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Seven ways to do intermittent fasting

The way of eating has evolved dramatically over the years. But the fasting diet is the most ancient way of eating. Our enchanters’ used to fast for a specific time of day due to a shortage of food. It is the most natural way of eating. But as we got civilized, our eating habits changed and that change came with a lot of health benefits but also issues. In recent years, this has become very popular among doctors and also among common people. It is considered to be a lifestyle, more than a diet.

Intermittent fasting

 It is a time-restricted eating pattern. In this pattern, you can eat for a specific amount of time of the day and at other times of the day, you have to fast. That means you cannot consume any calories for a significant amount of time. The diet is evolved around two phases. One fast state and the other is feed state. There is a lot of variation to do it and one can easily customize a plan for them. It has been proved to be a very efficient tool for reversing type 2 diabetics, hormonal balance and so many autoimmune diseases. 

How it works:

So, in this diet, someone can eat for a specific time frame, and then they have to fast for rest of the day. In the fasted state, first of all, it gives the digestive system a break. After a sudden period, our blood sugar drops, and then our body start to burn our stored fat. The fat-burning stage then remains for the rest of the time of fast. That is how someone loses weight in this diet. For a long time fast, we also get the benefit of autophagy. It is the body’s way of cleaning damaged cells and regenerating healthier cells.

Seven ways of intermittent fasting:

Based on fasted and feasting state, there are seven types of it;

  • 12:12 type:

It is more of a beginner thing. Anyone who wants to try to fast for future lifestyle changes can start with this. In this fasting diet, you have to fast for 12 hours then the next 12 hours is your eating window. It is a perfect tool to give your digestive system a break and also maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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  • 14:10 type:

Someone who has experienced going without food for 12 hours for a long time, if they want to kick start a metabolic shift can do this type. It is a 14-hour no food frame and 10-hour eating pattern. It is a perfect plan to burn more fat and also not restrict too much.

  • 16:8 type:

This is the most popular pattern. It is suitable; for a person who has experience in this lifestyle for a long time. In this program, you have to go without food for 16 hours and then have to eat for 8 hours. This type can be a little difficult for newcomers, but it is the best tool for weight loss at this time.

  • 18:6 type:

So far, the most difficult pattern is this type. It concludes around an 18-hour without food and then a 6-hour feasting window. This is the type that no one should try at the very first time in their journey. People who are professionals in this area can only put you into an 18:6-hour program.

  • 20:4 type

It is called the warrior diet. In this program, you have to be without any food for 20 hours and then eat for 4. It sets the body to a complete fat-burning mode. It is a great tool for losing fat very fast but it is not for everyone as well.

  • 24 hours fast:

It is called the one meal a day regime. In this pattern, you got to eat only one meal and then fast for 24 hours. It is very popular on the internet right now. But overdoing it can harm a lot to our metabolic system. This is a kind of diet,that you do once in a while, to give your digestive system a break.

  • 7 Alternate days:

It is the most efficient way to lose fat. In this regime, you fast for one whole day and skip a meal the next day, but the rest of the day you can eat whenever you want. This plan can work for very overweight people but obviously with a doctor’s recommendation.

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Who can do the fasting diet?

It is a great tool for a healthy lifestyle however it is not for everybody. Someone who is underweight, or has a disordered relationship with food cannot do it.

Best fasting plan for weight loss:

The best plan for weight loss is the 16:8 type. In this, you cannot consume any calories for 16 hours. In 8 hours of fast our body no longer produces insulin and then our body turns into a fat-burning mode. And it remains in the fat-burning mode for good 8 more hours. Also, this plan is not too strict. So anyone can do it and can efficiently burn a lot of fat.

 Benefits of the fasting diet:

There are numerous benefits of it. It is not just a diet. It is a health care system. These eating criteria, not only help in losing weight but also help in reversing many diseases like type 2 diabetes. This skipping meal lifestyle helps in the cell renewal process of the body. Provides longevity, balances our hormones also give us a gift of great-looking skin.


Any beautiful things have their drowning factor as well. Although intermittent fasting comes with great benefits it can harm us also if we do it not accordingly. The main setback of it is that it can slow down our metabolism. Also, it can lead to eating disorders, food cravings; increase the stress hormone in our body.


So much research is going on with every diet and lifestyle change. Doctors and researchers are coming up with new solutions every day. But we have to set a boundary for ourselves. We have to know, what we can do and what not. It is not for anyone, we know. At last, we just have to respect our bodies and soul and give them the fuel they want.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long should you do intermittent fasting?

It depends on every single individual. Someone has to know how much time they can go without food and then accordingly they can make a plan for themselves.

What are the rules of intermittent fasting?

The rule is that you have to eat for a suggested period and then have to fast for a sudden period. In the eating window, you can carry on your healthy diet. No restriction on food.

How much weight can you lose with intermittent fasting?

Every single body is different. Some can see the result fast, some can slow. But if you can continue it for a significant time, surely you will see results.

What happens when you stop intermittent fasting?

It may result in weight gain plus some can also face digestive issues.

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