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Shyheim Jenkins: Bio, Parents, Career & Controversies

As a rapper, singer, and actor, Jeezy is entirely Shyheim Jenkins was born to Jay Wayne Jenkins and an ex-lover of his. Put On, All There, Soul Survivor, Seen It All, and other singles by Jeezy, Shyheim’s father, are all well-known.

In 2005, Jeezy’s album Thug Motivation 101 debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 and achieved platinum status. Even though he is Jay’s second child,  Shyheim Jenkins is seldom mentioned in the press, unlike his famous father and older brothers and sisters. Further, he seldom shares anything on any of his social media accounts.

Not even Jeezy seems too keen on talking about his kid Shyheim Jenkins. So, you must discover the mystery of the star child’s anonymity. In addition, you may read about Shyheim Jenkins life as Jeezy’s son. Find out about his mother, his career, and how the guy once known as Young Jeezy raised his kid.

Shyheim Jenkins’ Biological Mother:

Shyheim Jenkins' Biological Mother
Shyheim Jenkins Biological Mother

Shyheim’s birth mother’s name is never revealed. Jeezy has spent a great deal of time considering these and similar mysteries.

However, information suggests that Shyheim Jenkins and his elder brother Jadarius Jenkins have the same mother: Tenesha Dykes. Shyheim Jenkins, the second kid of artist Put One, was supposedly born between 1996 and 1999, as reported by TMZ.

What Does Shyheim Jenkins Do For A Living?

What Does Shyheim Jenkins Do For A Living?
What Does Shyheim Jenkins Do For A Living?

Shyheim Jenkins prefers a more limited lifestyle than his prominent big brother, strict dad, and invasive mom. The same can be said regarding his absence on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Not only that but it’s been a while since Jeezy was seen with his second kid.

For whatever reason, Shyheim’s decreased presence in front of the camera makes it very evident that he isn’t keen on attracting more viewers.

Shyheim Jenkins Older Brother Jadarius Clothing Line:

However, Jeezy does not have any more children than  Shyheim Jenkins’ elder brother Jadarius. Jadarius’s mom is a businesswoman and one of Jeezy’s ex-collaborators, Tenesha Dykes.

The brother of Shyheim, Jadarius, is sometimes mistaken for the Columbian rapper Lil’ Jezzy. Jadarius is also a product of Georgia Riverwood Academy. Still, unlike his famously creative father, he seems to have opted to start his clothing line.

Jadarius, like his younger sibling, is mostly unremarkable on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

 Shyheim Jenkins Relationship With His Siblings:

Shyheim Jenkins Relationship With His Siblings
Shyheim Jenkins Relationship With His Siblings

In addition to an elder brother,  Shyheim Jenkins has a younger half-sister, Amra Nor Jenkins, born in February 2014. Amra Jeezy was conceived by Jeezy and another of his exes, the musician Mahalet Gebregiorgis.

Mahi, Shyheim’s mother, is said to be less connected to Jeezy than she should be, even though Jeezy is quite devoted to Amra, Shyheim’s older sister. Since  Shyheim Jenkins’ father is now in a relationship, Monaco is like a half-sister to him.

She was conceived in late 2021 thanks to the union of Jeezy and his current wife, Jeannie Jenkins, presenter of the talk show The Real, among others.

Shyheim Jenkins Parents; How Many Relationships Did His Father Have?

Shyheim’s father is a rapper, and he has been in several relationships. Also, he has fathered many children with them, including Shyheim Jenkins. Of course, as we’ve previously established, it’s impossible to tell which women are their children’s moms at a glance.

Yet, the vocalist was almost constantly at odds with each of them. One of his baby mommas even blasted him, saying he owed back child support for many years. She also said he was a bad dad and a slacker. Jeezy, though, has denied the accusations. His current wife, Jeezy, is a co-host of The Real, a reality TV show.

They began going together in November 2018, and by 2020 they were engaged. They married in a small ceremony on March 27, 2021, in Atlanta, Georgia. In January of 2022, over a year after Shyheim Jenkins was born, his father and his new wife had their first child, a girl called Monaco Mai Jenkins.

Jeezy Once Assaulted One Of His Sons; Is He An Abusive Parent?

In September 2012, Jeezy made headlines when he was accused of assaulting and threatening to murder one of his older children.

The now 44-year-old rapper was reportedly involved in a violent altercation with his son in September 2012, according to TMZ’s archives. The publication claims that one of Jeezy’s boys was injured when pushed into a glass shower door.

It is said that after this, the Jenkins patriarch punched his son in the face, took him to his bedroom, and beat him mercilessly. Then, Jeezy said he was going to murder his kid.

A kid of an R&B artist said his father threatened him with murder. “I’m about to put a bullet in your brain… I would murder you if it were possible to do so.:

The South Carolina native and his bodyguard reportedly stopped Jeezy’s son on the stairs as the boy tried to escape his father’s attack.

Allegedly beaten and suffocated often by his father, Jeezy was alleged to have fled the home at the age of 5. The musician, Shyheim’s father, was arrested more than a year after his arrest. He surrendered when the court issued an arrest warrant for him.

After his arrest, Jeezy’s bail was set at a price close to $45,000. The authorities said that Jeezy made terrorist threats against his kid and that he was violent and falsely arrested. Jeezy was quiet for a bit until he finally spoke out. His lawyer did tell the crowd, though, that things would work themselves out.

What Is The Actual Truth Behind The Beating?

It’s unclear if Shyheim Jenkins or Jadarius Jenkins, Jeezy’s second kid, was the true victim. The younger of Jeezy’s two children, Shyheim Jenkins, was 13; the older, Jadarius Jenkins, was 17.

No indication from any outlets back then as to which of Jeezy’s lads took the hit. The oldest, Jadarius Jenkins, was supposedly 16 at the time. Alternatively, Jeezy’s second child, Shyheim, was a minor since he was just 13 years old at the time of the occurrence. A picture of his first kid had been shared on Instagram with the phrase “On the other hand” a few months before the event.

Because of this, it is suspected that neither the media nor the police opted to declare if he was the genuine victim. At a later date, Jeezy claimed that his kid’s mother had set him up and that he had never threatened his son in any way.

44-year-old Jeezy admitted to assaulting his kid but said he did no lasting harm. It seems that Jeezy’s complaint that his child shouldn’t be a punk kid with attitude was the first spark for the fight.

A dispute involving one of Jeezy’s sons happened again a few years later. This time, however, it was determined that the young man in question was, in fact, Jadarius, the oldest son of the USDA official.

To elaborate, it seems like a very major brawl broke out. The disagreement escalated to the point that Shyheim’s brother received a knife cut to the face. One of the individuals engaged in the conflict also died due to the argument.

Jeezy Personally Did Not Want Shyheim Jenkins To Pursue Music:

Jeezy, who is just 5’9″, is one of the few famous individuals who didn’t encourage their children to follow in their footsteps. During an interview with All HipHop in September 2014, the Ozone Awards winner explained why he didn’t want his sons to seek a career in music.

In reality, Jeezy was trying to prepare his kid for the difficulties of a career in music until tensions between them flared up in 2012. During an interview, Pressure’s lead singer allegedly told his kid, “This is no different from being in a Martin Luther King scenario or a Malcolm X situation.” When you make a statement like this, you must follow through.



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