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Is Real Estate Agent A Good Career In 2022?

The real estate industry is stronger than ever and will only become more robust in 2022. This rapid expansion is excellent news for housebuilders and sellers. Still, it also means there has never been a better time to become a real estate agent. Here are a few reasons you should get into real estate this year if you’ve been seeking a tough job with endless possibilities.

Why 2022 Is The Best Year To Become A Real Estate Agent?

Accessible Education:

Because real estate has a low entry barrier, being a licensed agent is more accessible and inexpensive than ever.

In 2022, several of the leading training programs spent substantially establishing compelling online courses, allowing you to get your license from the comfort of your home. Leading real estate organizations also provide extra training to provide you with the skills you need to succeed.

Hot Market:

In 2022, the real estate market is predicted to increase by double digits, making it one of the hottest times on record. Buyers and sellers will all need the assistance of a skilled real estate agent, opening doors for hardworking people looking to start a new career. Even if you’re fresh to the field, a hot market might be your ticket to the future you’ve always desired.

Wealth Of Resources:

While online training may educate you about a real estate agent’s legal processes and duties, success in the business necessitates acquiring different skills. Fortunately, several podcasts, discussion groups, and videos feature seasoned experts giving their unique advice.

Many seasoned agents and brokers are eager to coach new agents to guarantee they have the personnel to capitalize on the rising market. Their advice might help get your career off to a good start.

Unmatched Flexibility:

Real estate brokerages throughout the nation will transition to an online working style in 2022, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere. Most meetings may be held online, and you can change meeting times and locations at any time. One of the most appealing features of being a real estate agent for many individuals is the option to fit your workday around your life.

Business Owner:

Real estate agents are business owners. They operate their own company even though they must work under the supervision of a broker to sell real estate lawfully. Agents may set their hours, choose which customers to work with, and how much they work.

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Many brokerages provide marketing and lead creation services to assist their agents. However, each agent determines how these resources will be used in their business strategy.

People Business:

Real estate is a people industry, and agents who love interacting with others do well. You meet people from all walks of life when you work as an agent. Many customers have a real estate demand, ranging from first-time homebuyers to investors. Agents cannot sell real estate unless customers are eager to purchase or sell. As a result, putting your customers first is critical.

The Tech Advantage:

Technology and the mobile world may assist real estate agents who aren’t very people-oriented to succeed. You should have a solid opportunity to interact with prospects if you can run an excellent website that’s mobile device-friendly and if you can manage some social website posting. Responding promptly and consistently to emails or text messages might also help.

How To Become A Real Estate Agent?

Do you want to become a real estate agent and enjoy the benefits of it, such as establishing your hours and being your boss? While there are several advantages to being a real estate agent, getting started takes time and attention.

While standards differ by state, the following are the processes to become a real estate agent:

Take A Pre-Licensing Course:

Before taking the real estate license test, states require individuals to complete pre-licensing coursework at an approved school. The amount of training hours needed varies significantly by jurisdiction: Real estate agents in Virginia, for example, must complete 60 hours of pre-licensing training, but in California, they must complete 135 hours.

The course will teach you real estate fundamentals (such as “lien,” “escrow,” and “encumbrance”), real estate practices, and the legal elements of the company. Visit your state’s real estate commission website to learn about licensing requirements and discover a list of certified pre-licensing colleges.

Pre-licensing classes may be completed in person or online, so consider your learning preferences before picking where to enroll. 

Take The Licensing Exam:

Visit your state’s real estate commission website to register for the licensure test. Exams are often separated into two sections: one covering federal real estate laws and generic real estate concepts and the other covering state-specific legislation.

Both generally comprise 60 to 100 multiple-choice questions, some of which require a calculator. Sample examinations are provided in most pre-licensing courses, and many real estate commissions offer sample questions online.

So, what are your chances of passing? Half of the students fail in other places, such as Florida the first time. The good news is that you may typically take the test as many times as you like during two years. However, after two years, candidates must repeat the pre-licensing course.

Active Your Real Estate Agent License:

Did you pass the test? Congratulations! To begin working with customers, you must first activate your license on your state’s real estate commission website. Activation costs vary but are generally between $200 and $400.

Pay to join the local multiple listing service. Membership in your local MLS is required since the system is used to list properties, which are subsequently sent to websites such as realtor.com. Using this service, you may readily access a property’s tax information, evaluate market trends, and discover listings before they hit the market.

Consider Becoming A Realtor:

To become a full-fledged Realtor—a licensed agent with the right to use that prestigious title—you must first join the National Association of Realtors. There are no exceptions. So, what’s the benefit?

Membership in the NAR provides access to real estate market data, savings on education courses, and transaction management services. Additionally, being able to put a Realtor on your business card and marketing materials adds credibility.

Join A Brokerage:

As a real estate agent, you operate under a supervising broker licensed by the state to monitor real estate transactions and ensure that the appropriate legal and ethical requirements are met. In general, you will not be paid on an hourly basis. Instead, the brokerage will most likely pay you a share of the commissions generated by your real estate transactions.

Depending on your agreement with your brokerage, you may be required to pay for desk fees, technology fees, business cards, marketing materials, and other business-related expenses. Additional one-time and ongoing costs include annual license renewal, continuing education, lockbox fees, and Multiple Listing Service subscriptions. Joining brokerage costs between $25 and $500 every month.


Many people like the helpful element of this work, while others desire to express their independence and be their bosses.

Building a successful real estate professional requires dedication and an investment of time, effort, and money, but the rewards are substantial. Because you are an independent contractor, you have complete control over your company. Your earnings are not restricted and depend on your abilities and work ethic.

You may work on your schedule, take holidays, and work outside and in different places. Excellent service and customer recommendations might help you generate future business. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Do I Market Myself As A New Real Estate Agent?

Reaching out to friends and family and developing a marketing network may help you get started in your job. Contact new home builders, other realtors, and even lenders to increase interest in your new career. Use social media to construct your agent profile.

What Is The Difference Between License Reciprocity And License Recognition?

When one state agrees to recognize the official real estate license, the time and effort required to complete a multi-state transaction are reduced. Many jurisdictions recognize permits from other states, particularly nearby ones. The National Association of REALTORS offers a monitoring tool for “Broker and Salesperson License Reciprocity and Portability.

What Does The National Association Of Realtors Code Of Ethics Require?

The Code of Ethics is organized into three primary parts, each of which specifies particular principles for “Duties to Clients and Customers,” “Duties to the Public,” and “Duties to REALTORS.”

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