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How To View Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Knowing Them ?

Watching someone’s Snapchat story anonymously online might be entertaining at times. The platform quickly gained popularity and was jam-packed with excellent features from its introduction. One of the nicest features of Snapchat is that no one may screenshot or see your snap without your permission.

Any snap you submit on Snapchat is viewable for 24 hours before disappearing automatically, and you will be alerted of anybody who has viewed your snap during that 24 hours.

We all know how amazing it feels to get a lot of viewers on your snap, but it is also nice to sneakily watch Snapchat stories anonymously online.

While there is no direct method to do this, there are specific ways that will suffice. While there are other publications on the web that discuss the same thing, many of them fail to quote the appropriate procedures.

We’ve done our best in this post to lay out the methods for seeing someone’s Snapchat story without drawing their attention.

What Is Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular, quick, and entertaining method to share and live in the present. It works like two sides of a coin, “Snap” and “Fun,” which you can flip to view the effects and filters.

You may speak with your friends or connect with them by utilizing live chatting, group stories, Friendmoji, Bitmoji, and other features. Share your images with your peers to strengthen your bonds.

Open Snapchat, then tap on the camera to take photos with many popular and new filters, lenses, and effects made by the Snapchat community. You may also produce a movie or a boomerang; video chats with up to 16 buddies at once; save limitless photographs, videos, editing, saving to the gallery, and much more.

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Snapchat has a Spotlight option that displays funny Snapchat pictures. You may also upload your images by clicking the trending button. It also promotes your popular Snapchat films to the Snapchat community. So go snapping!

What Is A Snapchat Story?

Snapchat stories allow you to group and share photos with your friends, and a story centered on them. Your stories are shown on your profile for 24 hours before being immediately erased. You’ll be able to check how many times your article has been seen and the number of Snapchat viewers.

However, seeing someone’s Snapchat stories without informing them is a difficult process. Although Snapchat has improved its privacy standards, it is not without flaws.

Fortunately, you may read someone’s profile anonymously thanks to various features. If you want a short instruction to do so, stay reading for a ready reckoner.

How To View Someone’s Snapchat Story Anonymously (Without Them Knowing):

Don’t be bashful; we understand that your inner stocker occasionally pulls you to see your partner’s Snapchat story. But you’re frightened of being caught if you do it. Don’t worry, your dream to read someone’s Snapchat story anonymously has come true.

A Snapchat story stays on your profile for 24 hours, and you’re notified whenever one of your friends posts one. However, if you don’t want a person to know you’ve viewed his or her narrative, you may hide it. To do so, take these steps:

1:Launch Snapchat and sign in to your account.

2:After logging in, press the Stories button in the lower right corner of your device’s screen.

3:Refresh the Stories page and wait for all of the most recent Snapchat Stories to load.

4:Once all of the most recent tales have been published to your Story page, shut the Snapchat app and turn off all data connections on your phone, whether you are using mobile data or Wi-Fi.

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5:Instead of turning off the phone, consider setting it to Airplane Mode.

6:Relaunch the Snapchat app and choose the Story page button at the bottom of the screen.

7:On your Snapchat account, you will now be able to view all of the previously loaded Stories.

8:Now, no one will know you viewed someone’s Snapchat story if you tap on one of their preset Stories.

9: When you’ve finished scrolling through all of Snapchat’s stories, close the app and reactivate your phone’s mobile data.

Viewing Snapchat Story Using Friend’s Snapchat Account:

You may also be a Snapchat stories viewer from your friends’ Snapchat accounts. However, bear the following considerations in mind before proceeding:

1. The friend must be willing to hand up the phone.

2. You should be friends with the person from whom you wish to be his Snapchat viewer online.

Once you’ve completed all of this, you’re ready to go. You may now read someone else’s Snapchat story without informing them.

Use A Second Snapchat Account To View Someone’s Story:

Another option is to establish a new Snapchat account and view someone’s Snapchat story anonymously. You may browse Snapchat stories online with this additional account.

Make sure this secondary account does not include any information that may be used to identify you. It should be distinct from your primary Snapchat account.

Please remember that you can only see someone’s story if they are listed as a friend. As a result, you must add them as a friend on your other account as well.

So those are the basic methods for seeing someone’s Snapchat story without their knowledge. You may see someone’s Snapchat story anonymously using any of the techniques listed above.



Best Snapchat Story Viewer Online:


mSpy is a software brand that provides parental control and monitoring for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS devices. The software allows users to monitor and record activities on the client device.

Auto Forward:

Auto Forward is excellent mobile phone surveillance and tracking software. As a Snapchat user, you may use this program on both the Android and iOS platforms to spy on someone’s Snapchat activities while they are unaware.

Snapchat ++:

Snapchat++ Apk is a fantastic app for capturing and sharing beautiful images with your friends and followers. It is not only used to take beautiful pictures, but it is also a messaging program that allows you to download Snapchat videos and photographs.


TheTruthSpy is another mobile spy software application that can be used to monitor cell phone activity. The stealth program offers many features that might allow parents, employers, and even suspicious husbands and wives to monitor someone’s phone.

Minspy Global:

Minspy Global is well-known phone spy software that can crack someone’s Snapchat password. Other features include the ability to access media and read your friends’ Snapchat stories anonymously.


The next choice is Cocospy, a suitable alternative to Spyic. This program is undetectable and works on both Android and iOS smartphones.


SpyFone is a mobile phone and computer surveillance application developed by Spy Phone Labs, LLC. SpyFone required Android app users to circumvent many phone restrictions to install their software.


Spy is the best app for seeing all of someone’s Snapchat stories, photos, and videos. It’s really simple to install on target Android and iOS devices.

Bottom Line:

At the present, Snapchat is a popular app among people all around the globe. Many individuals often make Snapchat stories, which their friends watch. We hope the apps described above helped you understand how to read someone’s Snapchat story anonymously. Have fun using Snapchat!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is There A Way To See Snapchat Stories Without Being A Friend?

No app enables you to see Snapchat Stories without being a buddy. If the person has publicly shared a story, you may be able to find it under the Discover section.

How Can You Tell How Many Times Someone Has Seen Your Story?

Snapchat presently does not give away to determine whether or not your story has been viewed several times.

How Do You Screenshot Someone Else’s Snapchat Without Their Knowing?

If you wish to preserve the person’s tale, you may snap a screenshot of it after viewing it using any of the techniques listed above. Snapchat will not inform the individual since the screenshot is part of your settings.

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