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How to stop Aging?

How to stop Aging

People might have wondered if their was a magic hand which can stop you to age. We sometimes want that magic so hard because no one needs wrinkles and fine lines on their skin. However, it is a natural process and cannot be reversed. One can not undo these wrinkles unless he or she does Botox. So let’s delve deep into the ways to overcome premature ageing and retain your youthfulness for a long period of time.  What actually happens is that the when a person start to age his upper layer of skins called the epidermis start to get thinner and pale it looks translucent. The blood vessels starts to get weak and fragile. This make it cause ease in bleeding and bruising.

The UV rays effect the skin fiber which is known as elastin which breakdown and cause the skin to sag and shrink. Moreover the gravity causes the skin cells around the face including eyebrows and eyes to fall down or droop. Those fine lines and the facial lines becomes prominent. The subcutaneous layer of fat inside the body also starts getting thinning as soon as a person start to age. The insulations and the protections it was earlier providing from the harmful conditions of external environment gets to reduce.  The various effects of the ageing includes the winkles, grey hair, slowing down brain function. Also the antioxidants are lacking to reduce oxidative stress which cause this premature aging.

For the successful removal of the ageing there are following steps needed.

How To Reverse The Aging Process?

The simple procedures and habits which slow down the ageing process are discussed as under. Let’s delve deep into them.

how to stop aging

Cosmetic Procedures for Aging Skin

Now a days various laser treatments including surgical and non surgical procedures can reverse the effect of ageing. The fillers and chemical peels and plastic surgery can help reduce ageing. The cosmetic surgery is the most common procedure to make a person look younger. This treatment could not be performed without a qualified doctor or a experienced professional

Skin Care Routine for Aging Skin

Various skin care routines can help reduce ageing such as toning moisturizing. These can reduce the appearance of winkles. There are also various creams which eliminate the aging and dark circles. The oils such as natural oils and apricot oils can reduce winkles to much greater extent.           

Best Foods That Slow Down Aging Process

The basic thing which help to reduce ageing is the proper diet. When a person eats proper and balanced diet full of carbohydrates including whole grains, leafy green vegetables and the fruits, low fat dairy products and lean meats can reduce the effects of ageing. They provide proper antioxidants like vitamin also the oral supplements are provided to eliminate ageing.

how to stop aging

Home Remedies

The best option which are used from the home are the most convenient ones including aloe Vera gel, mashed and ripped banana and the raw egg whites. The natural oils and the vitamins are also most effective ones to nourish skin cells and thus reduce the winkles. The collagen boosters in aloe vera and the egg whites can help reduce the winkle. The best option to use is the extra coconut oil.


The other effective remedies which prove to be beneficial is the cardio, swimming, walking and even yoga. These can make your even younger, the ultimate focus should be spine and erect posture. If a person starts and develops the habit of exercise from younger age he will be fill all his life. The aging process will reduce to a larger extent and the person will not age.


There are various foods which eliminate the ageing process. These fruits include nuts, spinach, broccoli, Avocado, sweet potato, pomegranate, red bell paper. They provide the body with a lot of the benefits which help to fade the winkles. These foods can bring a person’s face with fresh feel. And with the passage of time they will be removed from the face.

Protect your skin from the sun every day.

When a person spends a day at beach. He must care to apply protection on his face. This negligence can cause the skin to age faster. If sun protection cream is not applied one should cover his face with protective clothing or hat or the sunglasses. The spf 30 sun block is really good to keep the skin safe from the harmful sun rays which cause aging.  

Apply self-tanner rather than get a tan. 

The tan is the basic cause of aging. This tan is usually due to the sun harmful rays. To keep sunblock could reduce this tan to a greater extent.

how to stop aging

If you smoke, stop. 

If a person smokes this ageing is spread faster. The winkles starts to increase day by day due to lack of water retention..

Avoid repetitive facial.

Wearing sunglasses can help to protect the skin from the unwanted wrinkles. They can cover the eyes from the harmful the UV rays.

All these ways help to remove the winkles and fine lines from the body. The aging process which premature is reduced by following steps mentioned above. 



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How to stop Aging People might have wondered if their was a magic hand which can stop you to age. We sometimes want that magic so hard because no one needs wrinkles and fine lines on their skin. However, it is a natural process and...How to stop Aging?