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Protect Your Valuables with a Sentry Safe

Sentry Safe:

Chances are you have precious items in your home you want to keep (sentry) safe from floods, fires, burglaries, or other unexpected events. You can keep a Sentry on your valuables to keep them safe, or you can put your valuables in Bank, however, both options will be too costly as well as inconvenient. Hence, whether it is a unique family heirloom, jewelry, gun, cash or vital personal documents, home safes are an excellent way to keep items safe yet accessible.

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Why to have Sentry Safe?

The reality is that there are lots of reasons you should have these Sentry Safe in hand. Here are some discussed by experts.

Sentry safe

Gun storage

If you are a gun owner with kids in the house, buying a sentry safe is the best idea. Kids are curious, and mainly so when it comes to firearms. By locking your weapons up in a safe location that not just you have access to, you make sure that your guns would not be tampered with when you are not around and you take a vital step in reducing the chance of accident injury or shooting. On a side note, guns are also generally targets of burglaries, so locking them away in a safe helps decrease the risk you might be targeted on that front as well.

Sentry safe

Fire protection

Other than identity thief, losing all your documents to flood, fire, or other natural disasters should also be a worry to homeowners. Without those vital papers, it can be almost impossible to apply for assistance, confirm insurance claims, and get your life back up and running in general. Sentry safes are generally fire-rated to protect your documents and even in very high temperatures. And they are also simple to look for, and simple to find, the storehouse of your most vital documents if your home should experience serious fire damage.

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Besides gun storage, a sentry safe can be a precious asset when it comes to protecting vital documents. In this age and day where document is king, having a place to safely store and save your social security cards, investment information, birth certificates, and other valuable records have become a necessity than a luxury. Identify theft is general front-page news, and a new generation of home burglar has surfaced, whose sole goal is to focus your vital documents to get the detail they need to steal your identity. Placing your vital papers in a safe removes that possibly all combine.

Sentry safe

How to choose a Sentry Safe?

But one size does not fit all when it comes to the top home safes. There are a few variables to consider before buying a safe, including lock style, size, and portability.

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Fireproof and water safes

Look for home safes that keep your precious items free from damage. Waterproof safes keep your document safe in case of humidity or submersion, which is critical to consider for areas that hold moisture such as cabinets or closets. On the other hand, fireproof home safes are a must-have. In the event of a fire, you will want to keep your valuables safe from risk. Most fireproof safes can withstand heat past one-thousand degrees Fahrenheit for up to 2 hours to keep your valuables safe.

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The size of the home safe matters for a few factors. Little safes have a compact design to fit in any little area, but they have a limited area inside. If you have bigger electronics or valuables, you will want to consider a big home safe. Most little and big home safes can be mounted to a wall or bolted to the floor to securely store the safe in your house. Ensure to know where will be storing the safe to pick a size, pick where you will put it to decide how large it can be, and consider how much you will want to put inside.

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Every home safe locks differently. Biometric safes use your fingerprint as the initial locking structure to save your belongings. Other choices contain a touch keypad that permits you to make multiple PINs for family members. Another famous choice is a twin lock that needs both a key and a mixture lock to open the safe. No matter when the system you pick ensure it contains a backup unlocking option. If the batteries are dead or you forget your passcode, you will have a backup spare key to retrieve your items.

Other Considerations

Some other things to look at before buying a Sentry safe are:

Sentry safe

What they cost

For about $25 and up you can purchase a fire chest, little than a safe but still big enough to hold a stack of documents. Safes in the range of 1.2 to 1.3 cubic feet cost approximately $150 to $300. Bigger safe cost more, and accessories like shelves and drawers can include in the bill.

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Where to buy one

You can find home safes at such retailers as Lowers, Home Depot, and Sears, as well as online at Amazon.com among other websites. If you buy through the internet, do not forget to consider shipping costs, although free shipping might be accessible. For a bigger selection and possibly more knowledgeable sales help, you can go to a store that experts in safes.

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Where to put it

The top place for your safe will depend on the design of your home, but there are some trade-offs value considering. Your basement could be better from a fire-protection standpoint; there is generally less down there to burn. But if your home is placed in a flood-prone area, the safe might be a bigger risk in the basement.

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End words

Now I hope that you are capable to make the top decision when it comes to looking for value. I like the Sentry Safe brand for all of their specs and the affordability of their products and should anything bad happen to the safe, they will be liable to change the product for you.

The reason we firmly support this brand is that they do not let price stand in the way of providing a high standard safe for consumers. Almost all of their safes provide fire-resistant specs and this does make the safe more costly to produce, but they will find a way of providing it to you at the lowest possible price.

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