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Pakistan’s Muhammad Nooh Dastgir Bags Gold At Commonwealth Games

Nooh Dastgir Butt of Pakistan broke multiple records and won gold in the +109 kilogram contests in the Commonwealth Games weightlifting event on Wednesday at the National Exhibition Centre.

For the second time in Commonwealth Games weightlifting history, Pakistan has won a gold medal in this event. Malik is the only other weightlifter to have won gold in the 85-kilogram category at this year’s Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

Nooh set a new Commonwealth Games record with a lift of 173 kg. The snatch session belonged to him, as he came out on top. A 170kg lift kicked off the snatch; he then lifted a 173kg lift and a 175kg lift mistakenly on his third try but was still able to finish first in the group.

Moreover, it demonstrated that he was confident to win the gold medal. In the clean and jerk, he improved even more, and his record lift of 232 kilograms gave him the gold medal and a record total of 405 kilograms.

David Andrew of New Zealand won a silver medal with a total of 394 kilograms, which includes 170 kilograms in the snatch and 224 kilograms in clean and jerk.

Moreover, Bronze went to India’s Gurdeep Singh, who finished with a 390-pound weight total, including 167-pounds snatch and 223-pounds clean and jerk.

Petelo of Samoa, Gordon Shaw of England, Suamili Nanai of Australia, Quinn Everett of Canada, and Ushan Charuka of Sri Lanka completed the top five (313kg). And, Nathan Eli Morris of South Africa was dismissed from the competition after three consecutive wrong jerk lifts.

In preparation for this year’s quadrennial tournament, which England is hosting for the third time, Nooh and Hanzala were taught by his father at home.

Pakistan’s weightlifting adventure at the Commonwealth Games came to a close due to Nooh’s tremendous effort. Hanzala Dastgir Butt, the younger brother of Nooh, placed tenth in the 109-kg category early on Wednesday morning.

Haider Ali finished sixth in the 81 kg division the other day. From August 9 to August 18, these three weightlifters will compete in the Islamic Games scheduled for Konya, Turkey.

Nooh Dastgir Gold Medalist

Nooh Dedicates Achievement To His Father:

The Gujranwala weightlifter, speaking to Geo News after his country’s historic feat, said, “I’m grateful to God for this victory. In short, I’ve been striving for seven years to win this game.”

“What got me to where I am now was a combination of sheer willpower and sheer hard work. Winning a medal for your nation is an honor that you will never forget. On the other hand, Gold is unique.”

Despite this, “I struggled to raise such a hefty load. However, I could achieve my goal after putting in 12 or 13 years of hard work. To honor my father, who worked tirelessly for 12 years to get me to this point, I have given him this gold.”

It was revealed that the weightlifter’s father trained him at home “My father, a weightlifter, competed at the international level. My brother, on the other hand, also participates in this sport.”



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