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How to Nail the Underpainting trending on TikTok?

You must watch TikTok videos of people shaping, highlighting, and applying blush on the skin in front of the foundation. You might think this is just another one in a long line of viral makeup hacks discovered by Gen Z. But you are wrong. This technique, known as underpainting, has been a staple of makeup artists for decades. So Experts at SocialTomatoes.com have nailed one of the best techniques directly from Beauty Experts and are sharing it in ensuing paragraphs.

Los Angeles-based makeup artist Jill Powell has counted on her clients. Demi Lovato and Sabrina Carpenter described under-painting as a soft-focus filter for your makeup. “All the color goes first, and then you apply this soft color layer, it makes everything smooth and it blends,” she explains. “I suggest you try this technique if you do not know how to do the texture or through it. You can get a soft shade, but it will not be very strong due to the coverage above.”

Think of a way to create a size of underpainting for the face before layering with extra coverage. You start with your texture, highlight and blush colors, and then create your foundation routine. “You get a more natural effect using this technique,” said Jamie Greenberg of Los Angeles, who works with Kelly Cuco, Chelsea Handler, and Rashida Jones for the red carpet.

What do you need for an under paint?

Underpainting requires a number of tools already in your makeup stash. Basically, if you are already doing makeup and highlighting – or wearing makeup in that regard – chances are you are already well prepared to achieve it.

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Since different colors must first be applied directly to the skin. It is important to style and hydrate well to prevent blemishes. “Depending on the client’s skin, I usually try to use a very hydrating moisturizer so that the foundation is beautiful on the skin,” said Beau Nelson. A make-up artist from Los Angeles, along with Kristen Stewart and Ashley Graham. Keep it up and we will shine. “If you are in the market for a new hydrator, try the Best of Beauty Award-winning Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer.

After preparing your skin, you also need a product and a blush to highlight the texture. Greenberg, Powell, and Nelson all recommend using makeup products with cream textures because they are easy to paint and provide a second-skin-like finish.

Then there are brushes and blenders to consider. To apply the cream texture and blush, Nelson, Greenberg, and Powell Sigma use densely packed synthetic brushes. Such as the perfect flat angle brush for the P88-contour. The Katie Jane Hughes X Spectrum Brush for the blush.

“You want to match the size and shape of the brush to what you are doing,” says Powell adding that you can choose a small brush for the perfect texture application and a medium-size brush for the blush. “Make sure the brush head is smaller than the area you are working in,” she advises.

Powell’s favorite brushes include the Sigma F09 Concealer Blend Kabuki and the Sigma F03-High Cheekbone Highlighter Brush for Cream Blush. Nelson usually applies the cream texture with a Real Techniques setting brush. Greenberg is partial to Anissa Beauty’s All Over Care Brush for Underpainting. To add foundation to it all, every makeup artist says they use a beauty blender.

Add your texture and highlight first:

Now that you have all your products in order, it’s time to apply them. Nelson says to start with the contour before blush and highlighter. Nelson, Powell, and Greenberg all said they would apply foundation all over the face with a beauty blender, then blush, and then a highlighter. You also have the option to add a highlighter after the texture, as explained by Powell about underpainting.

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For texture, makeup artists say they prefer to use a cream bronzer. Its texture gives a more natural, skin-like finish. Nelson prefers to use MAC Pro Paintstick in Deep Brown. “It’s the perfect texture color for light to medium skin tones. For darker skin, I use dark brown shades from the Makeup for Ever Flash palette,” Nelson said. Greenberg uses the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand. You can also try Beauty-Winning M Cosmetics So Soft Multi-Face Play Stick Bronzer.

For the application, the speed you use may vary. In Powell’s Underpainting method, you will see guides to do it carefully using a combination of potting and blending movements to buff shapes with her fingers. She also uses the brush in circular motions to combine the rest.

For those who are averse to cream, do not worry. You can still do this method with powder and get a similar effect. Powell explains, “If you use the powder you need to make sure the skin is well-formed, but you can definitely highlight your texture, blush, and then apply the powder afterward.” The mask of the foundation can be overcome. “.” It gives you the same bright look from the inside. If you have very oily skin, this may be an option for you. “

Greenberg agrees that a little powder does not necessarily hurt. “I love adding powder highlighters to cream faces,” she says, as she often reaches for the glow from Zirlactic when she paints because they blend well with most skin tones and are not shiny.

How to layer on your foundation:

Once your texture, highlight, and blush are set, it’s time to do the foundation. “My favorite thing is using a smoky beauty blender to make a foundation buff on top of the slightly blended color you already wear,” Greenberg said.

tiktok, underlying, makeup, underpainting

When you & are done adding foundation, you can also apply it with a brush, starting with textured areas, making quick, swiping movements, and then bouncing quickly by switching to a beauty builder or makeup sponge. Then the mask moves, buffing it into the shape you just created. Powell prefers to use a makeup sponge for this step, making sure the foundation is lightly applied to see the underlying color. For this reason, the Lighter-Coverage Foundation is your best bet for the most natural look. Try Norse Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 or NYX Professional Makeup Bear With Me Luminous Tinted Skin Serum.

However, if you want more coverage, Powell suggests working in a series of thin layers. “Make the bottom layer of your foundation before you get that coverage,” she advises. “Then put makeup to your face and apply the final layer of foundation on top with a soft brush or a damp beauty blender for a smooth, airbrushed finish.”

According to Greenberg and Powell, anyone can try this technique and screw it up. “Applying a flawless blush or cream blush and tapping with a slightly tinted moisturizer looks great on anyone,” Nelson said. “However, it definitely has a more complete look, so if you don’t wear a lot of makeup, it probably not for you.”

See? Underpainting doesn’t have to be so complicated or intimidating, especially now that you’ve got the whole teaser on how to do it. Go now and have fun.

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You must watch TikTok videos of people shaping, highlighting, and applying blush on the skin in front of the foundation. You might think this is just another one in a long line of viral makeup hacks discovered by Gen Z. But you are wrong....How to Nail the Underpainting trending on TikTok?