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TOP 20: Polo G’s Best Songs To Listen NOW

Polo G Songs has been releasing successful singles since he first appeared in the music world in 2018. The 24-year-old Chicago rapper established a remarkable career in only a few short years. His unique combination of melodic hip-hop and rap has attracted millions of followers worldwide.

Whether you’ve been listening to Polo G since “Finer Things” or are just now discovering his music, we’ve got you covered. We compiled a list of the 20 best Polo G songs for you to listen to on repeat. Polo G has a tune for every emotion, from sorrowful melodies about losing loved ones to triumphant melodies about overcoming challenges.

Play our 20 best Polo G songs selections and get ready to groove. His genuine, real lyrics and captivating beats will surely get you pumped to listen to them repeatedly. After going through this list, you’ll have a whole new understanding of Polo G as one of the most brilliant hip-hop singers today.

TOP 20 Polo G Songs

Broken Guitars (Feat. Lil Tjay)

Broken Guitars (Feat. Lil Tjay) is a melodic rap song by Polo G. Polo G’s symbolic storytelling ability is shown in this touching duet with Lil Tjay, released in 2019. The artists swap words that rhyme on doomed relationships and the heartbreak after the music stops over with a sorrowful guitar and 808s. 

polo g songs
polo g songs

Lines like “You was my world, you were my everything, I gave you my heart, you gave me nothing” demonstrate Polo G’s skill for writing songs that strike deep. This beautiful downtempo single is a must-listen for lovers of thoughtful hip-hop.

DND (Do Not Disturb)

For a good cause, DND is one of the most popular Polo G songs. This hip-hop music, released in 2019, portrays a man wanting to patch up with his ex, but he fails miserably.

Polo G’s heartfelt words are well complemented by the serene yet catchy music. He raps about contacting his ex late at night, but she puts him on hold. Polo G is aware that he is still thinking about him despite she has a new boyfriend.

polo g songs TOP 10
polo g songs

This song is about sorrow and desire for someone who isn’t available. Polo G’s lyrics hit you because of his genuine, honest approach. DND will be on repeat if you’ve ever battled to get over an ex or hoped for a second shot at lost love.

Chosen 1

Polo G’s first album, Die a Legend, included the single “Chosen 1.” This hip-hop music debuted in 2019 and peaked at number 34 on the Billboard Hot 100. “Chosen 1” highlights Polo G’s storytelling skills with a soothing rhythm and meaningful lyrics on hardship and endurance.

Over a repeated piano tune, Polo G raps on life’s hardships: “I was born in the trenches, the ghetto was vicious/Daddy was gone, mama was workin’/Bro was selling dope, the apps was lurking.” 

He goes on to explain losing friends to abuse and drugs. Still, he believes that he will overcome hardship through dedication and trust in God: “The chosen one, the chosen one/I know that I’m the chosen one/The chosen one, the chosen one/I know that I’m the chosen one.”

Top song polo g songs
polo g songs

“Chosen 1” is a melodious rap song that encourages listeners with a message of positive thinking. It is one of the best in Polo G’s catalog. The repeated hook provides an anthem-like aspect, making it a tune you can listen to repeatedly. If you’re new to Polo G’s music, start with this song – you will be satisfied.

Battle Cry

“Battle Cry” is one of the most successful Polo G songs, released in 2019. Polo’s lyrics describe life’s challenges and his will to overcome them, while the rhythm is hard-hitting and passionate. With words like “they count me out, but I’m still countin’ these bands, boss up and invest in some land,” Polo inspires you to overcome hurdles and try for a brighter future. With just 72 lyrics, this triggering song demonstrates Polo G’s power to inspire in a matter of bars.

polo g songs
polo g songs

21 (Feat. NLE Choppa)

“21” is one of the best Polo G songs, released in 2020. This hip-hop music features Memphis artist NLE Choppa and has an exciting pace and appealing melody. Polo G’s lyrical flow and NLE Choppa’s explosive verse make this a combination you’ll want to listen to repeatedly. “21” made Polo G popular and introduced NLE Choppa to a broader audience, with over 200 million views. “21” should be at the top of your list if you’re seeking a hype tune to add to your playlist.

polo g songs 21 Feat
polo g songs


One of Polo G’s harshest tracks, Epidemic, depicts the terrible reality of growing up in Chicago during rising violence and crime rates. The song exposes Polo G’s experience with violence, with lines such as “I’m from where they are shooting every day; I’m talking about an epidemic.” I’m from where we lose lives daily; I’m talking about an epidemic.”

polo g songs

With a slow, creepy tempo and Polo G’s sorrowful vocals, the song has a gloomy tone that reflects the terrible subject matter. Though depressing, the song is a realistic reminder of the difficulties many young people experience in poor and high-crime communities. Polo G’s ability to transfer his personal experiences into meaningful music with a message is displayed in Epidemic.


When released in 2021, “RAPSTAR” immediately became Polo G’s first number-one hit on the Billboard Hot 100. This catchy tune fully displays Polo G’s superb flow and wordplay. “RAPSTAR” solidified Polo’s place as one of rap’s biggest new stars due to a distinctive hook and Polo’s characteristic melodic approach. 

polo g songs Rapstar
polo g songs

On YouTube, the music video for the song has over 300 million views and counting. Start with this huge single to understand why Polo G is prepared to take over the rap game. 


“Heartless” is one of Polo G’s most significant achievements, released in 2019. This hip-hop song, composed while G was in prison, is about a difficult romance and breakup. “Heartless” displays G’s skill to pour personal hardships into music that connects with a gentle groove and genuine, passionate lyrics. The record hit number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, establishing G as a performer to watch.

polo g songs Heartless
polo g songs

Martin & Gina

“Martin & Gina” is one of the most successful Polo G songs released in 2020. Polo G’s emotional vocals are on full show in this melodious rap song, which depicts a heartbreaking narrative of loss and heartbreak.

polo g songs
polo g songs

“You were my everything; we were meant to be; now you’re just somebody that I used to see.” The words describe the sensation of searching for a prior romance and accepting how things ended, even though you wish they hadn’t. It’s a truly emotional tune demonstrating Polo G’s ability to weave a gripping story. “Martin & Gina” is a fantastic pick if you’re seeking a song you can relate to emotionally.

Through Da Storm

“Through Da Storm,” which refers to difficulties in his life, is a significant album from the recording artist that has left a lasting effect on his listeners. Outside of the kicks and snares, the musical arrangement is quite light, allowing his voice to shine without being masked by competing frequencies.

polo g songs Through DA Strom
polo g songs

The lyrics reflect on his former experiences and the shift into materialized aspirations that he is now experiencing. At the same time, the message underlines that difficulties do not end with achievement and that life might be more challenging than planned.

Lost Files

“Lost Files” by Polo G is a melodious rap song about sadness and lost love. This song, released in 2019, demonstrates Polo G’s talent for creating vibrant compositions. 

With a slow, dark melody and lyrics like “Why you leave me torn, why you leave me worn? / We was so perfect, but now you’re gone,” Polo G taps on emotions of desire and regret from a previous relationship. “Lost Files” has a raw, vulnerable tone that connects with fans and demonstrates why Polo G is one of hip hop’s most fascinating new musicians.


“GANG GANG” by Polo G is pure fire. Polo reflects on his upbringing in Chicago in this hard-hitting tune, released in 2019. As he speaks lines on life in the trenches, the dark rhythm offers the appropriate backdrop: “We was really trappin’, we were really lackin’ / I did lost too many homies, we just tryna make it.” 

On this one, Polo’s real, honest narrative shines through. It’s difficult to shake the catchy melody “Gang, gang, gang, gang” once it’s entrenched in your mind. Unsurprisingly, “GANG GANG” has over 100 million streams and counting.

Not Sober

At the same time, Polo G discusses his difficulties with gun violence and his tough path to the top.

The song states that getting high is a good method to deal with life’s ups and downs; they speak about smoking and drinking to distract themselves from their issues.

Rich MF

Polo G showcases his typical lyrical flow over a trap rhythm on “Rich MF,” his 2020 single. He sings about overcoming challenges to achieve success, with lyrics such as, “I remember trappin’ out the trenches, now I’m bossed up in a foreign/Went from rags to riches, I deserve to floss some, I was born poor.” This inspirational song depicts Polo G’s rise to fame and resolves to make a better life for himself and his loved ones.

I Know

Polo G focuses on his traumas and love issues in this wonderful song from his career. The artist’s specific narration in each song is one of the qualities that make him likable.

The guitar melody keeps you in the moment throughout the song, and he utilizes very little autotune, allowing his genuine voice to shine. It also has a clean mix and does not overdo voice effects for a more natural tone.


Polo G made a cameo on Migos’ Culture III album with this song. The album did extremely well and had some of Polo G’s greatness, as he collaborated with the Migos to make a stunning piece of music.

This is the music you want to hear while you’re on vacation, not when you need some inspiration for the street life, since it’s all about having a good time in Malibu, the song’s focal point. Polo G’s powerful musical skills were tested once again on the single, and he did not fall short, dropping a superb verse.


“Clueless” is one of Polo G’s most successful tracks, released in 2020. Polo G reflects on his life and the obstacles he overcame in just over 2 minutes. He speaks about those who questioned him and didn’t believe in his ambition of becoming a rapper. DJ Ayo’s music is melodic and perfectly fits Polo G’s singing. Polo G’s ability to be sensitive in his music and connect with fans is fully displayed in this song. If you need an inspiring anthem, “Clueless” is an excellent pick.


Polo G has many hits on his track record, but “Distraction” stands out. Polo G’s flexibility and vocal range are shown in this beautiful rap song, released in 2020. DJAYY created the beat comprising a basic piano melody and trap drums. Polo G songs are about a prior romance and the agony that remains. He sings, “You was my distraction, got me going backward. 

Thought I had you figured out, you still got me asking.” The song’s sympathetic theme of sorrow and vulnerability led it to over 100 million plays, making it one of Polo G’s most successful singles. “Distraction” is an excellent pick for an emotional rap ballad.

Pop Out

Pop Out was a significant hit for Polo G since it was both his and Lil Tjay’s debut Billboard chart hit. It started at number 95 and ultimately peaked at number 11. It was such a hit that it went triple platinum in the United States, an incredible feat for the third single from Die A Legend. A few months later, the song received an official remix named Pop Out Again, in which Lil Baby and Gunna took over for Lil Tjay on the verses.

Finer Things

The beats crash and maintain a nice combination of rap and R&B sounds, driven by a light but dynamic piano melody. The artist’s vocals combine tuned harmonies and raw poetic skills among many young musicians nowadays.

polo g songs
polo g songs

He’s an artist whose voice doesn’t bore the ear, and “Finer Things” is a good illustration of his vulnerability, which connects with many of his listeners. The narrative keeps you engaged till the end. It’s a song that will be played repeatedly for many years.


You now have an incredible collection of Polo G’s best hits to add to your playlist. This compilation contains something for everyone, whether you’re looking for something joyful or want to hear Polo G’s outstanding storytelling abilities. Polo G is one of his generation’s most skilled rappers, and his music will surely endure the test of time. 

His ability to merge music and words to pull at your emotions is unmatched. So start listening – you can’t go wrong with these Polo G songs. Polo G has established his place as a hip-hop legend, and his music will keep us entertained for many years.

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