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Maternity Outfit Tips

our body goes through so many changes throughout pregnancy that it may be difficult, if not downright disheartening, to find clothes that not only fit but also make you feel good.

At the start of the second month, I became pretty disheartened and despised getting dressed in the morning, which had previously been one of my favorite activities.

In this article, I’ll discuss the maternity apparel issue, help you decide which items are worth investing in, and provide my favorite locations to purchase.

Then I’ll share some of my maternity style suggestions that helped me make the most of what I already had and feel comfortable while still looking fashionable during my pregnancy.

If you’re having trouble feeling good about yourself while getting dressed, I propose clearing out your closet. It was quite beneficial in removing the factors that contributed to my feeling lousy about myself.

I went through my whole closet, tossing anything I no longer wore and boxing up anything that wouldn’t fit me throughout my pregnancy. After I cleaned out my closet and went maternity shopping, I felt a million times better about getting dressed.

maternity clothes
  • If You’re Curvy Or Plus-Size And Pregnant:

Pregnancy weight gain varies widely: some women gain weight just in their tummies, while many others discover that the baby load distributes across their bodies.

Fortunately, maternity fashion has grown considerably more accommodating to plus-size and pregnant bodies. Plus size maternity clothing is simpler to find in shops and online than ever before.

Soft materials and longer lines may make you feel fantastic while also emphasizing your gorgeous bump if you’re looking for methods to appear and feel elegant and sleek.

If you’re suffering from your body image right now, know that you’re not alone, but there are many ways to feel good about your pregnant body, like buying stylish maternity clothes that make you feel confident. Don’t make putting on clothing a war.

Pair A Long Maternity Dress With A Cardigan:

Begin with a soft knit maternity dress with a knee-length hemline. A hint of the form-fitting fabric enhances your baby bump while yet allowing you to move freely. To maintain the silhouette long and slender, use a long sweater that closely matches the length of the dress.

Finish the ensemble with a pair of a neutral slip-on. Because you’ll most likely have swollen feet throughout pregnancy, particularly in the third month, comfort is essential when it comes to the finest shoes for pregnancy.

Elongate Your Legs With Maternity Leggings:

Maternity leggings are a pregnancy fashion secret weapon and every pregnant woman’s greatest friend, delivering optimum comfort as your belly develops.

You won’t be sorry if you have at least a few pairs, whether you’re wearing them to laze around the house, to prenatal yoga class, or to combine with a tunic to stretch your legs as seen above.

Wear a long tunic with traditional black leggings. (Pro tip: You can buy a new maternity tunic, or you may already have a gorgeous dress in your wardrobe that will work – changing dresses into tops when pregnant is a terrific way to transform ordinary items into maternity fashion.)

The dark pants lengthen your legs, and the flowing top is airy and fashionable. A little embroidery or beading adds interest, and a smart pair of clogs and a lovely cuff tie everything together. Just be cautious with your shoes – wearing heels when pregnant might be painful.

Maternity outfit
  • If You’re Carrying Low:

There’s an old wives’ tale that says if you carry low, you’re expecting a boy, but bump position isn’t a sure way to predict your baby’s gender.

Here’s a foregone conclusion: If you’re carrying low, like many other expectant mothers, you’ll have a lovely belly that rests just above your hips.

Because your kid is laying low on your body, you may seem to be more pregnant than you are. Below-the-bump cuts may be particularly charming, pinching in and emphasizing your form.

Look For Clothing With A Comfortable Waistline:

Maternity joggers are just as comfortable as sweatpants, but they seem a little more put-together owing to the tapered leg.

Look for a soft band to keep your low-belly warm while you’re out shopping. Choose a neutral hue, such as grey or denim, or a luxurious fabric, like cashmere, to dress them up.

Float a loose blouse over top, put on some glam shoes, and accessorize with a colorful scarf, and you are ready to do errands or meet a friend for breakfast. This pregnant attire is exceptionally soft and comfy, yet it will still make you seem put together.

Find A Stylish Maternity Jumpsuit:

A jumpsuit is a sleek and easy way to put together a full outfit without much effort. The black color is adaptable and slimming, the tapered leg lengthens, and the large, flexible midsection allows your tummy to breathe.

On cooler days, layer a tight tank or long-sleeved shirt beneath. A bucket bag and colorful fall-appropriate clogs round off the set.

When looking for a pregnant jumpsuit, keep in mind that you want something easy to put on and take off – avoid out-of-reach zippers, elaborate buttons, and other stylish stumbling blocks.

The rumors are true: pregnant women urinate more, which means you’ll be wanting to squirm out of this jumpsuit a lot more than normal.

  • If You’re Carrying High:

Your pregnant bump is apparent on your tummy if you’re carrying high. Many first-time moms hold their babies high, owing to stronger abdominal muscles that have yet to become more flexible from earlier pregnancies.

Women with their heads lifted high, like every other pregnant body type, may dress in some incredibly lovely maternity clothing.

High belts, ties, and color-blocked outfits may help you differentiate and define your breasts and bump. You might also be creative in making some quick, easy alterations to your outfit.

Pair A Stretchy Tee With A High-Waisted Maternity Skirt:

If you’re searching for stylish summer pregnant clothing, keep this page in mind. Begin with a high-waisted maternity skirt in a soft fabric, such as a jersey knit or cotton mix.

You may also reserve the traditional black skirt for autumn or winter and instead go for a lighter tint or perhaps a colorful design.

Tuck in a maternity tank in a complementary but distinct hue to visually break up the ensemble.  Put on a lightweight cardigan, espadrilles, and a bold necklace. Take out your sunglasses and you’re ready to go.

Maternity plus size clothes

Show Off Your Bump In A Maternity Maxi Dress:

A flowing maternity gown is a simple way to boost your outfit while remaining cool. Choose a maxi in a light fabric with a striking color or design. Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, you may already possess a looser, pre-pregnancy maxi dress that still fits. 

Tighten the dress just above the bump, and add a belt if you want to define your waist. Add a cropped jacket, embellished shoes, and a handbag to complete the look.

  • If You’re Petite And Pregnant:

If you were already small, your pregnancy bulge has nowhere to go but out! But you don’t have to swim or feel uneasy in maternity clothes that don’t fit: Petite maternity apparel sizes are widely available in shops and online.

Show Off Your Legs In Maternity Skinny Jeans:

Slip into a pair of narrow jeans that highlight your leg form – at least one fantastic pair of maternity jeans will go a long way as you enter the third trimester.

Not a fan of skinny jeans? Slouchy boyfriend jeans, particularly in a small, cropped-at-the-ankle version, may look just as trendy.

Tuck a pregnant T-shirt into your jeans, put on a large sweater jacket in a neutral color, and, if desired, add a knotted belt to make it seem more fitted. Accessorize with a felt hat and a pair of casual shoes for a laid-back look.

Have Fun With Form-Fitted Maternity Dresses:

Many modest moms-to-be feel secure in a form-fitting outfit that accentuates their developing tummy.   Find a sleek maternity dress in a colorful design or a smart black-and-white stripe to comment on.

Slip-on a pair of comfortable flats — bending down to drag boots over your swollen feet or tying your shoes for the third time in an hour is hardly a formula for convenient comfort in the third trimester.

Throw on a moto jacket and you have got yourself a fantastic date-night ensemble. Make it stand out with a vibrant accent item, such as this Kelly green crossbody purse.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  • How Do I Choose The Right Maternity Style?

Shop based on the silhouettes you know work. Maintaining a consistent look with a specific shape you prefer may help simplify your maternity style approach.

  • How Should I Dress For My Maternity Picture Shoot?

It’s a good idea to have two pieces of clothing ready for your maternity sessions, such as a casual outfit and a sophisticated one.

It will not only provide you with alternatives when deciding which images to display in your house, but it will also provide you with some variation in the photos.

  • What Is The Best Pregnant Attire To Wear?

The most important criterion for any pregnant wardrobe is comfort; your comfort should come first. That is why you should wear cotton dresses, loose slacks, fashionable flats, and so on.


What should I wear when pregnant? We’ve all heard of the ‘happy’ weight gain that occurs during pregnancy. It’s not about concealing your pregnancy, but about dressing it up and enjoying it.

That’s why we’d like to provide some suggestions on how to appear confident with your baby belly, as well as several pregnancy style tips that every pregnant lady should know.

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