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Ryan Waller – The Untold Truth Behind The Tragic Murder Mystery

Ryan Waller was discovered dead at his house on November 8, 2017. He took three bullet wounds, two to the chest and one to the head. His demise stunned his family, friends, and the surrounding community. This blog post will look at what may have caused this sad tragedy.

Many people are unfamiliar with Ryan Waller, even though he is well-known in the city for his music. In this blog article, we’ll look at events surrounding his murder and wonder why someone wanted to kill Ryan Waller.

Ryan Waller Background:

Waller was born and reared in the Missouri city of St. Louis. He earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Lindenwood University. He worked as a financial analyst for a small corporation after graduation.

Waller’s music was well-known across the city. He sang covers of famous tunes while playing the guitar. Both residents and visitors warmly accepted his music. He had many songs on iTunes and Spotify and often played at local taverns and restaurants.

Ryan Waller was murdered a week before he was killed. An attempted murder occurred on July 1, 2017, barely one week before Waller’s death.

Ryan Waller Early Life:

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Ryan Waller entered the world on December 3, 1990, in Houston, Texas. He was the fourth and youngest of four children, and he has two younger sisters and one elder brother. Ryan’s father was a cop, while his mother worked as a nurse.

Ryan lost his father in the line of duty when he was just two years old. As a result, his mother was left to raise her four children independently. She worked tirelessly to support them and ensure they had all they needed.

As he grew older, Ryan began to exhibit clues that he may have been born with a natural passion for the arts. He earned first place in a local art competition when he was fourteen. Soon after, he began taking vocal lessons and performed at local events.

Ryan graduated from high school in 2009 and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his ambition of becoming a renowned actor.

Ryan was discovered dead inside his house in Hollywood Hills, California, on October 15, 2013, after an apparent suicide. He was just twenty-one at the time.

The reasons for Ryan’s death are yet unclear and are being investigated. However, one thing is sure: He was a gifted young man.

Ryan Waller, Murder Suspect:

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Ryan Waller is the leading suspect in his lover Madeline Brewer’s sad death. Waller has been identified as the driver of Brewer’s car at the site of her death. This story, however, is not as simple as it first seems.

They had only been dating for a short time. Still, Waller and Brewer’s relationship ended in tragedy when she was murdered. The couple seemed content, spending time at nearby parks and dining out. Their partnership, however, was not without issues.

Despite these reservations, police have not ruled out illegal activity in Brewer’s death. Waller has refused to assist investigators and has made no indication that he is connected to the crime. 

What Happened To Ryan Waller And Heather Quan On The Day Of The Shooting?

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It occurred on the afternoon of December 23, 2006. When Larry Carver and his son Richie came to Walter’s house to avenge what they thought was a recent argument, Ryan and his girlfriend were either in the living room or in their room.

Heather and Ryan had a roommate named Alicia, and the two shared a home. Alicia had left her house that day, and Ryan and Heather had leased the home, and they were stuck. They had barely been in the home for approximately a month and a half.

When they got to Walter’s door and rang the bell, Ryan stepped out to check who it was, and he recognized them and hesitated to open the door. Carver and his son, on the other hand, stormed into Walter’s home. As the Knoxville native attempted to lock the door, Richie reached inside and shot Ryan twice in the head.

He then walked to Ryan’s room, where Heather was seated on the sofa, and shot her to death. Richie allegedly murdered her because the father-son team didn’t want any witnesses. After the couple was shot, Richie and his father seized several firearms and a computer from the site.

However, there are different conceptions of the event’s reality from here.

The Most Talked About Story Of Ryan Goes As:

The Most Talked About Story Of Ryan Goes As

The Phoenix Police Department arrived at Ryan’s house sometime after the event and discovered Walter, who was still alive after being shot twice in the head.

To his amazement, he was also able to identify the perpetrator. According to the authorities, Ryan was found with highly enlarged black eyes and cuts on his nose and cheeks.

The Other Stories Of Waller Go As follows:

The Other Stories Of Waller Go As follows

According to investigators, the shootings occurred on the afternoon of Christmas Day in 2006. Ryan’s father, Don, said he had contacted his son and girlfriend numerous times to remind them about Christmas dinner.

Don and his wife (Walter’s mother) went to his son’s residence after not getting a response from his son. They went outside and rang the doorbell, but no one was there. They afterward phoned the cops.

Alicia had arrived at the home before the police discovered Ryan and Heather dead, but she had not entered their room. And, weirdly, she had never been able to contact Don or his wife, even though they had investigated the home previously, even though Ryan’s parents had come by the home when it was still daylight.

Alicia had come home late that day, and the cops had arrived shortly after. Officers knocked on Ryan and Heather’s door but received no answer.

The police later discovered the sleeping victims via vertical blinds. They quickly detained Ryan and brought him to their car. The police denied Don and his wife access to their son, and he also did not take his kid to the hospital.

Waller Went Through A Horrible Interrogation Phase:

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The cops then inquired about Richie and other matters. The investigator allegedly tried to convince Ryan that he was the one who murdered Hetter, but he refused.

Ryan Was Rushed To The Hospital Late Despite Serious Face Injuries:

Ryan Was Rushed To The Hospital Late Despite Serious Face Injuries

Ryan was taken to the hospital only after many hours of interrogation. The police subsequently notified Don that his son Valer was in severe condition.

Doctors reportedly warned Don that Ryan had a severe illness due to the absence of timely medical assistance. Valer spent 35 days in the hospital recovering, and Ryan lost part of his brain throughout his rehabilitation. Ryan lost his left eye permanently and had seizures for many years after being released from the hospital.

Who Shot Ryan Waller And His Girlfriend?

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Initially, the court could not prosecute Larry because his wife refused to testify against him to exercise her right to marry. Later, Heather’s family obtained a new regulation that cancelled the privilege, forcing Richie’s mother to appear in court. Larry was again accused of first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, burglary, and GBH in November 2011.

The case came to a close in December 2012, when Maricopa County juries convicted Larry Lloyd Carver guilty on many counts of the indictment linked to Heather M. Quan’s murder in 2006. Carver was also found guilty of attempting to kill her lover, Ryan T Waller, by the jury.

Carver was condemned on January 25, 2013, after a ten-day trial, to a term that includes the prospect of spending the rest of her life in jail. Some claim it was without the possibility of parole.

Waller’s Parents Want Justice:

 Don stated that the police misled him regarding the date of the shootings.

Dalton seems to have had a contentious professional background, notably in how he handled past cases.

In the past, he had set blinders on the incorrect individual and had yet to follow the requirements to conclude the case. According to reports, Phoenix police are still looking into how they handled Ryan and his case.

The US Department of Justice even called the officials who were interviewing Ryan.

The Reason Waller And Heather Quan Were Shot: 

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There are several theories as to why Larry and his son sought to assassinate Walter and his girlfriend, Heather. As previously stated, Ryan and Richie had once been embroiled in a disagreement.

Valer and Larry’s kid had previously shared a room and feuded for some time. According to others, Richie had been pestering Heather, which was upsetting for Ryan.

On the other hand, Richie and Valerie were said to have had gunfights. Richie also had a falling out with Eric, a prior resident of the property where Ryan and Heather resided and a former colleague of Richie’s.

The fact that Ryan had wonderful things has led some to speculate that Richie was envious of him.

Waller Died In In The Mid 2010s:

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According to tributes published by Dignity Memorial and Legacy, Ryan died over a decade later, on January 20, 2016.

The Arizona State citizen died from a seizure that produced a brain rupture and a deadly haemorrhage.

Ryan’s father elected not to accuse Larry and Richie of his son’s murder because he felt they were already serving life sentences without the possibility of release.


His unexpected death shocked and surprised many people. The 20-year-old Kentucky student went missing on December 21 after failing to show up for work at a nearby pizza shop.

This scene would live on in the minds of police agencies for years to come. In this post, we want to highlight the circumstances leading up to his terrible death and present some unanswered questions.

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