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How to stay motivated all the time in life

At the very beginning, I want to start with a spoiler. That is, motivation does not work. You have to make it a habit. But yes, some simple tricks help to make your specific motivation into a habit, and finally, when it is a habit, you get motivated each time you want to do it. Then motivation will become your instinct. We will present to you a technique today that will help you to stay motivated all the time. So let’s take a look at that magic technique. 

Ways to stay motivated in life:

Life is all about failing and learning something from that. We follow the technique that has come from the brightest mind, and we believe those will change us. But let me tell you that, all the things we believe in, are life experiences of these intelligent people. Also, those ways to stay motivated in life are the ways that have worked for them.

You may be a different person. So these tips may or may not work for you that well as it has done for others. We will recommend you follow your heart. Although the things we are sharing are also approved by a lot of people. These steps are scientifically proven to make you stay focused all your life. Let’s not talk much and jump right into it.

  • Cue:

To do anything in life you have to have a strong cue. That is the thing that will drive you to work hard and be consistent. The cue means the reason behind a thing that you want to achieve or to get motivated for. If you want to lose weight, then you have to hold a kind of mindset that says that, you want to be a healthy person altogether. If

you want to lose weight just because you want to fit on a dress, that cue won’t last long. Moreover, you have to have that mindset that you can use for a longer. Just like that, if you want to get motivated wake up early in the morning because everyone is doing the same. Probably you will fail in the process. Because that did not come from your mind. So you have to set a cue that is strong and sustainable and also realistic for your lifestyle.

  • Clue:

Our brain is designed to be comfortable. We are not supposed to take the risk, or do hardship. But the fact is we are also very flexible as being. If we want something badly we can train our minds according to that. But for that, you need deep concentration on things. But as I said our brain is designed to be lazy. To train our brain we have to put clues and little pieces of reminder around us. Like if you want to start a habit of a reading book every day.

You cannot just wake up and get motivated to read the book. Instead, try placing the book in front of your eyes. So whenever you will see the book there will be a clue for your brain to follow the instinct of reading the book. That is how you can get excited to read the book every day.

  • Action :

You have to actively take the action each time. You have a strong cue; you set the clue for yourself. But then you ignore the signal to work. That attitude will not take you anywhere. Taking action is the most important part to get inspired. Because the more you finish your task the more it will be natural to you. And after some period the motivation will become your habit. And is the kind of productivity we want in life. Let us look at the book reading example one more time.

If every moment you take the clue and work according to it and pay a session to read it, you are close to making a habit. So act on the thing you want to achieve. In the beginning, you kind of have to force yourself but after some time you will notice, that there is a natural urge to do the same thing. And that is the way to stay motivated all the time in life.

  • Reward:

When you have completed a cycle of cue, clues, and action for a decent amount of time, learn to treat yourself. Give yourself a break from the routine and focus on a different purpose. Spend a day for your religious belief. Spend time with family, and friends. Because if you don’t learn to give yourself a break, you will burn out sometimes.

Burnout is a state of mind where you are super sad to do anything. To stay motivated for a longer amount of time you need to learn how to slow down from time to time. Because the thing you want to achieve is to make the quality of your life better. Productivity is about self-love. To achieve productivity don’t lose your peace.

  • Recycle:

When you have experienced a cycle to get inspired recycle it for the rest of your life. This is the ultimate way to be focused in life. Because there will be the time you will fall for; longer period. You will lack motivation and interest. That is why, we talked about lifestyle changes. If you are used to living a healthy balanced lifestyle, it will be hard or you’re to stay unhealthy for a generous amount of time. 

Final thoughts:

Life is all about finding yourself and being the best version of you. In this process, you will learn something, earn something and finally, you will learn to get motivated throughout life. The other side of the motivation is finding love for life and having balance. Don’t set yourself for a life that is full of work and zero time for your mental health. Get motivated for a life that has love, laughter, and also productivity.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs):

What are the ways to stay motivated studies?

To do something with motivation, you have to first of all love that thing. But there are also some things we have to do even if we don’t like it that much. There are times we have to be super motivated for our studies. Like the time of exams. That time you have to make a routine for yourself and make the clues like making your table. That way you can keep yourself studying.

How to get motivated for a workout?

Again, you have to set the clue. Make your workout clothes the previous night. So in the morning, you have the perfect action moment. And you will see yourself going to the gym.

How do stay motivated on a diet?

Make recipes that are healthy and per your liking. That way you can enjoy the food and also maintain the diet. Do not set yourself up for a diet, which makes you eat very less food and make you get rid of sudden food groups. That way you can sustain the diet.

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