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How to wear a roll neck jumper in a stylish way

As fashion enthusiasts, we don’t want to miss any opportunity to look our best.  And winter is a big example of that. In fall and winter, we got to cover ourselves but we want to look polished. Although, nowadays, the fall aesthetic has become something else and we are going to highlight one of those teams today. That is roll neck jumper. Well, it goes well with both men and women so we are going o cover the man’s fashion for today.

What is a roll neck jumper? :

A rolled neck sweater is something that is a sweater, as goes by its name. But it has a rolled neck. The sweater is normally made out of wool and prepared for winter only. Any other lighter materials can also be used in the making process.

The look of the design is very sophisticated and comfortable at the same time. The rolled collar is designed to protect us from the cold. But this is the best feature of it. And we the fashionistas used this design for a fashion statement. So we are going to talk about how you can wear this polo collar with style.

Types of rolled neck sweaters:

We cannot put fashion in types. But still, in the same style, there is something different in the material or the feel of the style. We are not here to say that one is better than the other; we are simply putting the styles out so you can choose the best for you. There are main 3 types.

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  • Classic:

It is the classic one. The birth of the rolled neck was by the formulation of this design. As the name goes by, the collar is quite long and you can fold it one time. That creates a very classy look and reminds me of a romantic aura. It makes a man look very charming and so far it is my favorite one.

  • Funnel:

The funnel collar is a very long collar by nature. You don’t need to fold it; the style demands to be with long collar. And the collar is going to fit you well. For me, that creates a very sexy look. 

  • Mock :

The mock is the mock of the classic one. Accept it is not rolled. It creates an illusion of that. The collar is simply smaller than the classic design and it creates a very casual yet stylish look altogether.

Ways to pull off the rolled neck in a stylish way:

  • Roll neck sweater with jeans and suit:

It is the most effortless look. If anyone is feeling tired but cares about the statement that he wants to create. He can straight up go for this look. It will make every man look hotter. What you have to do is wear that roll neck jumper. Layer it with a contrasting color suite. Finish it up with the jeans. That’s it. Then you can see in the mirror and appreciate the look even more.

If you want to spice up the style, even more, pair up the outfit with a formal pair of shoes. And it will be the statement in every room. At last, you can accessorize with a scarf. That will give you a romantic vibe for the outfit. 

  • A roll neck with a jacket:

Classic, crisp, and comfortable. It is casual attire that will not make you feel casual. You will feel you have done it all. But it is just your old school jacket with a jumper. What is going to transform this attire is a classic pair of boots. The boots will give you a, very edgy and stylish touch to the whole look. It is a perfect match when the temperature drops. 

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  • The leather jacket:

Leather is something that will never go out of fashion. Now it is the era of vegan leather. Vegan or real, we don’t care. We are still just cruising over the style. Wear that rolled collar sweater of your choice and through on a leather jacket.

The color should be complementing each other. Then look at yourself and you will see a sexy being in the mirror. You can accessorize the whole thing with a sunglass and that will increase the sexiness 100 times more. You can also experiment with the shoes in that case. Both formal and casual shoes will go well with the outfit. Then just enjoy yourself.

  • Layer it with other pieces:

Layering is the thing of new-gen fashion. And it is not something that will fade after a sudden time. It appears to be good. You can layer it with anything like a cool t-shirt. It gives a casual sporty vibe.

It is a good choice if the temperature is in balancing mode. Layering some soft, jersey-type fabric will create that sporty and fun vibe to the outfit. You can pair me up with a nice pair of sports shoes and that is it. You can also accessorize with chunky jewelry if that is your style. 

  • Rolled neck jumper with tight pants:

The style will be perfect for our bodybuilders. It will make your body appear more toned and the look will complement the whole process. You can go for a monochromatic touch when you are designing the outfit. The monochrome e will make appear taller and also put a sophisticated statement.

  • Roll collar with loose pants:

The look is comfortable yet stylish. It is also a new-gen thing. Oversize clothing has taken a huge place in people’s hearts. Not only it is comfortable, but it also looks casually classy. Someone can easily spice up this attire with good sunglasses and nice pair of shoes. Good for your Instagram though. 


Fashion is life. You can feel worst one day. But the moment you put up that rolled neck jumper and pair it up with the best additives. You will see that your mood is enlightened immediately. That is the thing with fashion. And another part of fashion is your style. Knowing your style is the process of knowing yourself and a part of self-love. And we are here to embrace that and help you to grow more.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

What do you wear under a roll-neck sweater?

It is really up to the taste of the wearer. If he is comfortable with wearing nothing underneath that is also fine. But you can always go for some garments if you want to highlight the sweater more. But if you want to layer it, you can go as it is.

Is the roll-neck sweater still in style?

Yeah. Truly a classic one indeed. And let me tell you our girls are also crushing over it right now.

What is a roll neck and how to wear it?

 It is a jumper-type outfit. Mostly made for winter. You can pair it up with a jacket, suit, tight leggings, or loose pants. It goes with everything. 

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