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Manta5 Hydrofoiler – The Combination of a Water Boat & Bike, experience like never before!


As humans, we were born to explore. From uncovering the depths of the world’s oceans to summiting the highest peaks, we still have so much left to discover. Adventure-based activities give us the sense that anything is possible. Water-lovers have tons of options to get a thrill, including sail boating, jet-skiing, and even motorized kayaking. Mountain biking is another fan-favorite activity, giving riders a high-speed rush of adrenaline while whizzing through the air. But what if you could combine the thrilling pulse of cycling with the unrivaled feeling of the water beneath you?

The Manta5 HydroFoiler XE-1

Now you can with the world’s first-ever water bike, the Manta5 Hydrofoiler XE-1. Unlike any other fitness device seen before, the XE-1 delivers an unprecedented cycling experience out on the open water. Riders of all fitness levels can explore rugged ocean coastlines, train along the beach or simply cruise for a laidback lake experience. Using hydrofoils instead of wheels, the XE-1 propels up and out of the water as riders pedal forward, creating a lifted, easy glide. With over seven years of production innovation, the XE-1’s sleek design incorporates several features like assisted pedaling and fluid steering to mimic an on-land bike ride. Whether you want to get a great workout or just have fun out on the water, the XE-1 is destined to disrupt the adventure-based activity market.

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A One-of-a-Kind Experience

Founded in New Zealand in 2011, The XE-1 has exploded in popularity internationally. Since its launch, the feedback has been fantastic. Riders appreciate the powerful and safe design, especially helpful in mastering both the submerged launch and beach launch. 2x Olympic gold medalist rower Eric Murray called his ride experience “a great workout.” Drew Prindle of Digital Trends, a leading voice on new technologies, said the XE-1 makes for “an absolutely exhilarating ride that sticks with you long after you’re done.” The XE-1 has also gained significant media coverage, appearing in web articles on CNN Business and Forbes and a published spotlight in Smithsonian Magazine.

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Built for Fitness & Leisure

The XE-1 provides an incredible fitness experience. Motors built into the XE-1’s frame multiply your pedal power exponentially with seven levels of pedal assist. This allows for a glide with speed and agility regardless of exerted effort, whether you’re looking for peak training or a leisurely cycle. Riding the XE-1 is also a socially interactive activity that you can do with friends and family. With various launching options, riders of all body types and fitness levels can make their ride completely customizable. All it takes is a little patience, practice, and enthusiasm to have a fun, exhilarating experience.


A Value-Based Investment

Water-terrain can change depending on where you are, demanding seamless technology that adapts to every environment. At 8,990.00 USD a bike, the value of the XE-1 can’t be overstated. Its use of superior materials, like a standard GARMIN eBike remote for accurate speed and distance tracking and carbon fiber foils for easy maneuverability, makes all the difference. The Hydrofoiler’s aluminum frame and gear design are fine-tuned to withstand saltwater erosion and promote buoyancy both above and below water. Compared to a standard performance jet-ski, which can reach prices of $10,000, the XE-1 is versatile and dynamic. For added mobility, the XE-1 also breaks down as fast as it assembles, and can fit in the back of most vehicles for easy transport.

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A New Business Opportunity

If you want to become a pioneer in a new category of water sports, becoming an XE-1 distributor or investor may be a great choice for you. With over eight years of innovative research and design production, there are endless opportunities for excitement with the XE-1. Adventure-based companies can rent out XE-1s wherever there is a body of water available, like freshwater lakes, saltwater oceans, recreational pools, and artificial reservoirs. This exciting new fitness device could dramatically boost new clientele and create life-long Hydrofoiler cyclists. With little prior training needed, riders are usually up within seconds, virtually eliminating the need for guided instruction.


With an emphasis on eco-friendly production, XE-1 riders can also cycle in protected areas where petrol-powered water-crafts can’t. This opens up amazing new opportunities for surreal exploration. As an added incentive, each Hydrofoiler XE-1 comes with a one-year replacement warranty for all components and parts, providing next to little risk. With an extremely successful Customer Ride Day under their belt, Mantra5 water bike expects to see substantial growth in 2020 as this innovative product continues to disrupt the cycling industry.

The Mantra5 Hydrofoil XE-1 provides a completely unrivaled cycling experience. No traffic, no waiting, no limits: just the open water and you. Cyclers and fitness enthusiasts will love this one-of-a-kind product destined to be cycling’s new frontier.

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