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Scan Marker Air Pen Scanner

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Taking notes is something we start doing in school and continue throughout our lives and jobs. It is even more tedious to copy someone else notes or enter them by hand into a computer database. The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner can save your time and money well beyond your student years.


What is the Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner?

The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner is a tool you can take with you to school and work. The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner is a fast and accurate way to record documents and notes in a digital format. The pen is easy for everyone to use. You scan the text you wish to copy by sliding the pen over the top of the document.

The documents copy accurately to the Air Pen and into your computer for editing. The pen is lightweight, portable, and runs smoothly on a strong Bluetooth connection. The air pen has a built-in battery that is easy to recharge using a USB port.


When can you use the Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner?

You can use the Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner on almost any document you need copies of. The Air Pen can scan handwritten and printed notes from your college classes to your client notes. The Air Pen can save time from recopying multiple work documents or other student notes.

The pen is the perfect tool for professors, students, and working professionals to save time. The pen is thirty times faster than manual typing. The Air Pen is fast at its work can instantly and accurately transmit the scanned information onto your computer, tablet, or phone.


Who can use the Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner?

The Air Pen is easy for anyone to use and is easy to operate with a single push of a button. The speed which transmits the documents is incredible, and it is amazing how quickly your documents and notes transfer to your devices.

Anyone can use the Air Pen and have it be the main tool for school work or business. Professors, students, and business professionals can make use of the pen. The professionals can include attorneys and their staff, real estate agents, as well as anyone handling large amounts of paperwork from financial documents to healthcare paperwork.

The air pen is compatible with Android, Apple, and Windows systems. It can translate over forty languages fluently and can even translate your text into speech for audio file creation.


Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner Price Review

The Air Pen is available for delivery around the world and comes with free technical support for anyone purchasing the pen. Thirty-day return policy and a twelve-month warranty come with the Air Pen when you buy it.

The Scanmarker Air comes in multiple colors and is currently on sale for ten percent off. At 72 $ for wired version & 119 $ for wireless version, you are buying multiple capabilities as well as time. The Air Pen gives you the capability of copying notes quickly or making a copy of important documents for your computer to review later.

The Scanmarker Air is more than a tool for work as it quickly reads documents to you or translates them into text for whatever language you need it to be in instantly. The Scanmarker Air comes with lights letting you know that you have Bluetooth connectivity and battery life to continue using it.

The Scanmarker Air comes with the latest technology for OCR material scanning and a strong Bluetooth connection that ensures you don’t lose a word of your scan. The technology can advance business aspirations and boost your study materials. You have the security in knowing you own a tool that can help you make a significant difference in someone’s life.


Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner in the Business Offices

Adding the Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner to your business office can speed up your business transactions. You can make copies of your client’s documents and return them to your client on the same day. You can also edit and dictate new documents for your client at the same time as their visit.

Even a doctor’s office can see the effectiveness of scanning handwritten notes and paperwork can make the job of data entry a thing of the past. You will no longer need to worry about typing errors or missed information in your database. You will be freeing up your staff to focus on your patients and their care.

Final Thought!

The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner is a tool that can save time and money. It is also one that will pay for itself in the time you will save through using it. The Air Pen can work for people of all ages and multiple purposes. You will be full of amazement as you use the pen, and it will continue every time you use the Air Pen.

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