you can then make an educated decision on the email address’s structure.

Fortunately, Hunter offers a free version of their software. However, if you need to conduct more searches in the allotted period, a premium version is available.


Your day as a recruiter is jam-packed with conferences, phone calls, and interviews. When you’re attempting to connect with dozens of individuals each week, finding the ideal time to meet may be difficult and time-consuming.

Sending available hours by email or chat is inefficient, and you risk being double booked. You may use Calendly, a Chrome extension that lets you manage your calendar, to schedule events.

Calendly allows you to access your calendar and events, store time blocks, and integrate them into emails. It enables you to effortlessly notify applicants or team members of your availability while also automating the scheduling process.

You can also make comments and search for team members’ events using the Calendly Chrome extension, putting all of your schedule information at your fingertips. Although Calendly has a free version, more complex scheduling options start at $8 per user each month.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Might Chrome Add-Ons Help Recruiters?

Recruiters may profit from employing the appropriate combination of Chrome extensions since it reduces the time it takes to look for new applicants and obtain their contact information (email id, phone number, and LinkedIn profiles).

Why Should You Utilize Recruitment-Specific Browser Extensions?

Using specialized browser extensions might be a viable option. Chrome extensions may assist you in many ways, including locating social media accounts, websites, and contact information such as email addresses and phone numbers.

They provide a plethora of options for you to not only connect with but also interact with applicants.

What Is The Best Way To Create Chrome Extensions For Developers?

Extensions are often coded in many computer languages such as JS, HTML, and CSS. When creating chrome extensions for developers, you must first create a folder and add additional files.

What’s The Best Way To Add A Website To My Chrome Extension?

Open Chrome on your computer. Click More Tools Extensions in the upper right corner. Click Details on the extension. Add or delete a site from the “Permissions” section. To the right of “Allowed sites,” choose “Add” from the drop-down menu.


Regardless of your recruiting specialty, some extensions can help you keep organized and increase your work rate, save you time, and minimize your stress on the job.

They may also help you engage with and follow prospects throughout the application and onboarding process, increasing your lead generating success rate. Many of these extensions are free or have a free trial version, so look around to discover the services that are right for you.

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