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The PDF file format is also known as Portable Document Format; and is the most widely used file type for transferring and sharing documents and is taken as the best method to transfer data. This file format is famous due to its easy compatibility, availability, and features. Moreover, the PDF file is also reliable for maintaining the integrity of data while displaying the exact same content on all kinds of operating systems and many many more amazing features.

Irrespective of all said advantages, a PDF file, like all other, commonly used file formats, is vulnerable to malware attacks and virus attacks or in other words, these files are sensitive and can get corrupted pretty easily. And, as soon as they get corrupted; a user is left with no choice but to recover them or repair his or her PDF files. This repair procedure can be a hassle some as not every tool out there on the internet is good enough to repair a corrupt PDF File. Therefore, today, we are going to discuss the best 4 ways to recover PDF files. Furthermore, we will also discuss; why they get corrupted in the first place? And what is the best method or solution to recover these corrupted PDF files?

First of all, let us talk about several areas or factors that can corrupt a PDF file. Later we will talk about the manual methods as well as PDF repair tools, to fix corrupt PDF files.

repair pdf

How do PDF files get corrupted?

The reasons for ending up with a corrupt PDF file are many due to which your important file can get useless for life. When a PDF file gets corrupted, it is then that your PDF reader will display an error banner i.e, “Unable to open this document” or “This file cannot be accessed”. It may be due to the following reasons.

repair pdf

Failure of Storage Device/ Drive

The Failure/ bad sector in a storage device or hard drive may cause corruption in PDF files. Therefore, always buy a reliable storage device preferably with a long warranty.

repair pdf

Improperly closing/ booting the system

The Improper booting/ shutdown of a computer or system, while a PDF file is open, may cause errors in the file which may end up in the corruption of that PDF file. Remember, improper closing of PDF reader or system shutdown once the file is open may damage your PDF file and ultimately result in corrupting that PDF file.

repair pdf

Incomplete downloading from browser/ source

The most common reason for a PDF file to get corrupted is due to incomplete download or interrupted download; of a particular PDF File. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that you have a stable internet connection.

repair pdf

How to Repair PDF Files?

The ways to repair a PDF File are many by which you can recover PDF files. For your ease, we have selected the 4 most famous and effective ways to repair PDF files.

repair pdf

1. Changing PDF reader

At times, a corrupt PDF file issue gets resolved with changing of the PDF reader. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should have at least 2 PDF readers on your computer or phone; And try to access your PDF file from both. If the affected PDF file opens in another PDF reader then you need to update your previous reader. But, if the error persists, then you should try other repair pdf methods.

repair pdf

2. Update PDF reader

Another common reason for PDF file error is out of date PDF Reader. Therefore, always update your PDF reader. Even when the PDF file shows some error; update your reader and then check whether the issue is resolved or not.

For Adobe Acrobat user, following can be conducted to repair pdf.

Open Adobe Acrobat, then go to “Taskbar ” and then “Help”.
Search the option “Check for updates”, and click on it. Within a few minutes, Adobe Acrobat will get updated. Now, try to open your PDF file again.

repair pdf

3. Restore the previous version of PDF File

At times, repairing the PDF file to the previous version may resolve the issue. Therefore, to restore the PDF file to the old or previous version use the Windows 10 inbuilt tool.

Open the “File Explorer” and right-click on the desired PDF file.
Now click on “Restore Previous Versions”.
Now select the desired file and click on “Restore”.

repair pdf

4. Use PDF recovery tool

After all above steps, if the PDF File is still not recovered, then use the “Sysinfo PDF Recovery tool”. This is a reliable tool to recover or repair highly corrupted or damaged PDF files in a fraction of seconds. It is an advanced tool and can handle or recover corrupt PDF files effortlessly. It runs an intensive scan for repairing corrupt PDF files and resultantly recovers the maximum possible content from effected files. Once a PDF file gets recovered; only then you can save it as a new PDF file.

repair pdf
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PDF files format is the most commonly used file format, but it can be highly annoying if it gets corrupted. Therefore, today we have covered the best possible ways to recover PDF files. The last method being the last resort; however, is the most popular and widely used solution for PDF file recovery without any data loss. But, it is always better to not be in this situation and avoid corrupting the file from their own mistake by following the guidelines given above. Till next time, take care.

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