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Prolonged fasting: The wonderment

Fasting is the new craze diet. But definitely, it is not a fad one. For thousands of years, our enchanters have done prolonged fasting, as the food wasn’t that available. But unknowingly this habit helped them a lot to fight diseases and also gave an enormous healing power. That is why the people who had to fight for food used to live so much longer.

In modern civilization, there is so much food available everywhere; we don’t need to think about it at all. We don’t think about the things we put into our bodies. This careless behavior of ours has taken us to the point here, where at a young age our health conditions are questioned. Fasting is the ultimate solution to heal ourselves once again to heal from this toxic eating behavior.

What is prolonged fasting? :

The fasting diet is now really popular for so many reasons. But in every religion, there is a fasting practice that has been there for so long. The prolonged one is going without food for an extended amount of time.

It can be 48-72 hours. It can be for several days or even a year for some people. The more time you can go the more benefit you will get. After a sudden time, you switch the button of ultimate healing of the body. It is fasting for an unusually long amount of time to achieve specific kinds of benefits.

Who can do it?

It is not for everyone. Also, you have to train your body for so many days to do it for the first time. Is not something that, you wake up one and try to do prolonged fasting. Also, extremely underweight people cannot go through this process. If someone has any kind of medical condition like diabetes, low blood sugar they cannot do it also.

Women in their period and before their period suggested not to do this type fast. If someone takes any type of medicine every day they are not usually capable as well. Always taking doctors’ suggestions is very important.

Amazing benefits of long term fasting

Prolonged fast has so many benefits that it can be discussed for several days. Today we will discuss some of it. The benefits of prolonged fasting all over our body:

  • Brain :

The fundamental function of this is to renew our body cells. And our brain cell is no leftover in this process. Some of our brain cells can be affected. The fasting diet renews the brain cells.  Not necessarily your brain will grow all over aging but it will help some part of it.

  • Mitochondria:

It is the powerhouse of the cell. During the long-term fast the number of mitochondria will increase. That is why, while going through a fast your energy level will be sky-high. After that also you will feel the burst of energy in your body.

  • Autophagy:

It is the most interesting part of the long-term fast. Autophagy is the process of destroying the body’s sick cells. There are so many cells in our body but not every cell is healthy. Some cells are affected by the disease. In the fast, this sick cell gets destroyed and our body gets clean.

  • Stem cell:

Stem cells are the extra cells in the body. Whenever your body needs some extra cell to repair something, stem cell comes in hand. In the long term fast, the number of stem cells increases means there is more healing power in the body.

  • Decreased inflammation:

The most visible result of all these is reduced inflammation in the body. After a fast, you will notice that your skin is looking better and your gut health is feeling healthy.

  • Decreased tumor growth:

There is some evidence that going without food for a longer time helps to get rid of tumor cells. The science is that tumor cells need sugar to metabolize and grow. But if we don’t supply then sugar for a long time the cells will start to die and we can get rid of the tumor.

  • Blood sugar control:

It is a wonderful tool to take control of your blood sugar level. Going without food for a longer time will shift your metabolism to fat-burning mode. After that, you won’t crave that much sugar in the future and that is how your sugar level will be leveled up.

  • Increased growth hormone level:

After some sudden hours of going without food, our body releases growth hormones. We cannot produce growth hormones after a sudden age. As a result, we will grow more hair; our cell renewal will be faster as well than before.

  • Weight loss:

The most wonderful bi-product of fast is weight loss. Although in the long term type it is not the reside benefit that people look for. But you will see the tremendous amount of weight is coming out. But this is not all the fat loss. You will lose water in the process. Still a good amount of fat you will lose in the journey.

Rules to be followed in long term fasting:

Some strategic measures you have to follow for long-term fasting. It is not something that you do carelessly. If you do it without any rules and regulations your metabolic health can get hampered. There are some rules:

  • There is no solid food allowed any food that can potentially contain calories is not okay for this. You can have only unsweetened tea or coffee.
  • If you want to try fasting-mimicking then you can try keto coffee. There are so many recipes available for keto coffee on the internet.
  • You cannot do any hard physical  task. A slow walk will help you more in the process.
  • You cannot break the fast with refined carbs.
  • Take a lot of electrolytes after breaking one.
  • Take some time to start eating solid food, listen to your gut.

Last thoughts:

Our body is capable of healing itself. But still, we abuse our body’s natural healing power. Taking some time off for your digestive health will amplify the process of the healing power of the body. A fasting lifestyle is the ultimate answer for our health. It is the high time we start listening to our body and do our best to give our body the chance to function to its fullest.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

How long should you do fasting?

It depends on every single individual. Someone has to know how much time they can go without food and then accordingly they can make a plan for themselves.

What are the rules of long-term fasting?

The rule is that you cannon consume any calories during that time. You can have water. Or you can have herbal tea or coffee. But that has to be unsweetened.

How much weight can you lose with prolonged fasting?

It depends on the individual body also. Some can see a tremendous amount of weight is coming off some can also have a slow result.

What happens when you stop fasting at once?

It may result in weight gain plus some can also face digestive issues if you stop it at once.

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