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Nike FlyEase Hands Free Shoes Review

The sports equipment manufacturer Nike Flyease contributes to the democratization of an inclusive design accessible to people with disabilities. The initiative takes the form of a shoe called Nike GO FlyEase hands-free. A pair of sneakers designed to put on without the aid of hands.

The shoe, called hands-free, is designed without laces. It quickly slips on and off, the wearer slips their foot in, and once they lower the heel, the shoe is secure. It is made possible by a hinge system it allows the shoe to be locked in the open or closed position.

Nike flyease

Nike Go Fly Ease Explained:

Each year, the Nike brand alone designs hundreds of different styles of sneakers. This year again, it announced the release of a new pair with an innovative design; a pair of sneakers designed to be put on without the aid of hands. Experts at SocialTomatoes.com delved deep into how it works.

The GO FlyEase has two innovative technologies: a flexible band around the shoe called the tensioner. And a bistable hinge at the heel that allows the sneaker to be opened or closed. When pressure is exerted on the heel, the hinge locks, allowing the tensioner to hold the basket tight; When removing it, all you have to do is place the other foot on the “crutch” at the heel and pull the foot upwards, the hinge then opens and releases the foot.

This bistable hinge is innovation all the more incredible as it does not open if the person jumps or takes a step forward.

The GO FlyEase hands-free is the newest addition to Nike’s FlyEase collection, an inclusive sneaker line. It is a step ahead in standardizing inclusive designs by creating a concept with consumers. The brand took the consumer experience into account and devised an innovative Design for a shoe.

Nike flyease

Nike Fly ease designed on Consumers demand:

In 2015, Nike started the FlyEase collection for disabled persons. The organization was also encouraged by a note from a student Matthew Walzer. He is a cerebral palsy patient. In this note, he explained his wish to wear his sneakers without the help of his parents. To meet this demand, Nike created the Zoom Soldier 8 FlyEase. It is a pair of sneakers with a zipper on the heel to make it easier to put on. This time around, it is a hands-free turn to join the FlyEase range.

At first glance, the technology behind the hands-free Go FlyEase seems straightforward, and one might wonder why no one else has thought of it before. There is a good chance that Nike is not the first brand to imagine this type of system. Consumers are in the best position to design solutions that match their unique experiences, and this is essential if we are to create an inclusive design.

During the process of creating the FlyEase collection, Nike consulted people with disabilities, casual and professional athletes such as American disabled triathlete Sarah Reinerstein.

Nike Flyease
Sarah Reinertsen, Oregon, USA.

Nike is not the only significant brand involved in inclusive footwear. Australian brand UGG launched the UGG Universal collection in 2020. It is a shoe series with useful accessories such as stretch laces, zippers, and pull tabs. The brand creates a focus group with various disabled to know the complexity of their shoes and design a shoe model. Respect for vision, intuition, and consumer experience is useful to developing an inclusive product.

Nike Fyease

Consumer experience:

Sneaker enthusiasts know that a shoe is more than a functional object. Celebrities wearing, packaging, aesthetics, and the History of particular pair are all significant factors that make a shoe more than just a product to cover the feet but a way of life.

Many consumers state that Nike Flyease also has medical benefits which can be can it close to orthopedic shoes. Therefore, people with disabilities can get a complete and unique consumer experience in form of the GO FlyEase shows which comes in a box that opens without the hands to the sleek aesthetic that allows the consumer to express their personality.

Nevertheless, this shoes design is not just a marketing tool with touch of material changes, whoosh stripes, a wide range of colors, or new textures. However, it is these similar features that make the originality and uniqueness of Nike Flyease hands free shoes. Added to this is also the pleasure of having the same shoe as your favorite sportsman.

Nike flyease

Innovate Hands Free design:

A sneaker that slips on without your hands has a universal appeal. Everyone is one day confronted with a situation of handicap, if only because of age or goods or kids to take care of right at the time of putting them on. Hence, it is only then it is possible to imagine a whole series of scenarios in which a Nike Flyease is useful.

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Nike Flyease Hands Free for Adults:

These shoes have proved useful for adults in almost all busy situations. For example, a pregnant woman, when her arms are loaded, she can still wear them without needing to bend. It is useful for any other condition that prevents people from bending down or using her hands. Nike Flyease Hands Free version is the one which actually works. Instead of universalizing the human experience, Nike Flyease get the experience to its wearer which eventually improve their lives.

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Nike Fly ease Hands Free for Kids:

The most common situation where Nike Flyease hands free becomes a life savior is when it comes to putting shoes on or off kids, especially when you have more than one. Kids are easily able to put them on and off by themselves without troubling their parents. The same is relevant for kids from Age 1 to 10 as mostly, kids in this age group finds it difficult to tie or open shoe laces.

The greatness of this design is also the fact that these shoes do not gets off unless wanted by the kids. Taking shoes off when not wanted, may be an issue for toddlers, but a little parenting can take care of it eventually.

Nike flyease


All the gestures only take a few seconds. The design is aimed at disabled people, high-level athletes like Bebe Vio, cited in the brand’s press release but also for parents who have their hands taken.

The Nike GO FlyEase will cost ranging from 120 dollars is manageable when compared with associated benefits. Nike Flyease also promote this series as the most accessible Nike shoe to date. This Hands Free shoe is available by invitation to Nike members from February 2021. For other customers of the brand, a larger launch will happen on April 30, 2021 and will be available on Amazon. So there is no better time then now to pre-order Nike Flyease Hands free version for yourself and your family.

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The sports equipment manufacturer Nike Flyease contributes to the democratization of an inclusive design accessible to people with disabilities. The initiative takes the form of a shoe called Nike GO FlyEase hands-free. A pair of sneakers designed to put on without the aid of...Nike FlyEase Hands Free Shoes Review