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Is Barkem’s To Go Still In Business? Business Status Updates

Barkem’s To Go is a convenient and considerate service for dogs of all sizes. It offers meals in a variety of serving sizes. One of its distinguishing characteristics is the usage of disposable packaging.

It removes the necessity for cleaning containers while storing precious water resources. This eco-friendly technique is particularly useful for outdoor activities such as camping or touring. Pet owners may easily feed their pets with Barkem’s To Go.

However, Barkem’s has had several business problems, and some branches have closed. Its supporters are concerned about its future. People are questioning whether Barkem’s will continue to exist.

If you’re wondering the same thing, don’t worry. We are available to answer your questions. This helpful guide will reveal Barkem’s latest company status and changes. So remain with us and keep reading!

Overview of Barkem’s To Go

Bark’Em’s To Go is an emerging business that offers a convenient and easy option for pet owners who are on the road and want to carry their dog’s meals with them.

Individual meal portions in disposable plates with compartments for food, vitamin-enhanced water, and a treat comprise the company’s distinctive offering. In addition, a waste bag is supplied for easy disposal.

Bark’Em’s To Go mainly serves pet owners who regularly travel with their furry companions and seek a convenient feeding solution. Bark’Em’s To Go was founded by Blake St. Clair.

Blake, who grew up in a small countryside town in Kansas, attended the University of Denver and get a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Design Technology. He realized the need for a simple and effective method to transport his dog’s food when traveling as a dog owner, which inspired him to build Bark’Em’s Go-To kit.

Blake founded ProductGoGo in 2013, a firm that assists other entrepreneurs in moving their product ideas from design to retail, as well as assisting with packaging and marketing.

The firm employs five full-time workers and has worked with around 15 other businesses. Blake is still the CEO of Bark’Em’s To Go to this day.

Is Barkem's To Go Still In Business

Is Barkem’s To Go Still In Business?

Barkem’s To Go looks to be out of business. Since 2015, the company’s website has not been updated. Its social media accounts are similarly inactive. Furthermore, there have been no current web evaluations or references of the firm.

There have been no reports of their web presence for some time. In addition, the firm has been unable to acquire the necessary finances. This suggests that Barkem’s To Go is no longer in operation. 

Why Barkem’s To Go Went Out of Business? Possible Reasons

Barkem’s To Go might have closed for a variety of reasons, including:

1. Financial Challenges

Barkem’s To Go has had several financial difficulties. They failed to achieve the anticipated income and profits. It leads to the closure of their business. 

2. Lack of Demand

Customer demand determines the success of every firm. However, a significant factor for Barkem’s To Go is a lack of client demand. Due to a lack of client demand, the firm loses money and must close. 

3. Competition

Barkem’s To Go may have struggled to succeed due to the high levels of rivalry in the pet food market or the restaurant business. As a result, it loses its position and is forced to close.

4. Management Issues

Management and leadership issues also led to the end of Barkem’s To Go. Poor management leads to a loss of interest and profit for the organization. As a result, the company closed. 

5. Personal Reasons

According to speculations, Barkem’s To Go shut down for personal reasons. These factors might include family or other concerns. 

What Is The Future of Barkem’s To Go?

Barkem’s To Go’s future is unknown. The firm has lost money, and its products are not selling. Their social media pages have likewise been inactive for quite some time. However, no formal announcement has been issued by the company to confirm its closure.

This shows that the firm is no longer in operation and has no intentions to reopen. However, there is another potential for their return with more wonderful things. The firm is conceivable to be working on new items to help them successfully return to the market.

As a result, we cannot anticipate its future. Only time will tell if they are completely out of business or want to return. 

Which Factors Will Determine The Future of Barkem’s To Go?

1. Demand for Portable Dog Food Products

Potable dog food items are critical in deciding Barkem’s To Go’s future. Pet owners’ lives are becoming more mobile. They are looking for easy ways to keep their pets fed while traveling.

Barkem’s To Go may be successful if there is a rise in demand for portable and quickly accessible dog food servings.

2. Regulations for Pet Food Items

The pet food sector is set to undergo regulatory changes. It will assist in ensuring product safety and quality. Following these regulations is critical for Barkem’s To Go. It will assist them in gaining the confidence and credibility of pet owners.

Meeting ingredient source, nutritional content, and packaging criteria will be critical to their long-term success. Changes to existing regulations or the implementation of new rules might substantially influence Barkem’s To Go’s operations and future success. 

3. Competition from Other Portable Dog Food Products

The portable dog food business is quite aggressive. Barkem’s To Go will have to compete with current companies that sell comparable things. Barkem’s To Go must offer new items to distinguish itself and establish a distinct market position. The firm must identify and stress its distinguishing traits and benefits.

This might include a variety of food selections, specialty diets for dogs with allergies, or unique health requirements. It may also include eco-friendly dietary alternatives. All of these criteria will be crucial in determining their destiny. 


Finally, the answer to your question, “Is Barkem’s To Go still in business?” is no. Barkem’s To Go is no longer in operation. The firm is not currently offered on the market. Its social media accounts are similarly defunct.

However, no formal notification has been made by the company. As a result, its future is questionable. There are many causes for the company’s demise. Poor management, financial challenges, and intense competition are examples.

However, reports claim that Barkem’s will return with new intriguing things shortly. So, let us wait and see what their future holds.


Can I get Barkem’s To Go products?

According to recent sources, Brkem’s To Go is no longer operational. They do not provide any merchandise. As a result, you will be unable to purchase their items. 

What is the status of Barkem’s To Go social media accounts?

Barkem’s To Go’s social media pages have been dormant since 2015. However, the corporation has not revealed the cause or provided any formal information. There might be a variety of causes for this. One of them is the closing of their company. 

Will Barkem’s To Go ever be available for purchase?

The future of Barkem’s To Go is unknown. The firm is no longer functioning or accessible on the market. However, it is conceivable that they are secretly developing new items and will return. 

Are there any substitutes for Barkem’s To Go?

Yes, there are various portable dog food meal items on the market. Many manufacturers provide comparable on-the-go choices for pet owners. These brands may be found at your local shops or online. 

Can I get Barkem’s To Go updates?

You may remain updated with Barkem’s To Go’s future advancements by visiting their official website regularly. You may also keep up with them on social media. And can also sign up for their email updates to get them in your inbox.

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