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Revolution of fashion: Then vs. Now

Fashion is fun, for most people. But for some people, it is what they believe. It is their life, their love. Some people live by it, some people live for it. And they are the people who put a huge significance on changing trends and setting new trends.

Following a trend is not about some superficial validation. It is an emotion for fashionistas. In their favor, the revolution of trend has come to a point where we can write history. And today we are going to appreciate history even more.

Revolution of fashion

What is fashion?

Technically it is the way of dressing up a community, or a country. For a broader picture, we can say that it is the procedure of expressing themselves in a specific manner. And that manner has been created by some who are passionate about this creative field. Also, people on a large scale follow the things they do, and thus this manner is set as a rule for dressing up and called fashion.

Let me tell you one thing, the trend is not a constant thing. It changes by the society and gets popular for a significant amount of time then it gets lost for another new trend.

Why does fashion change with time?:

When we were children we would notice our surroundings would dress up completely different from what we do now. That is because of the way of dressing up changes very often with a new collaboration.

Fashion: The Definitive Visual Guide


Earlier, at the start of civilization, everyone used to dress up as per their needs and availability. The moment they had that ability secured, they started to experiment with their dressing.

They tried to add more designs, add more fabrics, different accessories, and so on. After that when the media started to control the trending world, celebrities started to add up to more content to new trends, and thus time by time the viewpoint of fashion changed.

Revolution of fashion:

Fashion has been a thing since the existence of humankind but has not always been thought about that. And the chance is the constant when it comes to the trend of dressing up. Now we are going to analyze those.

  • 80’s:

The ’80s was the boldest time ever. Big hair, chunky pieces of jewelry, and color full shiny clothing were the main focus point of that time. At that time magazines used to be a vital source for following trends and everything.

Revolution of fashion

The trendiest clothes were shoes including Jordan’s, chunky boots, oxford shirts, and so on. And we cannot forget about jewelry. scrunchies, leg warmer, and plastic bangles were so much in style. Moreover in the ’80s, everything was bold, chunky, shiny, and sparkly

  • 90’s:

The ’90s was a glorious situation for pop culture and the music industry. And almost like the ’80s, ’90s was also bolt and sparkly. There were scrunchies, acid-washed jeans, tube tops, and so much nostalgia. At that time TV shows were also very popular and the characters were an inspiration. The ’90s was a revolution in the industry.

There was new hype about supermodel and the TV show was always glorifying this life. Still, now this trend is so much remarkable. Also, the trend being in its place people had their style. Fashion was a religion back then.

  • Early 2000:

It is the new birth of fashion. Supermodel like Bella Hadid and many others were putting their step in that industry. Big brands are launching events. Other popularity of crop vets and the cardigan was so much that moment.

Women Smart Watch


The bandage dress, bubble dress, and o much were in that moment. Celebrities were handling that situation and their lifestyle was the religion for people. Also, the rise of o many big brands was evolving the market.

  • 2000 :

Gossip girl was taking over the TV and also taking over the industry. Also, TV shows like legally blond and so much were taking the trend to them. Celebrity life was so accessible. Also, the movie industry was at its peak. Fashion was so easy at that time and people were experimenting on their own. Although there was a big gap between the classes of people. But still, it was love back then.

  • Now:

I am going to be proud of my time. It is the time for the Kardashian Jenner family and supermodels in every house. It is the time of Instagram modeling and fashion is so available in everyone’s life. Even a single student is caring about a style statement. But this time our trend is more subtle and sophisticated. Also, we don’t follow a specific type of trend.

Revolution of fashion

We have our style and we like to embrace it the best way possible. But yeah, the trendsetters are still there and now we can see that there is a shift from sustainability to a materialistic approach. People are copying others for the same look, doing plastic surgery and so many things also.


Fashion is something that connects people on a deeper level. But some people have that mentality that judges people according to their dresses. But the thing is it represents a personality, not a class.

A person can have several clothes and shoes, but not know how to put that together. A person can have only five pairs o them and represents herself so amazingly that catches everyone’s attention. Also, this industry is about art and culture.


Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

Why do we need a fashion revolution?

Fashion is what people are. And every time we change as a person. Our test, our beliefs change. With that, we want to look different. Every few years we want to do something different as we get bored of the thing. That is why the revolution is needed.

How to be a fashion revolutionary?

Some steps are valid o make a trend revolutionary. That has to be of some side that is very creative and that catches the eyes.

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